Adamjee Notes for Class 11 Chemistry Sindh Board


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Chemistry Class 11 Sindh Board

Chemistry is the branch of science in which we study substances, elements, and compounds. In another way, you may say that chemistry is the study of the behavior and properties of matter. As it is an important subject that’s why the Sindh board includes chemistry as an elective subject for class 11. So for you as a student of class 11, it’s necessary to ace your chemistry preparation for the exam. And to help you in this preparation we are here with Adamjee notes for class 11 chemistry.

These notes are available according to the pattern and syllabus of Sindh board class 11 chemistry. In which you can get the solutions of every exercise along with the solution of numerical questions.

Adamjee Notes for Class 11 Chemistry

Chapter 1: Introduction to Fundamental Concepts of Chemistry


Chapter 2: Three States of Matter


Chapter 3: Atomic Structure 


Chapter 4: Chemical Bonding 


Chapter 5: Energetics of Chemical Reactions


Chapter 6: Chemical Equilibrium 


Chapter 7: Solution and Electrolytes


Chapter 8: Chemical Kinetics


For class 11, chemistry is not only a subject to pass in traditional exams, but for all types of entry tests like MDCAT, ECAT, etc., the chemistry portion is compulsory. Keeping in mind the importance of these subjects you have to prepare according to it.

And this is not possible without the supervision of proper notes. As good notes will provide you with all the essential material which you will need to ace your exam preparation. And for your class 11 chemistry preparation we are providing you the adamjee notes according to the paper pattern of the Sindh board.

These adamjee notes will provide you an explanation of every topic according to the chapter wise. Moreover, every topic is divided into subtopics according to the demand of the topic. In which all the important points are discussed separately.

Exercises of all chapters solved including MCQs, short questions, long questions, and numerical questions. All these solutions available for each chapter with the name of above mention.

Furthermore, you can also get the PDF files of all these adamjee notes. Not only for chemistry but you can download adamjee notes for all other subjects of class 11.