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Water Management Quiz 5


Water Management Quiz 5

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Sediment particles smaller than 0.002 mm which do not settle in water are called__________?

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The amount of moisture content present in the air, when it is expressed as weight per unit volume is called ________________?

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The rise in river water level at up stream due to construction of weir is called________?

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Mercury does not wet the glass because of its property of ____________?

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The total energy line lies over the hydraulic gradient line by an amount equal to________________?

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According to Mr. Khosla, the seeping water creates undermining and the undermining starts from________?

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Art of mixing saline water with fresh water in accordance with some ratio for irrigation purpose is called _______?

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The law which states that the intensity of pressure at any point in a liquid at rest is same in all directions_______?

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That part of the flow in a stream comes from sub-soil or valley, may be beneath the top surface of channel bed is called________?

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An aquifer in which water contained under high pressure as the? aquifer is sand witched between two impervious layer is called_________?

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The piles driven in low bearing capacity soil which does not rest on hard rock but bears the coming load due to side resistance is called ________________?

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The groyne pointing upwards direction of flow is called ____________?

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The aeration of water is done to remove _______?

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The specific weight of water at normal pressure of 760 mm, 4?C temperature and at mean sea level is ____________?

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A fish ladder is device by which flow energy can be dissipated in such a manner as to provide easy access to the downstream fish to come on upstream side, the velocity of flow varies from_________?

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The depth of root zone for rice crop is about_________?

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Aeration holes are provided to reduce the inside saturation pressure __________?

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The water in swimming pools can be ____________ by using any one from the following, chlorine-ultraviolet rays and bromine t ?

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The weight per unit of liquid at standard Temperature and pressure is called_________?

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When the reservoir is full, the maximum compressive force in a gravity dam is produced _________?

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The field capacity is the amount of water retained by a saturated soil mass after being acted by gravity. The amount of water required to bring the soil moisture content of that soil up to field capacity is called________?

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If E1 is the energy before the hydraulic jump and E2 is the energy after the hydraulic jump the efficiency of jump is then given by ___________?

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A structure constructed in channel width having narrow throat and raised floor in bottom, used for measuring discharge is called ___________?

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The experiment of capillary rise is performed in a glass tube of smaller diameter, because_________?

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An open cut given in a canal bank, suitably protected by stone pitching to the upland drainage water into the canal is called _________?

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A line shown on a map, drawn between the points of equal levels or heads is called __________?

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The precipitation that falls during the growing season of the crop is called________?

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The force with which the particles of same body are held together is called_______________?

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The depth before the jump is always less then the depth after the jump. The depth before the jump is called initial depth and depth after the jump is called_______________?

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A plot of graphical representation showing river flow against time is called ___________?

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An open cut in the canal bank. with bed and sides to escape canal water through a lead channel to mix water in a nearby drain is called ___________?

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The water particles held in soil pores of root zone by _____________ against gravity and is known as capillary water?

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The loss of head due to friction according to Darcy?s formula is ___________?

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Hydrology is the science which deals with the depletion and recharge of water resources yearly therefore. its knowledge is a must to _______ properly the water resources?

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The height from the top of the embankment to the normal water level in canal .Dam ? Reservoir etc, which allows for small waves to splash without over flow is called_________?

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When the fluid properties do not change with time, it is a ___________ flow?

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When FSL of the canal is sufficiently below the bottom of the drain, so that water flows freely under gravity, such structures is called___________?

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The hydraulic gradient line (H.G.L)represents the sum of_______?

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When the high flood level of the drain is sufficiently below the bed of the Canal that the drainage water flows freely under gravity, such structure is called_________?

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When the air in a atmosphere is fully saturated with the vapours present in it, then the pressure exerted by such wet air mass will be called __________?

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velocity of gases is measured with a ___________?

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The wall of masonry or concrete, constructed at 90? to the axis of weir to separate normal weir from under sluices is called__________?

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A hydraulic jump to dissipate energy when flow is ________?

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The water evaporates from paddy surfaces to the atmosphere in the form of water vapours, these water vapours get collected in the atmosphere and behave & like_______?

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The resultant pressure of water acting at ______________?

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Sliding failure occurs in a solid gravity dam when__________?

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If the duration of a unit hydrograph approaches zero, the resulting unit hydrograph is called ________?

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Flow in which each liquid particle has a definite path is called ___________?

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The various works constructed on river side to control the flow and pass it safely from hydraulic structures are called _________?

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Rabi crops pertains to _________?

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