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Stoichiometry Quiz 3


Stoichiometry Quiz 3

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Hess?s law of constant heat summation is based on conservation of mass. It deals with _____?

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Faster rate of drying of moulded refractories results in high _______ of refractories?

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In case of a solution (not of a solid in a liquid), whose total volume is less than the sum of the volumes of its components in their pure states, solubility is___________?

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If pH value of an acidic solution is decreased from 5 to 2, then the increase in its hydrogen ion concentration is ______ times?

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If the absolute temperature of an ideal gas is tripled and simultaneously the pressure is reduced to one third; then the volume of gas will ________?

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For an ideal gas, the compressibility factor_________?

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Heat of solution in a system in which both solute and solvent are liquids is termed as__________?

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Heat of reaction is a function of the_____?

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How much O2 can be obtained from 90 kg of water ?

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If a solution of eutectic composition is cooled, ________ reaching the eutectic temperature ?

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If the pressure of a gas is reduced to half & its absolute temperature is doubled, then the volume of the gas will__________?

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In a binary liquid solution of components ?A? and ?B?, if component ?A? exhibits positive deviation from Raoult?s law, then component ?B? ?

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For estimation of heat capacity of a solid compound, one can use_________?

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Fireclay bricks are used in the_______?

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In case of a ternary system involving two liquid components and a solute, the ratio of the concentration of the solute in the two phases at equilibrium is called the distribution co-efficient. The distribution co-efficient depends upon the_______?

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In case of a solution (not of a solid in a liquid), whose total volume is more than the sum of volumes of its components in their pure states, solubility is___________?

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If pH value of a solution is 8, then its pOH value will be ______?

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If the partial pressure of the solvent in the vapor phase is equal to the vapor pressure of the solvent at that temperature, then the system is said to be at its_____?

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In osmosis through a semi-permeable membrane, diffusion of the_____?

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In a mixture of benzene vapor and nitrogen gas at a total pressure of 900 mm Hg, if the absolute humidity of benzene is 0.2 kg benzene/kg nitrogen, the partial pressure of benzene in mm Hg is___________?

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How many phases are present at eutectic point ?

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Heat of reaction is not influenced by___________?

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Gases diffuse faster compared to liquids because of the reason that the liquid molecules__________?

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Heat of neutralisation of HCl and NaOH is ? 57.46 kJ/Kg mole. The heat of ionisation of water will be ______ kJ/Kg mole?

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Heat of _____ of a fuel is called its calorific value?

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Fireclay bricks are not used in the__________?

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For water evaporating into unsaturated air under adiabatic conditions and at constant pressure, the _____ remains constant throughout the period of vaporisation ?

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High porosity refractory bricks have_________?

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Gases having same reduced temperatures and reduced pressures__________?

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Fireclay bricks is not used for lining the________?

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In a chemical process, the recycle stream is purged for________?

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Heat of transition is the heat evolved or absorbed, when a substance is converted from__________?

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In a neutral solution __________?

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In case of an unsaturated vapor-gas mixture, the humid volume increases with increase in the_________?

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If 1 Nm3 of O2 contains ?N? number of molecules, then number of molecules in 2Nm3 of SO2 will be__________?

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Heat of neutralisation of a strong acid and strong base is always a constant value, i.e., 57 KJ/Kg mole. This is because__________?

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For an ideal solution, the total vapor pressure varies ______ with the composition (expressed as mole fraction)?

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For a reaction, X ? Y, if the concentration of ?X? is tripled; the rate becomes nine times. The order of reaction is___________?

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In a binary liquid system, the composition expressed as ________ is independent of the temperature & pressure?

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In case of vapor-liquid equilibria, which of the following does not account for gas phase deviation from ideality ?

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Except for monatomic gases, the molal heat capacity at constant volume for all gases is ______ Kcal/Kg mole.? K?

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In ________ process, ions of salts react with water to produce acidity or alkalinity ?

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In general, the specific heats of aqueous solutions ______ with increase in the concentration of the solute?

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For any system, the ______ heat of solution is dependent on the temperature and the adsorbate concentration?

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Heat capacity of air can be approximately expressed as, Cp = 26.693 + 7.365 x10-3 T, where, Cp is in J/mole.K and T is in K. The heat given off by 1 mole of air when cooled at atmospheric pressure from 500?C to ? 100?C is ______?

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Fireclay bricks are not used in the_________?

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For most salts, the solubility increases with rise in temperature, but the solubility of ________ is nearly independent of temperature rise?

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Fusion point of a basic refractory material is_________?

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For a given mass of a gas at constant temperature, if the volume ?V? becomes three times, then the pressure ?P? will become_______?

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Hot metal runner in blast furnace are lined with _______ bricks?

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