Jake from State Farm: From Iconic Commercial to Internet Sensation

jake from state farm

You’ve probably heard of him, seen him on your TV screen, or perhaps even dressed up as him for Halloween. Jake from State Farm, a seemingly ordinary insurance agent, has become a pop culture phenomenon. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the journey of Jake from State Farm, from his humble beginnings in a television commercial to becoming an internet sensation.

The Birth of Jake

Jake from State Farm first entered the scene in 2011 as part of a State Farm insurance commercial. The ad, titled “State of Unrest,” was part of State Farm’s “Get to a Better State” campaign, aimed at emphasizing the company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service.

In the commercial, a man named Jake is discovered by his suspicious wife answering a late-night phone call from a customer seeking insurance assistance. When questioned, Jake calmly responds that he’s “Jake from State Farm,” clad in his unmistakable red State Farm polo shirt and khakis. His wife, still skeptical, grabs the phone and asks the customer what he’s wearing. The customer, in his own khakis, responds, “Uh…khakis.” This humorous exchange and Jake’s deadpan delivery struck a chord with audiences.

Instant Icon

Jake from State Farm quickly became an instant icon. His catchphrase, “Uh…khakis,” and his memorable attire made him a recognizable figure. People started quoting him in everyday conversations, and his image became a popular meme.

Jake’s character was relatable. He represented the idea that, even in the wee hours of the morning, State Farm’s dedicated agents are there to help. His simple, straightforward, and helpful approach resonated with viewers, making him a beloved character.

Internet Sensation

As the commercial continued to air on television, Jake from State Farm’s popularity extended to the internet. Fans began creating memes, GIFs, and parody videos featuring Jake’s character. Social media platforms were flooded with references to him, and his fame transcended the confines of the commercial world.

One significant moment in Jake’s internet journey was when State Farm decided to update the commercial in 2020. While the core concept remained the same, there was a twist. Jake from State Farm was recast, and actor Kevin Mimms took over the role. This change sparked debates and discussions online about which Jake was the “real” Jake. The internet embraced the change, with countless memes and humorous takes on the situation.

A Cultural Phenomenon

Jake from State Farm is more than just an insurance agent in a commercial; he’s a cultural phenomenon. His impact goes beyond advertising and insurance. He symbolizes the unexpected places where pop culture can emerge. Even State Farm recognized the power of this character, capitalizing on his popularity by releasing merchandise featuring Jake’s likeness.

In Conclusion

From a simple insurance commercial character to a global internet sensation, Jake from State Farm has made an indelible mark on pop culture. His iconic red polo shirt and khakis have become synonymous with helpfulness and reliability. Jake reminds us that sometimes, the most unexpected characters can capture our hearts and become enduring symbols of a brand’s message.

So, the next time you hear someone say, “Uh…khakis,” or you come across a Jake from State Farm meme on the internet, remember the journey of this iconic character and how he became a beloved figure in the world of advertising and beyond.