How to Improve Your Perspective? 3 Ways to Improve Your Perspective

improve your perspective

Some of you may have been told by your superiors or seniors that you should raise your perspective.

It is very important to have an attitude of trying to see the situation from various angles in order not to become narrow-minded in your daily work.

But what exactly is a “perspective”? What can I do to raise it? It may be a lot of people who don’t have a pin.

This time, I will introduce you to the benefits of raising your perspective and how to do it.

What does “high perspective” mean?

In the first place, “perspective” means `the position from which one sees things and grasps them’.

In terms of work, the state of “higher perspective” means the state of being able to “see things from a higher position than your current self”.

For example, let’s say you were asked by your boss to revise a document, and you corrected what was pointed out and submitted it.

If you have little work experience, it is OK if you can do the work as instructed, that is, fix the part you are told.

However, as you get older, you will not be able to meet the expectations of your boss just by doing what you are told.

Among them, there are many cases where I receive feedback saying, “I want you to raise your perspective more.”

A person with a high point of view is able to understand the intentions of the boss requesting work and the background behind it, and produce output that can be used as a basis for decision-making by decision makers.

In other words, in the previous example, after setting the task “Why is it necessary to correct this part of the document?” Isn’t it?” and can think of a way to deal with the problem.

Difference from “wide field of vision”

Words similar to “viewpoint” include “field of view” and “point of view”.

They have the following differences.

  • Perspective: From what point of view do we see/think about things?
  • Field of view: “to what extent” do you see/think about things?
  • Perspective: From what point of view do you see/think about things?

In other words, being “broad-minded” means having a broad range of thinking and knowledge, and being able to see things from multiple perspectives and perspectives.

On the other hand, “high perspective” refers to the state of being able to think about things from a higher position and a bird’s-eye view.

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Benefits of raising your sights

Elevating your perspective will change your attitude towards the task in front of you, which will bring about a variety of benefits.

There are three benefits in particular that we can expect.

increase productivity

If you raise your perspective, you will be able to think from a bird’s-eye view, so it will be easier to determine the priority of work, such as which work to prioritize and which work to postpone.

If your perspective is low, you can only see the work in front of you, so you often try to work hard evenly.

What is there in the pre-process and post-process of the work in front of me by raising my perspective more than now? You will be able to imagine and proceed with your work with a sense of the whole.

If you can grasp the overall picture of your work, you can calmly assess the urgency and impact of the work you are about to tackle, and as a result, you will be able to achieve high performance for the resources (time and budget) you have spent. can demonstrate.

maximizes performance

If you raise your perspective, you will develop a habit of looking at the entire business, and you will be able to feel that the work you are working on is essential to achieving company-wide goals.

Once you have that feeling, your motivation will naturally increase.

In addition, they may think, “It’s not enough to do just this to achieve my goals. Is there anything else I can do?” You can also calmly look back on the current situation, saying, “Isn’t there something to do with it?”

As a result, you will not only maximize your performance, but you will also be able to work on your daily tasks with a firm sense of the significance of your work, saying, “I am doing my best to achieve my goals.”

You can earn the trust of those around you

Gaining the trust of those around you by looking over the entire business and considering things outside your own scope of work is one of the benefits of raising your perspective.

If you raise your perspective, you will be able to act while making hypotheses based on past circumstances, and grasp the situation while maintaining a future perspective, instead of making haphazard judgments based on the current situation..

By assuming multiple hypotheses and risks with a wide range, you will be less likely to be swayed by unexpected situations.

As a result, it is possible to reduce the number of points pointed out by seniors and superiors and rework, and to gain a sense of trust enough to be entrusted with larger tasks.

3 ways to improve your perspective

In order to actually raise your perspective, it is essential to touch the way of thinking of people with a high perspective.

Here, we will introduce three methods in detail.

Have a conversation with a role model

If there are people around you who think, “I want to raise my perspective to this person,” it is recommended to request 1on1 regularly.

If possible, it’s better to have someone you don’t usually work with very closely.

This is because if the distance is too close, it will be difficult to speak honestly, considering the ease of daily work and human relationships.

When I talk to them about my current worries and uncertainties, they sometimes give me advice from perspectives that I never had.

By accumulating that experience, you will gradually be able to come up with ideas such as, “How would that person perceive this problem?”

Read various books and watch videos

Unfortunately, if you don’t have anyone around you who thinks you have a high point of view, you can refer to books and videos.

There are many people in the world who transmit information from a high perspective and influence the world.

Of course, people have different ways of looking at things, so some people will agree with you, while others will not be able to sympathize with you.

By exposing yourself to different types of thinking through books and videos, you may find your ideal role model.

Participate in external communities

It is also important to have contact with people with a high perspective in a community that you have never set foot in before, rather than staying within your company or within your immediate surroundings.

For example, there are ways to participate in online salons and NPOs, and I also recommend building communities outside the company at business schools like the GLOBIS Graduate School of Management where I work.

If you can build a network outside the company, new connections will gradually emerge from there.

The more networks that connect you to yourself, the more likely you are to meet people with a higher perspective, which will lead to a more efficient increase in perspective.


This time, we introduced the benefits of increasing your perspective and how to do it.

Of course, perspective cannot be improved overnight.

However, there are surprisingly many things that can be done before “actually, standing in that perspective and having an experience”.

Using what I have introduced today as a hint, please be conscious of looking at things from a higher place than “yesterday’s you”.

Also, if you can raise your perspective, you can also lower your perspective.

In other words, you will be able to see things from the perspective of the site.

If you always look at things from the point of view of your boss or manager, another problem may arise: you will lose track of what’s going on in the field.

Depending on the situation, please take care of determining “Which perspective should I think now?”