Can you freeze marble cake? So it stays juicy!

Can you freeze marble cake

Marble cake freezes without any problems. In this article, you will learn how Can you freeze marble cake and what you need to consider so that the thawed cake still tastes as delicious as it was freshly baked.

Can you freeze marble cake?

Marble cake is a batter cake and is very easy to freeze. Most importantly, freeze it free of air as much as possible, so the batter will retain its flavor and texture for 4 months. Marble cake with fruit also freezes well.

So if you have leftovers or baked a lot in advance, there is nothing wrong with freezing the cake and eating it later. This gives it a longer shelf life and you can also portion it before freezing it so that you can thaw it again in the desired quantities.

Can you freeze marble cake with chocolate icing?

You can freeze cakes with chocolate frosting but be prepared for the frosting to change as it thaws. It can either become damp, slightly discolored, or crumble. The taste of the chocolate icing will not change when it freezes.

Chocolate glaze consists of chocolate and fat content. The greyish discoloration is due to the fact that these parts separate from each other, especially during longer storage, and this becomes visible when the food is thawed. This does not change the taste and quality of the marble cake.

Also, as the cake thaws, moisture is released. This can lead to water droplets forming on the chocolate icing and making it look less attractive. These droplets can easily be dabbed off with a piece of kitchen paper.

Can you freeze store-bought marble cake?

Store-bought marble cake can be frozen just like homemade cake. The differences in the recipe are not large. Just like marble cake from your own oven, it should be portioned beforehand and packed airtight and can then be placed in the freezer.

You can wrap up a piece of marble cake from the bakery straight away and freeze it. If the cake comes from the supermarket, it still has to be divided into portions and can then be frozen and thawed like any other sponge cake.

Chocolate icing is like homemade icing – the flavor doesn’t change, but depending on how long it’s been stored, it could crumble or show signs of moisture when thawing.

How do you freeze marble cake?

Marble cake keeps best frozen when wrapped airtight. Aluminum or cling film, freezer bags or an airtight bread box are suitable for this.

Good preparation is important so that the cake tastes good afterward. First, it has to be completely cool, you can’t put warm cakes in the freezer just yet. Then cut the fresh but cooled marble cake into slices and pack them airtight. To do this, either wrap them very tightly in foil, pack them in portions in freezer bags or put the pieces in an airtight box.

If using bags, squeeze out the air before sealing. You have to fill a box full and separate the individual pieces with baking paper. The less air there is, the better the marble cake will taste afterward.

If you want to freeze marble cake with fruit, you should avoid aluminum foil, otherwise, aluminum could be leached out of the foil by the fruit acid.

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When should you freeze marble cake?

The best time to freeze is when the marble cake is still as fresh as possible. You should freeze homemade marble cake as soon as it has cooled down, and store-bought ones as soon as possible after purchase.

This way you will preserve the marble cake as it is now. If it’s already dried, you can still pack it airtight and freeze it, but the dryness would be back after thawing.

If you left the marble cake outside a little too long, it is better to cut off the dry front piece and treat yourself to it as a little refreshment when freezing the remaining, still-moist cake.

What happens when you freeze marble cake?

During freezing, the moisture-containing components of the marble cake are cooled down to temperatures at which they can no longer decompose. The cake will keep without changing its shape and consistency.

Unfortunately, sponge cakes often taste sandy and dry, but if they are good, they still contain some moisture. This is what freezing is all about. These are the perishable ingredients, which also dry out quickly in the air, eventually turning even the moistest, tastiest marble cake into a mountain of sand.

In the freezer, the moist components are frozen and thus preserved. Ice crystals must not form, because then the cake will be overlaid and would become soggy when thawed. If it was packed airtight, that doesn’t happen either.

How long does frozen marble cake keep in the freezer?

Frozen marble cake will keep in the freezer for up to four months. After that, it should be thawed and eaten, otherwise, the flavor may be lost.

Even after this time you can thaw it and see the result. It can be eaten in the freezer for up to a year. From now on, however, it is very likely that it will hardly taste like cake at all. In addition, after four months at the latest, you will notice optical changes in the chocolate icing that no longer look nice. The marble cake is definitely no longer suitable for guests.

How do you defrost marble cake?

Allow up to 5 hours to air-thaw the marble cake. If you are in a hurry, you can also defrost the marble cake in the microwave.

To thaw it slowly in the open air, first, take the marble cake out of its packaging and place it where it won’t be in the way. Don’t let it thaw in its wrapper, as this allows moisture to form and the cake will become soggy. You can simply dab off small drops on the glaze with a piece of kitchen paper.

You can also defrost the cake in the microwave for 5 minutes at around 360 watts. Cover it with a microwavable lid beforehand, then check to make sure it’s completely thawed.

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Can you refreeze thawed marble cake?

You can also refreeze a marble cake once it has been thawed. You do this the same way you did the first time: wrap it airtight and freeze it as soon as possible so that the taste does not suffer. If you want to freeze the cake again, you shouldn’t leave it out in the air for too long, otherwise, it can become dry.

How long does marble cake take to defrost?

A marble cake takes about 3-5 hours to fully defrost. It can go in the microwave in as little as 5 minutes once you’ve positioned it into pieces.

Conclusion: Freeze marble cake

Marble cake is wonderful to bake and freeze in advance, even with icing. The key is to freeze it as fresh as possible and wrap it airtight to preserve flavor and texture. Even a chocolate glaze survives this process if done correctly. After 4 months, however, it should have been eaten, otherwise, it no longer tastes freshly baked.