Adamjee Islamiat Notes For Class 10 Sindh Board

Islamiat Class 10 Sindh Board

If you are a student of the Sindh board then Islamiat is a compulsory subject for you to take in class 10. This subject offers you Islamic study. So you have to get at least passing marks which are necessary for this subject. And if you want to enhance your overall grades then you have to achieve the highest marks in this subject. To keep in mind this point of view we are presenting you the adamjee Islamiat notes for class 10, Sindh Board.

Islamic Study Class 10 Hadiths Section | Sindh Board

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Islamic Study Class 10 MCQs | Sindh Board

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Islamic Study Class 10 Short Questions | Sindh Board

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Islamic Study Class 10 Thematic Study Section | Sindh Board

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Islamic Study Class 10 Translations of Selected Verses | Sindh Board

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These notes help you to achieve a high score in Islamiat or Islamic study. As these notes contain MCQs and Comprehensive detail of each and every topic for your better understanding. Multiple choice questions help you to examine your knowledge which makes your learning long-lasting.

Adamjee Islamiat Notes For Class 10:

Notes help us for better preparation of any subject and a good preparation leads good grade in exams. So for the better preparation of your Islamiat paper, we are here to provide you with the adamjee Islamiat notes for class 10.

These notes provide you with the 113 MCQs with a translation of Arabic terms in Urdu. You can also get the Thematic Study notes of all chapters of class 10 Islamiat. This thematic study notes help you with the detailed study of every topic of your book according to the chapter wise.

Not only this, but you can also get the short question of all subjects for the preparation of part A of your Islamiat paper in which you have to attempt 16 short questions compulsory.

Then you can also get the translation of selected verses and the hadiths translations in the Urdu language. All these things are the compulsory part of an Islamiat paper of Sindh board class 10. Another best thing about these notes is that you can download all these notes in PDF format. And thus you can keep them as long as you want and study them whenever you need them.