Can you freeze uncooked rice?

uncooked rice

For most people, rice is life and a meal is not complete without it. In the US, long-grain white rice and brown rice are the two most popular types of rice consumed by millions of Americans.

Rice is plentiful in most regions, and luckily, this grain is so easy to store, cooked or uncooked! You can freeze uncooked rice in its own wrapper or in a freezer-safe container.

Can you freeze uncooked rice?

Because uncooked rice is freezer-friendly, the texture will not change after cooking the thawed rice. When stored in the freezer, uncooked rice can be kept for up to 18 months. However, the USA Rice Federation recommends consuming frozen rice within six months for best results.

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How do you freeze uncooked rice?

Uncooked rice is best frozen by packing each serving in a box or rigid plastic container. You want to make sure the uncooked rice is free of moisture before packing.

First, the rice is placed in a freezer-safe container and sealed tightly. If the fresh rice is still in the original packaging, you can throw the rice in the original packaging directly into the freezer.

After you wrap the rice, get a marker and label the wrapper with the date. Lay the container flat in the freezer for quick thawing.

How do you thaw frozen uncooked rice?

The best way to thaw frozen uncooked rice is to transfer the container from the freezer to the refrigerator and allow the grain to thaw for several hours. You can also place the container under running water to defrost, but make sure the lid is airtight and secure.

Finally, you can also defrost the rice at room temperature by simply placing the container on the table and letting it defrost for a few hours.


Rice is easy to store and even easier to cook. Now that you know how to properly store fresh rice, you can save a large batch of this grain and enjoy it for future meals!