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Water Management Quiz 4


Water Management Quiz 4

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Land containing high percentage of alkalies may be reclaimed by addition of___________?

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Those crops which increase the nitrogen content of the soil and hence the fertility also are called _________?

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To be more close to the actual field conditions, some times artificial rain tests conducted, the instrument used is called _________?

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The unit of kinetic viscosity is equivalent to ____________?

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The lower limit of factor of safety against over turning in a gravity is _____________?

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That rain fall which is effectively consumed by the plants to meet its consumptive needs is called________?

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The ratio of the rate of change of discharge through out let to the rate of c./v of water level of the distributary is called_______?

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Out/ of a well water is more than canal water because__________?

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A series of vertical steps in a stream made to avoid soil scouring is called _________?

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The ratio between the actual pressure and saturation vapour present at same temperature is called_________?

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A type of flow in which water particles, while moving in the direction of flow, rotate about their mass centre is called _______?

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Sterilization is the process of killing ___________ of water borne diseases, so as to make it safe for hospital use?

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A mine or tunnel for collecting seepage water in rock or dam is called __________?

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The delta the total depth of water consumed by a crop from 1st watering when matures, the delta for rice is_________?

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According to Khosla?s theory of seepage, the Exit gradient depends upon __________?

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Theoretical velocity of the jet at Vena Contracta is determined by ________________?

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Which of the following is a cash crop _________?

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A pipe flowing full, the liquid particles in the pipe has maximum velocity at ________?

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In high floods, to avoid spilling of flood water over the gates, a wall is provided from pond level to high Flood level. This wall spans for the entire length of regulator, rest on piers, sustain water pressure by its weight called___________?

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The ratio of specific weight of any liquid to the specific weight of water is called as _______?

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The maximum rate at which the soil in given condition can absorb water is called _________?

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The flow in the river due to the floods may be classified as ___________?

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Surface tension is the property of a liquid which enables it to resist tensile stress. the surface tension of water is equal to ______________ Kg/m?

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According to Kennedy?s silt theory , the critical velocity is directly proportional to depth of flow ___________?

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A spoil bank is formed when the volume of excavated soil is _______ of embankment filling?

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A channel artificially constructed for water conveyance of appreciable quantities with no problem of silting and scouring is called __________?

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For an economical design of gravity dam, the shear friction factor causec compression strength should lie between__________?

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The meandering pattern of a river is developed by __________?

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The property of liquid which controls its rate of flow is called ________?

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Development of___________in river is due to meandering ?

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Hydraulic structures are designed for a safe flow of flood. The floods which are equal in designed magnitude life of the project is called ___________?

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The area irrigated in the year and it grows crops on which water rates are leveled is called__________?

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Torsional force does not act on __________?

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The stability analysis of earth dam founded on cohesion less silt material be made against___________?

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The discharge over a rectangular notch is determined by ___________?

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Tanda dam is constructed on river _________?

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Art of making saline un-cultivable lands capable of re-cultivation is called._________?

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During the peak stage of river, there exist an out flow from river into the ground water reservoir, in such case river will be called _______?

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The groyne pointing downwards in the direction of flow in fiver is called________________?

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The hydraulic mean depth for a circular pipe of diameter d is __________?

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The Indus plain is the main agricultural producing region in the country which receives about________________m m of rain fall annually?

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For a perfect incompressible liquid flowing in a continuous stream, the total energy of a particle remain the same, while the liquid particle move from one point to another this statement is called _________?

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Khosla provided a seepage theory for design of Hydraulic structures called________________?

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When high flood passing down weir creating high up lift pressures and there is no flow in the canals, if such condition is taken for design and is called________?

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The value of coefficient of discharge in comparison to cofficient of velocity is found to be __________?

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The depth of water in a channel, corresponding to minimum specific energy is called ________________?

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In the initial stage of rainfall, when soil moisture available in the root zone is very low, the rate of infiltration ?

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The down stream sloping glacis of the Hydraulic structure is made in such a way to form automatically the _____________ and dissipate the surplus energy of flowing water?

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An area is officially declared as drought effected if the mean Annual rain fall is less than of the annual Potential evaporation,______________?

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A water rise takes place on down stream of sloping glacis, when a stream of water moving with high velocity and low depth strikes another stream of flow moving with low velocity and high depth, such breakage in water surface is called______________?

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