Can you freeze brandy cream?

freeze brandy cream

Brandy cream is a dairy product made from whipped cream, brandy and powdered sugar. This cream has a subtle brandy flavor that goes so well with desserts, puddings and holiday treats. Something about the taste of brandy adds depth and dimension to simple desserts! That’s why you can’t have enough brandy cream, especially when you’re hosting a special event.

Can you freeze brandy cream?

But what if you made too much brandy cream? Can you freeze brandy cream for future use? Whipping cream is quite delicate, so it doesn’t freeze as well. However, it is entirely possible to freeze brandy cream and retain its original texture as long as it is well prepared. When stored in the refrigerator, brandy cream will stay fresh for about a week. But its shelf life is extended to 4 to 6 months if kept in the freezer.

Maintaining the integrity of the ingredients is a must when freezing any type of cream. The freezing temperature must be kept at a constant 0° Fahrenheit, otherwise the consistency will change drastically.

Also, please keep in mind that frozen whipped cream will not whip well once it has been frozen and thawed. Something about the freezing temperatures changes the texture of the cream. Frozen distillate cream has a slightly grainy texture, but it’s still safe to eat and great for cooking or baking. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to freeze brandy cream:

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How do you freeze brandy cream?

Freezing store-bought brandy cream eliminates the need to transfer the leftovers to another container before freezing. Just stick the cream straight into the freezer, in the original packaging and so on. Just be sure to close the opening to keep the frost out. Frost destroys the texture of the brandy cream and increases the risk of separation between the ingredients. When the ice crystals melt, the cream will also become watery.

For leftovers or homemade brandy cream, you now need a rigid plastic container with a lock or airtight lid to wrap the cream for freezing. Simply pour the cream directly into the plastic container and then close the lid. Place the container in a resealable plastic bag. This provides additional protection against freeze burns. Then get a marker, write down the storage date and stick the cream in the freezer, right side up. Do not put the container on its side or the cream will spill!

How do you thaw brandy cream?

Thawing frozen brandy cream is easy, just take the container out of the freezer and let it thaw in the fridge for an hour or two. However, if you’re pressed for time, you can also let the cream thaw on your kitchen counter. Just make sure you use the cream right away. It is not advisable to leave any type of dairy product at room temperature for a long time. If the cream separates or has become watery, continue to whip the cream to combine the ingredients.

For example, if you are serving the brandy cream over a freshly baked dessert, you do not need to completely thaw the frozen brandy cream. You can top the dessert with a semi-frozen brandy cream. The heat of the baked dessert should soften the cream.


Made too much brandy cream? Thank god you can freeze the cream for future desserts! Now that you know how to freeze brandy cream, you don’t have to worry about leftover cream. You can still max out the cream at any time!