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Sociology Quiz 9


Sociology Quiz 9

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By the year 2020 it is projected that less than 2 percent of the entire global labor force will be engaged in ?

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Stratified sample falls under______________?

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Which of the following would be an example of a random sample? A researcher_____________?

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Change is nearly always____________?

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Which of these does not include income earned by individuals or corporations outside a country ?

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Who famously stated the medium is the message_______________?

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According to Marx_____________?

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Which of the following is NOT a reason for the rising divorce rate in the West ?

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Under what type of arrangement do people reckon descent and transmit property through the mother?s side of the family ?

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Urbanization in preindustrial cities was restricted by___________?

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Pluralist theories suggest that_______________?

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Which of the following is not a function the family discussed by William Ogburn ?

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In reviewing capitalism worldwide following the downfall of communism in the Soviet Union some observers suggest that_____________?

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In a democracy ?

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Socialization is the process through which an individual internalizes ?

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Structural-Functionalists describe society as_______________?

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Which term describes marriage patterns in contemporary Britain ?

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An experiment can be defined as_______________?

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What is the term that describes repeat offending by those who have been in prison ?

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Cyclical theorists_______________?

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How do sociologists describe former Third World societies that have moved towards an economic base in industrial production ?

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Which model of city growth describes the city as a central business district surrounded by a zone in transition than a zone of workingmen?s homes residential zones, and the commuters. zone ?

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In its study of language, which sociological perspective focuses on how people rely on shared definitions of phrases expressions in both formal speech everyday conversation ?

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The term terrorism has its origins in_____________?

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The form of transnational organization where overseas subsidiaries are managed by local firms in each country is called ?

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Mostly the drugs are used for a number of causes a few_________________?

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Tearoom Trade is typical of the s asked by sociologists because______________?

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Society is a complex organization of parts that function to fulfil the requirements and promote the needs of the whole is a concept of________________?

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Principles such as efficiency calculability and predictability are all part of what Ritzer called____________?

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Which of the following is not one of Perlmutter,s (1972) types of transnational corporations ?

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Which method of identifying social classes views social class as a statistical category formed by sociologists or statisticians or statisticians on the basis of income occupation education or some combination of these ?

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One of the ethical problems with covert participant observation is______________?

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Which of the following are NOT factors involved in whether or not people define a situation as crowded ?

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The Most Prominent spokesmen of Functionalist Perspective are______________?

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According to Merton the most common adaptation in the anomie theory of deviance is_____________?

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In primary groups social contacts are____________?

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The terms ?Primary ?and ?Secondary ?thus describe a type of relationship and do not imply that one is more____________ than other?

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social aggregations that emerge from the (Inter)Net when enough people carry on?. public discussions long enough with sufficient human feeling to form webs of personal relationships What is Rheingold (2000) describing here ?

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Agriculture cannot absorb the population concentration of human activities and settlements around the downtown areas when the residential area shifts outward this is called____________?

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Herbert Gans called urban residents who prefer to live in their own tight-knit communities ?

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Robert Merton?s ideas on crime and deviance make use of the concept of anomie. What does anomie mean in Merton?s work ?

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Some groups are neither clearly primary nor secondary but are intermediate with some features of each usually formed for performing some task They are called______________?

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The first book with the term sociology in its title was written by_________________?

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A researcher can obtain a higher response rate by using which type of survey ?

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According to Steve Bruce (1996) which of the following was a factor in generating strong religious commitment in the USA as compared to Europe ?

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In most instances how well a student does on a test is determined by how much the student studies for it in this example studying for an exam is a(n)_____________?

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Secularization involves the two related ideas of__________________?

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Psychological positivism stresses the key role that _______ plays in the development of conformist of criminal belief systems?

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The rise of new social movements indicates that______________?

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The work of Smart suggested that_____________?

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