Sociology Quiz 30


Sociology Quiz 30

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Which of the following perhaps the first sociologist to recognize the critical importance of religion in human societies stressed the social impact of religion ?

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What is defined as the cultural practices and outlooks of a given community of people that set them apart from others ?

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Weber,s view that sociologists must not allow their personal biases to affect the conduct of their research is called______________?

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Social and economic change in Pakistan has been so enormous that it can be termed as Revolutionary The process of change began with_____________?

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World-affirming religions_______________?

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Amjad must finish writing a report for work that is due the next day His son,s school just called and said the child must be picked up from school because he is sick Amjad,s wife is out of town on business As a result Amjad is experiencing ?

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According to the World Bank Which of these is a middle-income country ?

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Material Culture consists of_______________?

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GM crops are different from anything that has existed before because ______________?

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It is the fourth week of the semester and your class has decided that your sociology instructor Rashid Mukhtar is excellent! Professor Rashid Mukhtar is a disabled middle-aged male. For students in this class Professor Rashid Mukhtars master status is_____________?

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The distinction between elements of material and nonmaterial culture was made by sociologist ?

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Which of the following has not been central to feminist theorizing ?

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Basic personality characteristics of the individual are formed within______________?

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Which accounts of the worth of education stress that it enables individuals to think freely and rationally which makes social progress and innovation possible ?

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What is the term used to describe the stages from one?s birth into a family with a specific status through formation of a new family unit ?

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Ayub Government brought ____ in 1950s and 60s which changed agricultural infrastructure to greater extent ?

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In the division of Labor in Society Emile Durkheim presented the idea of______________?

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In idealized views of science the experimental method is said to involve ?

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What percentage of the Nepalese workforce is employed in agriculture ?

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The al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attacks on American targets on 11th September 2001 In what year did al-Qaeda bomb a nightclub on the Indonesian island of Bali Killing more than 200 people ?

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Many people sincerely accept their goals and values, but their attitude is not in consistency with the requirements of their goals This hypothesis is called______________?

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All civilizations are in an endless cycle of three cultural systems this theory was presented by_____________?

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The concept of collective consumption is most closely associated with______________?

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Which term describes a society in which women can marry more than one husband at a time but men may marry only one wife at a time ?

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?? Anomie? is a French word means___________?

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Women of which ethnic group are least likely to have a white partner ?

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________ is the process by which a society moves from traditional to industrial social and economic arrangements?

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What does Berger (1963) describe as a metaphor for social reality ?

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According to sociologists the critical agent of socialization is thought to be_____________?

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According to Gerald Suttles a gated community would be an example of a(n)_____________?

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The compulsion of proximity describes____________?

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If a deviant act is normalized it is_______________?

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Among which occupational group are infant mortality rates the lowest____________?

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Which of the following is an accurate statement regarding evolutionary perspectives on social change ?

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Which one of the following is NOT associated with the materialist conception of history ?

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Which of these constitute the three worlds of welfare-capitalism ?

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We are not equally involved in all our in-groups To measure the degree of closeness or acceptance we feel toward other groups Bogardus developed a concept called______________?

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A group of people with the same or related occupations is usually termed as___________?

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Informal control exists in______________?

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Which term describes the process whereby religion loses its influence over various spheres of social life ?

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According to Durkheim stronger social ties and religious affiliation______________?

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Which of the following is true regarding discrimination ?

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Which of the following statements about values is correct ?

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Comte,s term positivism refers to________________?

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Robert Merton?s contributions to sociology include____________________?

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The shift from custodial to joint parenthood after divorce means that __________?

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Reading a number of books and journals regarding crime in Canada is a good example of______________?

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Whose theorizing according societal change comes closer to lqbal,s verse. Tujh ko bataoon taqdeer-e-huma kia hai shamsheer o Sannan Awwal taus o rabab akhir ?

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Which of the following is a true statement ?

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According to Strain theory, ____ are those individuals who have traditional success goals but substitute deviant means by which to achieve them ?

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