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Water Management Quiz 6


Water Management Quiz 6

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The ideal crop for wastewater or sewage irrigation is _____________?

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Compressibility of a liquid is defined as vertical or contraction in volume with variation of pressure. Therefore water is considered as _________?

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The line in a flow net which shows the direction of flow of water through a soil mass beneath dam are called _______?

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Darcy formula for loss of head in pipes is given by, hf=4fl v2 / ________?

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After rainfall the quantity of water that flows directly over the ground surface and join immediately to the river is called_______?

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The fixing of points in such away or the ground to have a correct lines for setting a canal or water course is called _______?

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The discharge through rectangular channel is maximum when Hydraulic mean depth m is equal to ______________?

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The water way from a weir is determined by using Lacey?s wetted perimeter i.e. P=_______(Q)1/2 ?

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A unit hydrograph is a hydrograph of runoff produced by a rainstorm of a specified duration called __________?

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The angle between a head regulator and entrance of water, for smooth entry of water in a canal is kept as _______?

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An outlet through which the discharge depends upon the water level in the distributary is called _________?

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Pilot tube is a device, which convert velocity head of flowing water into pressure by __________?

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A closed conduct or barrel used used for supplying water under high pressure to a turbine to generate electricity is called ________?

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A flow in which the stream lines may be represented by a straight line is called__________?

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For a flood control reservoirs, the effective storage is equal to _________?

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In alluvial river due to the action of centrifugal force, bends are developed by scouring on concave and silting on convex ___________?

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The run-off from catchment areas, Roads, buildings and other fallow lands is called __________?

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Mostly the salt of calcium and Magnesium can not cause ________________?

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The counter berm for a canal is provided so as to contain the saturation gradient line _____________ the bank?

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The discharge of a well per unit draw down usually expressed as gallons or liters per minute is called __________?

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The method of irrigation in which each tree is surrounded by a border to form a pool when water is supplied is called ________________?

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The precipitation that occurs because of frontal disturbances during the movement of barometric low pressure is called __________?

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The difference between saturation vapour pressure and actual vapour pressure at a constant temperature is called _________?

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A dam which is prevented from overturning by the action of lateral or vertical up thrust of water by its weight is called ________?

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The discharge through a rectangular channel will be maximum. if its depth is_______________?

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The science of water which deals with the depletion and replenishment of water resources is called_______?

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The steep conduits made in the body of dam for running turbines to generate hydro-electric power are called________?

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To dispose of the surplus water from dam, a water way is constructed called________________?

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The invented filter is provided just after the end of concrete floor to reduce () possibility of _______?

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It is important to keep the saturation gradient line within the body of a embankment of canal, the saturation gradient line in loomy soils lie at_________?

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The losses of irrigation water due to the seepage but That. does not join the under ground reservoir is called ________?

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When a weir is constructed, the downstream .bed of the river goes on eroding and consequently causes progressive lowering of the bed on downstream of weir called________?

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A watershed canal ________?

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A cloud is formed due to condensation. it consists of a small particle of ice an. small droplets of water, having diameter about ___________microns?

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The field capacity is the water retained by a saturated soil after free drainage of surplus water to the ground water table but the water retained by a saturated soil after being centrifuged by a centrifugal force of 1000 times that of gravity is called________________?

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The delta the total water requirement of crop from the time of sowing to harvesting the delta of sugarcane is ________?

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The hydraulic jump is formed on down stream of toe of glacis for the purpose to dissipate surplus energy of the flowing water, the nature and strength of jump depends upon a Number called____________?

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The inverted filter consists layer of materials of increasing ______________ from bottom to top?

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The velocity in a large canal or channel measured at a depth of _________ gives the mean velocity using the current meter?

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Estimated quantity of global water is __________which covers about 70% of earth?

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That point in a body at which it will balance if loaded or supported is called __________?

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The mass per unit volume of a liquid at standard temperature and pressure is called __________?

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The property of soil which indicates the volume of water stored in the formation is called _________?

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The percentage of culturable commended area, irrigated during the year to the total culturable commanded area on a outlet or channel is called_________?

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__________% of total global water is saline and available in oceans ?

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The piezometric level of water in the well at zero discharges is called_________?

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When FSL of the canal is sufficiently above the bed level of drainage so that canal flows under syphonis action, the structure is called ___________?

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An engineer who is approached by a client for the purpose of design of hydraulic structures like dam. Barrage or Regulator is called __________?

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The floods which exceeds the designed magnitude of a reservoir is called _____________?

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Presently percentage of area irrigation to that of total cultivated area in our country is ________?

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