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Water Management Quiz 3


Water Management Quiz 3

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The water vapours are generally present in a atmosphere, some times isolated and sometimes mixed with other gases. in such a situation the pressure exerted by each component of mixture, will be called ____________?

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An instrument used for measuring pressure head, generally made up of a small pipe tapped into the side of conduit is called _________?

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Weep holes are provided in canal lining to ___________?

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The ratio between the force causing a body to slide along a plane and the force normal to the plane is called ________?

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For strong Hydraulic jump containing maximum energy, the down stream glacis should be sloped at a slope of ______________ to dissipate max: energy?

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Bouyant force is equal to the ___________ of liquid displaced by the body in water mass?

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To pack with clay material generally for the purpose of checking leakage of water is called ________?

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Art of making saline water fit for irrigation and drinking through the processes of membrane technique and reverse osmosis is called _________?

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The force with which the distinct bodies held together when their surfaces are brought in contact to each other is called _______?

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The forces coming over the gravity dam is mainly resisted by _________?

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Canals normally excavated directly from river without head regulator is called_________?

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The delta the total water depth required by a crop up to its maturity the delta of wheat is ___________?

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The permissible limit of hardness of water fore low pressure boiler is ___________?

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The depth of flow at which the energy is maximum is called __________?

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When the weight of weir balances the up lift pressure caused by the head of the water seeping below the weir bed is called _________?

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The under sluices in a weir are provided, at the level of upstream floor dispose off the sediment deposited on downstream is called____________?

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From a water fall, if water is falling down at the rate of 100 N/sec: on the blades of a turbine when the height of fall is 100 m the power delivered to turbine will be______________?

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A flow of water for a certain discharge when total energy of flow i.e. sum of potential, kinetic and pressure energies is minimum is called_____________?

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A regulator is water controlling structure, it is provided at the head of canal to supply water from parent canal to the branch channel is called_____________?

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Wilting point is that limit after that the crop starts feeding up and no water is available for plant, this point occurs after _______?

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Always flow inside the ground is __________?

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The water level required on the upstream side of a canal head regulator, so as to feed the off-taking canal with its full supply is called_______?

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The hydraulic structures like dams, barrages constructed on permeable foundations are likely to fail due to _________?

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An escape constructed with masonry or pitched with stones to dispose off surplus of tank or reservoir is called________________?

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The season that starts from 1st October and ends on 31st March, runs for 182 days is called ________?

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Now- a -days the hydraulic structures are designed. Keeping in view the flow net, this was given by ________?

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The most economical central angle of an arch dam is made at _________?

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if the depth of water in an open channel is greater than the critical depth, the flow is called________________?

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If a river or stream is collecting sediment and is building up dunes in its bed is called ____________?

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In case of silt deposition in the dam reservoir to dispose of the effectively ________________ be used?

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The sheet or small layer of water flowing over an ogee spillway is called _______?

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A fluid is a substance that __________?

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The season that starts from 1st April and end on 30th September and run for 183 days is called ___________?

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Velocity of flow in a sewer must be form ______________ to ?

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_________% of total global water is fresh and its major portion is obtained from Rains ?

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Readily available moisture is the % of moisture that is always easily available to plant and this moisture is called _______?

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Total energy line (T.E.L) represents the sum of ______________?

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hail is precipitation in the form of balls or lumps of ice of size greater than _______________ formed by alternate freezing & melting?

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The falling drop of rainwater become spherical due to _______?

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Water logging and soil salinization is a twin menace which has effected the agriculture sector severely, about _______________ hectares of land are wasted yearly?

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generally useful life of a reservoir is considered terminated when its -gross storage is reduced by _______________ of the design capacity of the reservoir?

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The contour of equal water heads and pressure in the soil mass beneath retaining structure are called_________?

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The resultant pressure of water on the face of dam is equal to __________ ?

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The process of consolidation of stabilized earth work in canal or river embankments. In this process the soil is deposited in layers of specified thickness and at a particular moisture content is called ________?

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To protect the face of embankment against the attack of wave wash with stone boulders is called _______?

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On relative basis, when one soil is eroded as compared to other soil under same conditions, this property is called ________?

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Cavitation is caused by ___________?

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Silt free water should be supplied to the canals through____________?

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In a river the flood water dries up before it joins the sea or any other river, such river is called ________________?

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A reference point on the ground of accurately known position which is a () point of leveling is called ________________?

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