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Stoichiometry Quiz 1


Stoichiometry Quiz 1

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1 kg/m2 is equal to _______ mm water column?

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1m3 is approximately equal to__________?

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1 torr is equal to _______ mm Hg column?

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A car tyre of volume 0.057 m3 is inflated to 300 kPa at 300 K. After the car is driven for 10 hours, the pressure in the tyre increases to 330 kPa. Assume air is an ideal gas and Cv for air is 21 J/mole.K. The change in the internal energy of air in the tyre in J/mole is___________?

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?The equilibrium value of the mole fraction of the gas dissolved in a liquid is directly proportional to the partial pressure of that gas above the liquid surface?. This statement pertaining to the solubility of gases in liquid is the _______ law?

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A liquid is in equilibrium with its vapor at its boiling point. On an average, the molecules in the liquid and gaseous phases have equal_______?

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______ kg of CaC03 on heating will give 56 kg of CaO?

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______ fuels require the maximum percentage of ?excess air? for complete combustion ?

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A ?limiting reactant? is the one, which decides the _____ in the chemical reaction?

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?Giga? stands for___________?

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?API gravity of water at N.T.P. is about___________?

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A solution having a pH value of 5 is less acidic than the one having a pH value of 2 by a factor of _________?

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_______ equation gives the effect of temperature on heat of reaction ?

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A metal oxide is reduced by heating it in a stream of hydrogen. After complete reduction, it is found that 3.15 gm of the oxide has yielded 1.05 gm of the metal. It may be inferred that the ______?

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1 Pascal (unit of pressure) is equal to ________ N/m2 ?

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80 kg of Na2SO4 (molecular weight = 142) is present in 330 kg of an aqueous solution. The solution is cooled such that. 80 kg of Na2SO4 .10H2O crystals separate out. The weight fraction of Na2SO4 in the remaining solution is__________?

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A solution is made by dissolving 1 kilo mole of solute in 2000 kg of solvent. The molality of the solution is__________?

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A vapor whose partial pressure is less than its equilibrium vapor pressure is called a _______ vapor?

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__________ chart is a graph related to Antoine equation ?

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1 torr is equivalent to__________?

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A saturated vapor on being compressed would_____?

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2 litres of nitrogen at N.T.P. weighs _______ gms ?

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A gas at 0?C is cooled at constant pressure until its volume becomes half the original volume. The temperature of the gas at this state will be________?

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A vessel of volume 1000 m3 contains air which is saturated with water vapour. The total pressure and temperature are 100 kPa and 20?C respectively. Assuming that the vapour pressure of water at 20?C is 2.34 kPa, the amount of water vapour (in kg) in the vessel is approximately ?

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A reduction process is accompanied with increase in the________?

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A gaseous mixture contains 14 kg of N2, 16 kg of O2 and 17 kg of NH3. The mole fraction of oxygen is___________?

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A butane isomerisation process produces 70 k.mole/hr of pure iso-butane. A purge stream removed continuously, contains 85% n-butane and 15% impurity (mole%). The feed stream is n-butane containing 1% impurity (mole%). The flow rate of the purge stream will be__________?

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1 bar is almost equal to _____ atmosphere?

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A sample of well water contains 140 gm/m3 Ca2+ ions and 345 gm/m3 Na+ ions. The hardness of the sample of water, expressed in terms of equivalent CaCO3 in gm/m3 is (assuming atomic masses of Ca :40, Na : 23, C : 12, O : 16) ?

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6 gms of magnesium (atomic weight = 24), reacts with excess of an acid, the amount of H2 produced will be _______ gm?

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A very dilute solution is prepared by dissolving ?x1? mole of solute in ?x2? mole of a solvent. The mole fraction of solute is approximately equal to__________?

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1 gm mole of methane (CH4) contains__________?

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1 kg of calcium carbide (CaC2) produces about 0.41 kg of acetylene gas on treatment with water. How many hours of service can be derived from 1 kg of calcium carbide in an acetylene lamp burning 35 litres of gas at NTP per hour ?

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1 BTU/ft3 is approximately equal to ______ kcal/m3?

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A compound was found having nitrogen and oxygen in the ratio 28 gm and 80 gm respectively. The formula of the compound is__________?

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A sugar solution containing __________ percent sugar is equivalent to 1 Brix?

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1 kg/cm2 is equal to_________?

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A perfectly insulated container of volume V is divided into two equal halves by a partition. One side is under vacuum, while the other side has one mole of an ideal gas (with constant heat capacity) at 298 K. If the partition is broken, the final temperature of the gas in the container_____?

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A solution with reasonably permanent pH is called a/an ________ solution?

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1 gm mole of an alcohol whose molecular weight is 74 contains 48 gms of carbon, 10 gms of hydrogen and 16 gms of oxygen. Its molecular formula is___________?

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A bypass stream in a chemical process is useful, because it_____?

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1 ata is equivalent to__________?

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A long cylinder and a sphere both of 5 cms diameter are made from the same porous material. The flat ends of cylinder are sealed. Both the cylinder and sphere are saturated with the same solution of sodium chloride. Later both the objects are immersed for a short and equal interval of time in a large tank of water which is well agitated. The fraction of salt remaining in the cylinder and the sphere are Xc and Xs respectively. Which of the following statement is correct ?

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A vapor that exists above its critical temperature is termed as a ______ vapor?

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A fluid gas produced on burning furnace oil contains 0.15 gm mole of CO2, 0.05 gm mole of oxygen and 0.80 gm mole of N2. What is its molecular weight ?

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?The total volume occupied by a gaseous mixture is equal to the sum of the pure component volumes?. This is the ______ law?

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A chemical process is said to occur under unsteady state, if the__________?

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?The heat capacity of a solid compound is approximately equal to the sum of the heat capacities of the constituent elements.? This is the statement of_____?

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A vapor whose partial pressure is less than its equilibrium vapor pressure is called the ______ vapor?

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?Cox? chart which is useful in the design of a distillation column (particularly suitable for petroleum hydrocarbons) is a plot of the______?

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