Will Bananas Turn Brown in The Refrigerator?

Bananas Turn Brown in The Refrigerator

Bananas are the most sensitive tropical fruits. When ripe, their texture becomes soft, and their flavor gets sweeter. But, if you have a large quantity of bananas left over, what you can do?

Have you ever kept bananas in the fridge before? And, will bananas turn brown in the refrigerator? These are few questions that arise in the minds of many people.

So, I am here to answer all these questions. Let’s read and explore more about this exotic summer fruit.

Will Bananas Turn Brown in The Refrigerator?

And, the answer to your question is yes. When you put bananas in the refrigerator, they turn brown. Actually, their outer skin becomes darker. While, their flesh still remains good and edible.

By the way, you can keep bananas fresh for almost two days in the fridge. After that, consume them in your smoothies, shakes, or other desserts before they turn brown.

And, if you want to store them for a longer time, then keep them at optimum conditions in air-tight containers.

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But why this darkening process occurs? The fact of this process lies in the natural hormone of bananas. Moreover, their peel turns dark at low temperatures due to its week cell structure.

Ethylene is a growth hormone that is secreted in bananas naturally. This hormone is also responsible for the ripening of fruit.

But, when you put them in the refrigerator, their ripening process retards. However, ethylene produces continuously which causes the breakdown of cells of banana peel. And in turn, their outer skin becomes dark.

Secondly, the structure of banana peel’s cells is week. And, at lower temperature of the fridge, they become more fragile.

Therefore, ethylene effects the cell walls and ruptures them. This also causes the darkening of bananas.

So, I hope you will understand the facts about bananas fully. So, next time, use bananas in your sweet treats before they turn brown in the refrigerator.