Process Equipment and Plant Design Quiz 7


Process Equipment and Plant Design Quiz 7

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Theoretically calculated diameter of the stripping section of the continuous rectification column is _______ that of the enriching section?

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Tube side pressure drop in a 1-2 heat exchanger (for turbulent flow of fluids through the tubes) is about __________ times, that in a 1-1 heat exchanger having the same size & number of tubes and operated at the same liquid flow rate ?

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The shell side pressure drop in a shell and tube heat exchanger is maximum for ________ baffle?

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Vapor velocity in a distillation column for non-foaming mixture is in the range of _______ times the flooding velocity?

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Tube height in a calandria type evaporator is normally less than ________ metres?

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With increase in temperature drop (in a shell and tube heat exchanger), the LMTD correction factor, FT__________?

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To keep the power input constant for a stirred vessel operating under fully developed turbulent flow conditions (constant power number), if the impeller diameter is increased by 20%, the impeller speed should be decreased by a factor of__________?

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Wall thickness of schedule 40 pipe as compared to that of schedule 80 pipe is _____?

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The slope of operating line in the rectifying section of a distillation column is unity, if the reflux ratio is_____?

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The safe distance of habitation from a hazardous chemical plant (TLV of its product < 1000 ppm) should be about _______ kms?

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The retention time of material in a rotary dryer depends upon its ________?

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What is the slope of the operating line in the rectifying section of a distillation column ?

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Which of the following packing materials provides for maximum mass transfer ?

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Which of the following is the best tube material from thermal conductivity point of view alone ?

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What is the slope of the feed line, if the feed to a distillation column is a saturated liquid ?

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What is the minimum recommended ligament for square pitch arrangement in case of heat exchangers ?

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Typical static submergence for bubble cap plate column operating at atmospheric pressure may be around __________?

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What is the slope of the operating line in the stripping section of a distillation column ?

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The thickness of heat transfer plates used in the plate type heat exchanger ranges from ______ mm, pressed in a single piece provided with grooves & corrugations?

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Width and depth of grooves in the tube sheet holes normally are ________ inch respectively?

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The stress developed in a material without any permanent set is called the______?

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The units of Young?s modulus of elasticity and _________ are the same?

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Which of the following is not a graphical method (but is an analytical method) for the calculation of theoretical number of stages in case of continuous binary distillation ?

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The thermal stress in a metallic bar does not depend upon the_______?

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The wall thickness of thin cylindrical shell with hemispherical ends is _______ that of the spherical ends?

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Which of the following lengths of heat exchanger tubes are normally not used in practice ?

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Which of the following factors affect the pressure drop in a co-current gas-liquid absorption packed tower ?

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The value of fouling factor depends upon the___________?

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Tube side heat transfer co-efficient for turbulent flow of liquid through tubes is proportional to_____?

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To avoid the tearing off the plate of an edge, the margin (i.e., the minimum distance from the centre of the rivet hole to the nearest edge of the plate) should be equal to ______?

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Wind load consideration in the design of a support can be neglected, when the vessel is_____?

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Thin spherical shells subjected to internal pressure, develop _______ stresses?

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Weep holes provided in the plates of a distillation column ______?

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Vertical condenser is advantageous to the horizontal condenser from operation point of view, when_________?

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Vertical vessels are not supported by______?

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With increase in pressure drop (for a given particle size), the dust collection efficiency of a cyclone separator will_________?

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With increase in the reflux ratio for a fixed production from a continuous binary distillation column, the ________ decreases?

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Thickness of the frame of a plate and frame filter as compared to that of plates is_____?

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The safe height (h) to diameter D. ratio (i.e., h/d) for liquid/petro fuel storage tank of capacity more than 45 kilolitres is less than __________?

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The testing pressure of storage tanks and pressure vessels designed as per Indian standard codes should be about _______ times the design pressure?

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Value of Peclet number = 0, is the representative of ______?

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Which tube arrangement in a heat exchanger would facilitate highest heat transfer rate ?

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With increase in gas flow rate to fabric surface area ratio (Nm3/hr/m2 fabric surface area), the size & the cost of a bag filter_____?

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When one of the fluids is highly corrosive and has fouling tendency, it should_______?

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Triangular pitch tube layout as compared to square pitch in a shell and tube heat exchanger_________?

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Welded joint efficiency in the design of chemical process equipment is taken as__________?

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Which of the following efficiencies can be greater than 100% ?

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Value of Peclet number = ?, is the representative of_____?

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Which of the following is used to set the diameter of the distillation column ?

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Which of the following material is seldom used for pressure vessel construction ?

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Tubes are fixed to the tube sheet (a thick circular metallic plate) by the method of tube rolling and brazing (non-removable) or ferrule connection (removable). Thickness of the tube, sheet is normally _____ the outside diameter of the tube but in no case it should be less than 22 mm (7/8?)?

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The type of stress developed in a metallic bar on subjecting it to a change in temperature without allowing it to be deformed is _______ stress?

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Which of the following factors determine the amount of entrainment in a distillation column ?

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Which of the following types of reactors is the safest from operation point of view ?

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The thickness of segmental baffles (25 -35% cut truncated plates usually) is generally ______ the tube wall thickness?

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The ratio, (propeller agitator dia/tank dia) is normally taken as______?

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The slope of the feed line in distillation operation is given by (where, q = fraction of the feed stream that is liquid ?

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Which of the following is the most common type of baffle used in industrial shell and tube heat exchanger ?

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