AIOU Old Past Papers for BA | Here’s Solved Past Year Papers


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Here is a comprehensive list of solved AIOU old past papers BA of all course codes. We have uploaded solved objective and subjective questions of the past papers BA so you can practice them easily and quickly. Besides this, you can download these previous year papers for free straight in your device, making your preparation easier and time saving.

All the solved objective and subjective sections of the past papers are given with their respective book codes. So, click on the respective links to get these Allama Iqbal Open University papers to make them accessible even when offline.

This way, you can get a better idea of the final paper format and prepare yourself in that specific way. Moreover, this comprehensive guide is helpful in practicing your previously learned concepts and understandings. So, download the following AIOU previous year papers to perform better than before in the final papers.

AIOU Old Past Papers BA

Allama Iqbal open university offers a 2-year BA program for students of different countries. Specific course codes are assigned to the books of the courses for convenience.  Students from distant areas and countries get enrolled in it and complete their education. As they did not attend their classes regularly like other university students so they have no idea about their final exams. In such critical circumstances, AIOU old past papers BA can be a helpful tool or practice for them.

Click the Link to Download PDF

    • 402 Economics
    • 404 Urdu
    • 405 Iqbaliat
    • 406 Economics of Pakistan
    • 407 Modern Muslim World
    • 408 Arabic
    • 409 Commercial Geography
    • 411 Sociology -I
    • 412 Social & Cultural Anthropology
    • 413 Sociology -II
    • 414 demography
    • 416 Islamiat
    • 417 Pakistan Studies
    • 418 Ethics
    • 419 Education
    • 421 Business Maths & Statistics
    • 422 Organizing Library Resources
    • 423 Library Services
    • 426 Pakistani Adab -II
    • 427 Pakistani Adab -I
    • 429 Mass Education/Literacy
    • 430 Principles of Journalism
    • 431 Reporting
    • 433 Iqbal Persian Poetry
    • 434 iqbal Urdu Prose
    • 435 English
    • 436 Seerat-e-Tayyaba
    • 437 Islamiat Elective
    • 438 Principles of Accounting
    • 439 Advertising & Sales Promotion
    • 444 Advance Accounting
    • 445 History of Urdu Adab
    • 447 Marketing Management
    • 449 Magazine Journalism
    • 451 Public Relations
    • 452 Mass Communication
    • 453 Radio Broadcasting
    • 454 TV Broadcasting
    • 455 Book Editing
    • 456 Business Taxation
    • 458 Community Development
    • 460 Mercantile Law
    • 461 Advertising
    • 462 Cost Accounting
    • 463 Fundamentals of Business
    • 464 Islami Fiqah
    • 465 Population & Development
    • 466 History of Libraries with Reference to Pakistan
    • 467 Classification & Cataloguing
    • 470 Principles of Marketing
    • 472 Quran-e-Hakim
    • 473 Hadith
    • 474 Islamic Fiqh
    • 475 Usul-e-Fiqh
    • 476 Philosophy of Islamic Gegislation
    • 481 Auditing
    • 482 Food Microbiology
    • 484 Food & Nutrition
    • 485 Health & Nutrition
    • 487 Child Development
    • 1421 Introduction to Environment
    • 1422 Environmental Pollution
    • 1423 English -I
    • 1424 English -II
    • 1425 English III (ODL)
    • 1426 English Literature
    • 1429 Business Mathematics & Statistics-I
    • 1430 Business Mathematics & Statistics-II
    • 1431 Basics of ICT

By learning and practicing these papers, students will be able to prepare themselves in the same way as the final paper format. However, authentic and reliable past year BA papers aren’t available for anyone. And sometimes, finding correct answers to the objective and subjective papers is a tiresome and time-consuming task. So, many students avoid learning these old papers to save their time.

But here, we are solving both these issues related to your education. Firstly, we are providing you with past year papers for all specific BA book codes. Secondly, we have uploaded the solved objective and subjective sections of the previous year papers so that you can practice or learn them without wasting your time.

So, click on the respective links to download these papers and learn them fully. This way, you can attempt your final upcoming BA exams in a better way. However, if you want to get AIOU old past papers of any other course programs other than BA, you can type your search query in the search box, thus you will definitely get your relevant papers.