What Are the Best Annatto Substitutes ? | Here’s 5 Best

Best Annatto Substitutes

What is annatto? Annatto is the seed that uses in foods as a spice. Its color range from yellow to orange-red. Moreover, it uses for coloring the food and to give flavor. Annatto also uses for medication. Mostly in milk to heal the wounds.

It gives relief to the patient. Likewise, the annatto taste gives nutty and floral flavor. Annatto is available in many forms as paste, powder, liquid, and also in oil form. It uses in many medicines as a treatment of anticancer. Moreover, it contains antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

If annatto did not available, then what are the best annatto substitutes? There are few substitutes for annatto that we can ue if it is not available.

Is Safflower Being the Best Substitute of Annatto Powder

Safflower is the best replacement in sense of color. But if talk about the flavor it has a big clash with annatto powder. Because its flavor is a bit rich than the annatto seeds and mild in taste. Safflower easily available in form of powder.

Moreover, if we are not able to find annatto seeds it is an excellent option at that time.

Best Other Alternatives of Annatto Powder

For the comfort of the people here, we discuss the annatto substitutes such as:

1: Paprika Powder

Paprika Powder
Paprika Powder

Paprika powder is the best alternative of annatto seeds. It is easily available in grocery shops. Moreover, paprika gives the spicy flavor and taste. It gets from ground and make it in powder form to use.

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Paprika can be sweet and spicy. But it gives the best taste to dish. Likewise, it gives red-orange color. Due to its these similar qualities it s the best replacement of annatto powder in different dishes.

2: Nutmeg Powder

Nutmeg Powder
Nutmeg Powder

Nutmeg’s gets from plants. It grows in eastern and western India. Moreover, it gets from evergreen plants. Nutmeg’s taste is sweet and warm. It is the best substitute for annatto. Nutmeg gives the orange- red color. In addition, nutmeg is so aromatic. As we use it in moderate quantity is the best replacement of annatto powder.

3: Beet Powder

Beet Powder
Beet Powder

Beet powder contains some qualities of annatto therefore we can use it instead of it. Moreover, it gets from the beetroot. After getting we dry it and then convert it into powder form. Its color is red- pink that makes it the best alternative for annatto powder.

We can easily use beet powder in crafts and different recipes.

4: Hibiscus Powder

Replacement for annatto hibiscus is also the best option. Moreover, its color is rich and high aromatic taste it contains. Hibiscus gets from plants and we dry it to make its powder. We can use it in different combiation.

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Hibiscus powder gives rich color. In addition, it makes the food spicy and lookas delicious. Due to its color it is the best substitute for annatto powder.

5: Tumeric Powder

Tumeric Powder
Tumeric Powder

Tumeric powder is also gets from plants. These plants are found in china and India. In addition, its biggest amount is found in India. Tumeric is a component of basic dishes as for curry. It is the best substitute for annatto powder concerning to color and flavor.

Moreover, its color is yellow and it belongs to the ginger family. Firstly, we get in the ginger like form then we dry it to make its powder. In wet form we can also use it. Make slice and add into dishes to make their flavors a bit different and delicious.

Can We Use Saffron Instead of Annatto Powder?

Yes, we can use saffron instead of annatto seeds. But mind it saffron is the costliest spice in all over the list. It gets from the stigmas of the crocus flower. In addition, it is too much expensive and not easy to harvest.

Saffron contains a pungent fragrance and mild iodine- like taste. But due to its smell as medicines contains iodine mostly people do not feel better to use it. Moreover, it so pinches we can only use a half teaspoon of it otherwise it gives a harsh flavor. Saffron is the best substitute because of its color and less amount.


Annatto seeds contains orange color and mostly use in rice. It originates in America and Asia. If annatto is not available, then we can easily use its replacements. Annatto substitutes use when no one can find in grocery shops or kitchen.