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Process Equipment and Plant Design Quiz 6


Process Equipment and Plant Design Quiz 6

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The ratio of down take area to cross-sectional area of the tube, for calandria type evaporator ranges from__________?

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The operating pressure drop range in a bag filter is about _______ mm water gauge?

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The ratio of volumes of the mixed reactor to the plug flow reactor (for identical feed composition, flow rate, conversion, and for all positive reaction orders) is always ?

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The force due to wind load acting on a tall vessel depends upon its_____?

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The approximate liquid depth in an agitation tank is equal to (where, d = tank diameter)__________?

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The most common standard size of bubble caps used in industrial operation is_____?

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The equivalent diameter for fluid flow through a channel of constant non-circular cross section of area ?A? is given by (where, P = perimeter of the channel in contact with the fluid) ?

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The equivalent diameter for pressure drop is ________ that for heat transfer?

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The absorption factor is defined as (where, S1 = slope of the equilibrium curve, S2 = slope of the operating line) ?

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Steam is preferred to be used as a heating medium in heat exchangers, because of its__________?

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The centre to centre distance between two consecutive baffles in a shell and tube heat exchanger is called the baffle pitch or baffle spacing, which is more than 1/5th the I.D. of the shell. Which of the following is not a function of the baffles ?

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The ratio of linear stress to linear strain is termed as the ______?

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Speed of industrial paddle agitator ranges from ______ rpm?

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The dust collection efficiency of electrostatic precipitator increases with increase in the__________?

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The ratio for the rate of washing to the final rate of filtration in a washing type of plate and frame filter is______?

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The diameter of a propeller agitator used in agitation tank ranges from _____ percent of the tank diameter and its peripheral speed is normally 300 to 500 metres/minute ?

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The longitudinal stress induced in a thin walled cylindrical vessel under internal pressure is__________?

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The ratio of lateral strain to linear strain is termed as the_____?

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The ratio of tube length to shell diameter in case of liquid shell and tube heat exchanger ranges from___________?

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The normal range of velocity of water in pipes is ________ m/sec?

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The circumferential (hoop) stress in a thin walled cylindrical vessel under internal pressure is________?

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The clearance between two tubes in a shell and tube heat exchanger is known as ?ligament?, whose minimum value is ______ the outside diameter of the tube, but in no case it should be less than 4.5 mm?

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The ratio of shear stress to shear strain is called ______?

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The optimum size ratio for two mixed reactors in series depends on the kinetics of the reaction and the conversion level. For reaction orders more than one, the__________?

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Speed of the drum of the rotary vacuum filter normally ranges from ______ rpm?

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The buckling tendency of compression members is always in the direction of the _______?

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The average velocity in the tubes of a 1-4 heat exchanger is _______ times that in 1-1 heat exchanger having the same size & number of tubes and operated at same liquid flow rate ?

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Souders Brown equation given by, U = Kv ?(?l ? ?v)/?v, is used for the calculation of the _______ in a continuous distillation column?

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Spherical shaped pressure vessel is considered to be the most ideal, because it can_____?

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The operating velocity in the absorption tower is usually 40-50% of the flooding velocity. Packed absorption towers are normally designed for a pressure drop of about __________ mm of water column per metre height of packing?

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The dust collection efficiency of a cyclone separator__________?

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The function of manholes provided in the shell of a distillation column is to ___________?

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The length of straight rectangular weir used on cross-flow trays is generally _________ the column diameter ?

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The design stress, which is more than the damaging stress, is the least unit stress that will render a member unfit for service before the end of its normal life. The design stress factor or factor of safety indicates the margin between design stress and the ________ stress?

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The maximum liquid gradient over a tray must not exceed___________?

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The minimum baffle height should be _______?

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The minimum plate spacing in most of the petroleum refinery distillation columns (of dia > 3 ft) is normally ______ inches?

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The ratio of the largest load in a test to the original cross-sectional area of the test specimen is called the ______ stress?

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The practical representative values of HETP for a number of commercial operations lies within a range of _______ metre?

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Steam economy is defined as the amount of evaporation per unit amount of steam used, while the capacity is the total evaporation obtained per hour. Use of multiple effects in evaporation ?

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The ends of a cylindrical vessel can be closed by a head, which can be one of the four shapes. For the same thickness, choose the one which can withstand the highest pressure ?

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The minimum shell thickness for tank ? 15 metres diameter is limited to ________ mm, for reasons of elastic stability?

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The ideal size of round bubble caps to be used in industrial distillation column having a diameter of 3-6 metres is _________ cms?

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The distance between the top of the slots and the liquid surface when the static liquid is just ready to flow over the overflow weir is called______?

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The minimum tray spacing in distillation column of diameter less than 3 ft is normally ______ inches?

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Steam side heat transfer co-efficient for design consideration under ordinary condition can be assumed to be about ______ kcal/hr.m2.?C?

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The LMTD correction factor (FT) is defined as the ___________?

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The normal range of velocity of steam in pipes is ___________ m/sec?

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The distance between the centres of a rivet hole to the nearest edge of the plate is called __________?

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The necessary wall thickness for a metallic storage vessel is a function of the _____?

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