Adamjee Notes for Class 9 Computer 2022 Sindh Board


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Computer Class 9 Sindh Board

A computer is the future of the world and keeping in mind the importance of the computer, the Sindh board included it as an elective subject for class 9. And that’s why you have to prepare this subject for traditional exams like your all other subjects. Keeping this point of view in mind we are presenting you the Adamjee notes for class 9 computer 2022.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Computer


Chapter 2: Computer Components


Chapter 3: Input/Output Devices


Chapter 4: Storage Devices


Chapter 5: Data Representation


Chapter 6: Boolean Algebra


Chapter 7: Computer Software


Chapter 8: Introduction to Windows Operating System


At the Sindh Board level, class 9 is first-class, and also in this class, you have to prepare yourself for exams according to the pattern of the Sindh Board.

And to face the competition of thousands of students you have to prepare yourself more competitively. This is possible with the help of proper notes of your computer book class 9 according to the year 2022.

Adamjee Notes for Class 9 Computer 2022:

In order to achieve high in your Computer class, you need such a helping material which help you to ace your preparation.

And to provide you an authentic material for your class 9 Computer Sindh board 2022 exams we are here to provide you with the adamjee notes.

These notes are available to you according to the chapters of your class 9 computer book. As on our website we have the notes of the following chapters.

  • Introduction To Computer
  • Computer Components
  • Input/Output Devices
  • Storage Devices
  • Data Representation
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Computer Software
  • Introduction To Windows Operating System

These adamjee notes are completely according to your syllabus and in composed form. Moreover, these notes not only give you the solutions of all your required MCQs but they contain the precise solutions of all the questions of every exercise.

For your convenience, we provide these adamjee notes for class 9 computer 2022 not only chapter-wise but also in PDF Format. So that you can download and study them whenever you want.