Adamjee Notes for Class 12 Urdu PDF Download Sindh Board


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Urdu Class 12 Sindh Board

Urdu is not only our national language but it is also a compulsory subject for class 12 students. According to the Sindh board, all class 12 students have to take this subject as a compulsory subject. And to get good grades essential in this subject for your overall intermediate CGPA. But this cannot be possible without the presence of good helping notes. However, we are here for presenting you with the best Adamjee notes for class 12 Urdu.

These notes will help you to master your Urdu preparation according to the Sindh Board class 12 syllabus and pattern.

Adamjee Notes for Class 12 Urdu

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If you are thinking that Urdu is our national language so you can easily get good grades in this subject in class 12, then you are mistaken. Because class 12 Urdu contains a vast syllabus according to the Sindh board pattern.

But no need to worry, because we are presenting you the best Adamjee notes for class 12. These adamjee notes completely according to the new syllabus and pattern of the Sindh Board. Moreover, these notes cover the following aspects of your Urdu subjects.

Asbaaq Ki Tashreeh And Asbaaq K KhulassayAsbaaq ki tashreeh and asbaaq k khulassay both make the important two questions of class 12 Urdu paper according to Sindh board pattern. In which you have to explain the given paragraph from the lessons.

And in the question of asbaaq k khulassay you have to write the khulassa of any one of the required lesson. And for the preparation of both these questions our Adamjee notes have detailed asbaaq ki tashreeh and also the khulassa of every lesson.

Ashaar Ki Tashreeh With Nazzam Ka Markazi Khayal: Ashaar ki tashreeh and the marakazi khyal of nazamms also make the other two questions of your class 12 Urdu paper. In which you have to explain (tashreeh) the given Ashaar. And in the question of nazzam ka markazi kyal you have to write the main theme of the required poem (nazzam).

However, you can get the adamjee notes for tashree and marakazai khayal of class 12 from our website to ace your preparation.

Moreover, the essays, MCQs, grammar, etc., also make some questions of Urdu paper. And you can get the adamjee notes for all these portions as well.

Adamjee Notes for Class 12 Urdu Free Download PDF

Not only we are presenting you the adamjee notes of Urdu for class 12 but you can also download all these notes in PDF format.