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Water Management Quiz 1


Water Management Quiz 1

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An outlet through which the discharge depends upon the water level in the distributary is called _________?

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The percentage of culturable commended area, irrigated during the year to the total culturable commanded area on a outlet or channel is called_________?

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When ever a body is immersed wholly or partially in water, it is lifted up by a force equal to the weight of water displaced by the body ?

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A water pool is designed on the down stream of the hydraulic structure to dissipate the energy of falling water by providing a water cushion called ____________?

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When the rate of change of discharge of outlet equals the rate of change of discharge of the channel, the out let is called ________?

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A structure provided when a large canal a big drainage channel approach other practically at the same level is called________?

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In study of a granular material sliding on plane ground, the angle between the perpendicular and the surface in static condition is called _________?

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A well penetrated in ground water confined between impervious layer at its top and bottom is called ________?

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When seepage water after passing the ground water aquifer joins the surface stream, such stream will be called___________?

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The property of saturated soil mass which transmits appreciable quantities . water is called_________?

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The run-off from catchment areas, Roads, buildings and other fallow lands is called __________?

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The process to dilute the available salts from root Zone by providing simply canal water is known as ________?

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A flow in which the stream lines may be represented by a straight line is called__________?

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According to Chezy?s formula, the discharge through an open channel is equal to _______?

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A curve consisting two or more arcs of different radii curving in the same direction with common tangent is called _________?

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At the end of hydraulic structure, the upward force of sub-soil water just becomes equal to the submerged weight of soil grains Then exit gradient will be called______________?

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An engineer who is approached by a client for the purpose of design of hydraulic structures like dam. Barrage or Regulator is called __________?

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The significant damage to crop generally occurs when capillary meniscus reaches permanent wilting point known as _______________?

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If the weir flood is designed continuous with divide piers as reinforced structure,such that the weight of divide piers, keep the structure safe against uplift, is called________?

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Water available in root zone of plants, is about 50% of soil moisture content. which is always available to the plants is called________________?

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A fixed reference point from which the discharge of flowing water is measured is________________?

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A digging out of earth to make trench for any engineering purpose is called ____________?

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Water available above the top of root zone of plants is about 15% of soil moisture contents, is mostly not available to plants celled_______?

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The losses of irrigation water due to the seepage but That. does not join the under ground reservoir is called ________?

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The discharge of a well per unit draw down usually expressed as gallons or liters per minute is called __________?

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After rainfall the quantity of water that flows directly over the ground surface and join immediately to the river is called_______?

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The water force per meter length on a vertical wall is equal to_______?

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Permissible velocity of water flowing through concrete lined tunnel is usually ________?

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Mostly the salt of calcium and Magnesium can not cause ________________?

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Water application efficiency increases if the plot to be irrigated is________?

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Friction head loss in open channels is determined by_______?

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According to Blight, the percolating water seeps along the lower contour of the hydraulic structure, the length traversed by this water is called ____________?

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The discharge carrying capacity of an irrigation channel depends upon __________?

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The delta the total depth of water consumed by crop up to its maturity, the delta of cotton is __________?

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A unit hydrograph is a hydrograph of runoff produced by a rainstorm of a specified duration called __________?

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A line shown on a contour map, set out on ground between certain constant points of slope is called_________?

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the phenomenon of evaporation from water surfaces, from soil surfaces around the plants and from plants and transpiration from plants is called _________?

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The delta the total water requirement of crop from the time of sowing to harvesting the delta of sugarcane is ________?

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A river before its joins the sea, gets divided into small channels, thus forming a Triangular shape called ________?

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The level above the or below the sea level which is also called zero level or datum is called _________?

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__________% of total global water is saline and available in oceans ?

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The centre of pressure of a plane submerged area which holds it in equilibrium is __________?

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The law that states that the discharge of sub-soil water is directly proportional to the loss of head and the area of soil sample and inversely proportional to to the length of soil sample _________?

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Infiltration capacity curve is the graphical representation, as to how the infiltration capacity varies with time after rainfall this curve was represented by __________?

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The dam built for the purpose of diverting water from main stream to various courses of flow is called __________?

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The line in a flow net which shows the direction of flow of water through a soil mass beneath dam are called _______?

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When reservoir is full on upstream side, the maximum stress comes upon________?

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The total length of impervious floor on down stream of the hydraulic structure is determined by Bligh?s Theory________?

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Net irrigation + field irrigation losses are the requirement of ___________?

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The soil which are formed due to the weathering effects particularly by movement of water and are high permeable are called _______?

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