Can you freeze Brussels sprouts?

Brussels sprouts

Can you freeze Brussels sprouts? The answer is of course yes. Brussels sprouts are like any other vegetable and you can freeze them like you would any other sprouts. There are many reasons you would consider freezing Brussels sprouts.

You can buy Brussels sprouts in the summer for your winter stash, and freezing them is your best chance of surviving through the winter. Your apartment building may be far from your green grocery store and that’s why you want to reduce your trips to the store, that’s why freezing is your best bet.

Freezing Brussels sprouts preserves the freshness of the vegetable. You don’t have to throw away excess vegetables after eating. If you can’t use up the Brussels sprouts in one meal, you can freeze them and enjoy them later.

Well, freezing the Brussels sprouts is one thing, but does it really make sense to do that? Yes, because you can buy your vegetables with the intention of using them for a later day. It is common for many people to buy groceries in bulk.

Likewise, if you’re expecting visitors, it’s wise to buy your supplies for the day in advance. If Brussels sprouts are on the list, you can buy them a few days before the holiday and freeze them for the big occasion.

Many people are fine with eating frozen food, especially if they’re not too concerned about taste. Brussels sprouts will get a little mushy when thawed. If you don’t mind the taste, feel free to freeze it.

Can you freeze Brussels sprouts?

Brussels sprouts have a long shelf life, which means they can be kept for a long time without necessarily sitting in a freezer. This is the main reason some people hesitate to freeze their Brussels sprouts. Now let’s see how to freeze Brussels sprouts below:

How do you freeze Brussels sprouts?

Freezing Brussels sprouts in Brussels is not a difficult task. One must be aware of the freezing process and the rest is easy. There are different methods of freezing. You can either freeze whole or sliced ​​veggies, or freeze them for a cooked meal.

**Preparation of Brussels sprouts **

You also have the option of blanching them before freezing or freezing them without blanching. Select the firm and compact Brussels sprouts and make sure they are green. Make sure the heads and leaves are free of insects. It is important to clean them to drive away the insects or bugs hiding in the seedling.

Water for blanching the Brussels sprouts

Soak them in a salt and vinegar solution for about 30 minutes. Once you’ve eliminated the insects, cut off the heads and remove the rough outer leaves. Sort the heads by size into small, medium, and large heads.

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Water extinguish the Brussels scion. Blanch for 3 minutes for small ones, 4 minutes for medium-sized ones and 5 minutes for large ones.

Freezing these vegetables without blanching gives them a shelf life of 2 months. Blanching increases their lifespan to 12-14 months. Blanching protects your sprouts from the growth of yeast, mold, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

After blanching you are too cool by placing them in a cool water bath with ice. Store the sprouts in a resealable plastic bag or airtight plastic container, then pop in the freezer. Keep the temperature at 0oF to extend the vegetable shelf life to 12 months.

How do you thaw frozen Brussels sprouts?

The thawing process is a short process designed to soften the frozen seedlings. Brussels sprouts only take 5 minutes to defrost. The thawing process involves heating the frozen vegetables to make them suitable for consumption.

However, thawing has certain effects on Brussels sprouts. Your vegetables will have a change in texture. It loses its cracking ability and becomes tender. This may not go down well with people who are very taste conscious.

Defrosting can also cause Brussels sprouts to discolour. These vegetables can lose their distinctive green color and turn a little yellowish. Another thing that can change is the general taste. Freezing and thawing affects the overall flavor of the vegetables.

However, these changes don’t happen every time you freeze and thaw your Brussels sprouts. It all depends on the whole freezing and thawing process. In addition, they are sometimes imperceptible, and you can enjoy your entire meal without noticing a single change in the flavor or color of the Brussels sprouts.


It takes a little prep to freeze Brussels sprouts, but it’s worth the extra effort. You can maximize your favorite veggies with zero waste. Now that you know how to freeze Brussels sprouts, you no longer need to worry about your excess veggies. Just pop it in the freezer for later use, it’s that simple!