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Sociology Quiz 31


Sociology Quiz 31

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The behavior expected of one who holds a particular status is usually termed as_____________?

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According to the United States Department of Labor about _______ percent of ?downsized ?employees find new jabs ?

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The general fertility rate fell between 1964 and 2000 because of_______________?

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Which of the following is not part of a sociological definition of a minority group ?

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Which term describes religious organization of a loosely knit and transient kind ?

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Noam Chomsky,s work is an example of which theoretical approach to the media ?

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Between 1968 and 1998 global life expectancy at birth has______________?

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While vacationing in Great Britain you discover that the British drive on the ?wrong? side of the road are critical of your United States accent and will not accept dollars in stores You feel disoriented and out of place and thus are experiencing ?

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Which of the following is a leading exponent of the view that the criminal justice system serves the interests of the powerful ?

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A social group of organisms sharing an environment normally with shared interests is a______________?

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A person does poorly on a college chemistry test and later tells a friend ?The exam wasn?t fair! There were trick s and it covered material that we weren?t assigned! ?This is an example of______________?

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Which sociologist cofounded the famous Chicago settlement house Hull House ?

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Which of these is not a reason why the rate of urban growth is larger in developing countries ?

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All the perspectives are______________?

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My husband and my daughters constitute my____________?

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Bernstein though that using restricted codes of language disadvantaged pupils at school because_____________?

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In studying inequalities in education which skills did Bernstein concentrate upon ?

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Demographic Transition exhibits_____________?

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Which one of these statements is correct _______________?

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Mobility taking place in personal terms within the lifespan of the same person is called______________?

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In order to genuinely reflect a broad range of the population a survey must be based on precise___________?

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Which sociological perspective would be especially interested in studying how people communicate with other and develop relationships through MUDS (multi-user)?

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The social condition in which people find it difficult to guide their behavior by norms they experience as weak unclear or conflicting is called______________?

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A university that serves as a meeting ground for people seeking marital partners is performing______________?

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Which of the following is a factor that has contributed to the rise of the dual income model of the family ?

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In Gerhard Lenski,s theory of sociocultural evolution a society?s level of __________ is critical to the way it is organized?

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Feminism is often criticized on the grounds that_____________?

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Which nation(s) has(have) witnessed a significant decline in voter turnout in recent elections ?

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What is the compulsion of proximity ?

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The term vested interests was coined by social economist______________?

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According to Readers Digest Dictionary the one which causes euphoria in the taker and pre-disposes hint to addiction is______________?

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A new combination or a new use of existing knowledge is termed as______________?

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In sociological terms Which of the following constitute group ?

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An instructor wants to determine if giving essay tests increases student learning In one class that the instructor teaches she continues to test as she has always done In another class She then measures the differences in learning if any between the two classes The class that is given essay s is the______________?

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A survey that asks the respondent to indicate their age and includes response categories of age 20-30 age 30-40 age 40 50 and age 50+ violates which important rule for constructing closed-ended items for naires ?

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Social exclusion refers to ways in which people are cut off from full involvement in society How has Veit-Wilson (1998) distinguished the main variants of this concept ?

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Which of these terms is the odd one out ?

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Max Weber,s pioneering work The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism is an example of_______________?

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Which of the following is an accurate statement about segregation ?

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Which of these ethnic groups has the greatest proportion of its members in the bottom income quintile ?

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The most common master statuses are based on what ?

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There are some important gender inequalities in paid employment and the chapter identifies three of these Which one of the following is not one of the three ?

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Which of the following was not a key development leading to the birth of sociology ?

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Max Weber,s pioneering work The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism is an example of______________?

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Which of the following statements concerning roles is FALSE ?

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The concepts in a hypothesis are stated as______________?

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Science is based on_______________?

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In demographic terms what is the main argument associated with Malthusianism ?

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Emergent norm theory argues that collective behavior arises when expectations regarding how to act are_____________?

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