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Water Management Quiz 2


Water Management Quiz 2

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The formula used to calculate maximum flood discharge for a hilly () is_______________?

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The ratio of change of discharge of an outlet to the rate of change in level of water surface in distributary at its normal depth is called __________?

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A graph which shows the volume of a reservoir or tank at any given water level is called __________?

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The structures, which are constructed on the river bed upstream of head regulator. With this clear water enters in canal such structures are called____________?

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The loss of head H/ L is proportional to the length of creep. There fore the loss of head per unit creep length is called ____________?

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A module or outlet in which discharge is fixed and limited, irrespective fluctuations in water levels in distributary is called _______?

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The unit of volume of water used in irrigation practice in FPS system is Acre-Foot. there fore one Acre- Foot is equal to _________?

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Water logging caused by ____________ water, which during excessive irrigation percolates down and join under ground water table?

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Onion is a ___________ rooted crop?

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The _________ analysis of earth dam foundation against shear must be carried out when the foundation is kept on fine loose cohesion less material?

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An impermeable Formation which neither contains water nor transmits water may be called___________?

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If in a river the flood rises and falls suddenly due to storm rain, then such river is called ________?

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A water flow available in the drains without irrigation season i.e.flow of sanitary sewage is called__________?

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A flow in which the quantity of liquid flowing per second is constant is called_________?

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the ratio between the rate of change of discharge of the out let to the rate of change of discharge of the distributary is called ____________?

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Volume of water that unit volume of aquifer will give up by gravity pull is called __________?

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Specific gravity of a liquid is defined as the ratio of its specific weight to that of pure water and standard temperature and pressure. Therefore specific gravity is equal to _________?

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A river which does not change its alignment ? slope and its regime significantly is called________________?

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The disposal of sewage by allowing it to flow and Soak into specially leveled farm land for cultivation purpose is called ___________?

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A structure made near weirs and barrages to facilitate the migration of fish up stream or down stream is called ________?

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The quantity of water lost by transpiration from the plants or crops and evaporation from fields adjacent to these plants is called _________?

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in most economical Trapezoidal section, half of the Top width is equal to _______?

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Ground water moving down wards in the un-saturated ground above the water table is called_________?

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Water storage efficiency in the root zone depends upon________?

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To keep the Hydraulic structure safe against undermining the ________________ should be safe?

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Piezometer tube is open to both ends mostly used to measure __________?

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An earth embankment built on one or both sides of a river, some distance away from its banks to control flood is called _______________?

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Specific weight of a liquid is defined as the weight per unit volume at standard Temperature & pressure therefore specific weight of water of water is equal to ____________ kg/m3 in MKS system ?

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The minimum moisture content at which a water drop if placed on a smooth surface of soil will not be absorbed immediately by the soil is called ________?

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A particular flood which can occur in the basin in the worst meteorological and hydrological conditions is called _________?

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Direct runoff is the sum of ________?

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Art of growing crops, management of live stocks, husbandry and farming is called________________?

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To avoid scouring from end of structure, it is necessary to provide a ________________ at the exit point?

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A curve showing the maximum flow in the river and mean time reduces flow. we be called_________?

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The percentage of the volume of water filled in voids to the total volume of solids of soil grains is called________?

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In ogee spillway the discharge is directly proportional to _____________?

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Which of the following has highest-coefficient of discharge___________?

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Cultivation made on small plane steps because of more steepness of the area is called ________?

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A flow in which velocity of water particles is same at all sections is called __________?

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Mean velocity of flow in a river can be directly measured by means of ____________?

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A channel is said lo be of most economical cross section, for a given cross-sectional area and bed slope when it ________?

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A module or outlet in which discharge depends upon the difference of head between distributary and the water course is called _________?

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The last length of the river before it falls into the sea is known as ________?

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The total dissolved solids in drinking water should not exceed_______?

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The mercury in a glass tube assumes convex shape at the top because of_______________?

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when ever a sloping face of river bank is protected by stone pitching against scour, the pitching is extended beyond the toe to the river side that is called________?

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Water logging is the state of the soil where the water table brought ______________capacity or root zone of plants?

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A dam which the up lift pressure of the sub-soil water by its own weight is called _______?

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The free distance on the paddy surface which a wind can travel to any point to rise waves is called_______?

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Mostly the hydraulic structures founded on ____________ soils fails because of undermining and uplift pressure?

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