Stoichiometry Quiz 2


Stoichiometry Quiz 2

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At standard conditions, N2 + 2O2 ? 2NO2; ?G? = 100 kJ/mole NO + ?O2 ? 2NO2; ?G? = -35 kJ/mole The standard free energy of formation of NO in kJ/mole is_____?

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At what temperature, given mass of a gas that occupies a volume of 2 litres at N.T.P. will occupy a volume of 4 litres, if the pressure of the gas is kept constant ?

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Ceramic recuperators used for waste heat recovery from high temperature flue gas going out of the furnace is made of _________?

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Atoms of the same element, but of different masses are called___________?

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Addition of a non-volatile solute to a pure solvent ______?

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Boiling point of a non-homogeneous mixture of immiscible liquids is ______ that of any one of its separate components?

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Addition of a non-volatile solute to a solvent produces a _______ in its solvent?

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Avogadro number is the number of molecules in one _____ of a gas?

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As per Kirchhoff s equation, the heat of reaction is affected by the___________?

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Average molecular weight of air is about ______?

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Assume that benzene is insoluble in water. The normal boiling points of benzene and water are 80.1 and 100?C respectively. At a pressure of 1 atm, the boiling point of a mixture of benzene and water is___________?

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At room temperature, the product [H+] [OH-] in a solution is 10-14 moles/litre. If, [OH-] = 10-6 moles/litre, then the pH of the solution will be __________?

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Diffusion is that property by virtue of which a perfume bottle when opened up in a room, makes the whole room fragrant with its smell. If a perfume ?X? diffuses twice as fast as another perfume ?Y?; what is the molecular weight of ?Y?, if the vapor density of gas ?X? is 2? Molecular weight of gas ?X? is to be assumed to be 2 ?

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An ideal gas can be liquefied, because _____?

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At higher temperatures, molal heat capacities for most of the gases (at constant pressure) ________ with increase in temperature?

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At a temperature of 0?K, the molecules of a gas have only ________ energy?

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Beryllia (which is used in making crucibles for melting uranium & thorium) is superior to alumina in all respects for high temperature (> 1900?C ) use, except_______?

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Disappearance of snow in subzero weather exemplifies the process of__________?

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At 100?C, water and methylcyclohexane both have vapour pressures of 1 atm. Also at 100?C, the latent heats of vaporisation of these compounds are 40.63 kJ/mole for water and 31.55 kJ/mole for methylcyclohexane. The vapour pressure of water at 150?C is 4.69 atm. At 150?C, the vapour pressure of methylcyclohexane would be expected to be__________?

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Avogadro?s number is equal to___________?

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Elements in a periodic table are arranged in order of their___________?

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Dissolving a solute in a solvent does not change its_________?

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Chemically, mullite refractories is_________?

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Addition of zircon to silica refractory brick improves its__________?

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According to Raoult?s law, ?The vapor pressure exerted by component in a solution is proportional to the mole fraction of that component.? Raoult?s law is not applicable under the following assumption/condition?

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Acidity or alkanity of a solution is expressed by its pH value, which is defined as (where, [H+] = hydrogen ion concentration in the solution) ?

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Clausius Clapeyron equation applies to the ______ process?

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Carborundum used for making crucibles for melting non-ferrous metals is chemically_________?

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According to the kinetic theory, the thermal conductivity of a monatomic gas is proportional to_____?

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Atomic _______ of an element is a whole number?

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Equal masses of CH4 and H2 are mixed in an empty container. The partial pressure of hydrogen in this container expressed as the fraction of total pressure is_____?

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Concentration of a solution expressed in terms of ________ is independent of temperature?

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An equation for calculating vapour pressure is given by, log10 P = A ? B(t + c). This is called the_________?

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An aqueous solution of 2.45% by weight H2SO4 has a specific gravity of 1.011. The composition expressed in normality is_______?

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Atmospheric pressure corresponds to a hydrostatic head of__________?

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Capacity of a refractory brick to withstand-sudden changes in temperature is denoted by the property called__________?

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Assuming that CO2 obeys perfect gas law, calculate the density of CO2 (in kg/m3) at 263?C and 2 atm ?

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Enthalpy change resulting, when unit mass of solid is wetted with sufficient liquid, so that further addition of liquid produces no additional thermal effect, is called the heat of_________?

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Air at a temperature of 20?C and 750 mm Hg pressure has a relative humidity of 80%. What is its percentage humidity? Vapour pressure of water at 20?C is 17.5 mm Hg?

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Cp ? Cv for an ideal gas is equal to_________?

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At a constant volume, for a fixed number of moles of a gas, the pressure of the gas increases with rise of temperature due to_____?

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An Azeotropic solution of two liquids has boiling point lower than either of them, when it______?

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Dry air is a mixture of___________?

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Boiling point of a solution as compared to that of the corresponding solvent is __________?

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Assuming applicability of ideal gas law, the pure component volume of the vapor in a saturated gas can be calculated from theoretical relationship. The volumetric composition of a vapor saturated gas is independent of the_____?

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Applicability of Clausius-Clapeyron Equation is subject to the condition that the ___________?

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Density of carbon dioxide is __________ kg/Nm3 ?

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Cp is expressed in S.I. unit as________?

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An insulating refractory brick should have high porosity and low thermal conductivity. Which of the following is not used for inducing porosity in the insulating refractory bricks during its manufacture ?

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At higher temperature, molal heat capacities of most of the gases (at constant pressure) _____ with increase in temperature?

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