Can you freeze whipped cream?

whipped cream

Whipped cream, just the mention of whipped cream conjures up visions of delicious desserts. But what if you can’t eat it all, you can freeze whipped cream? The answer to the creamy question is YES, you can freeze them.

Real whipped cream is NOT what spits out of the cans you find on the milk aisle at your local grocery store. Taking care when preparing the whipped cream spread is important as it will affect how your spread looks, tastes and, yes, how it freezes.

To make whipped cream that will set when frozen, you need to use a high-quality, heavy cream. Trying to use a cream with less than 30% fat or substituting half and half just won’t work.

How can whipped cream be frozen?

A few suggestions or information points about whipped cream are good to know to help you understand just how wonderfully tender whipped cream is and the care required when freezing and thawing. Below is a guide on how to freeze whipped cream:

Production of the whipped cream

A basic whipping cream recipe involves mixing together 1 cup of the heavy cream, 3 to 4 tablespoons of confectioner’s sugar (white powdered sugar), and finally 1 teaspoon of vanilla.

The heavy cream needs to be really cold, and the mixing bowl that makes it up needs to be really cold as well. You need to whisk or whip the cream in the cold mixing bowl until fluffy and light, then you can add the sugar and vanilla. Now your fresh homemade whipped cream is ready to serve or can be kept cold in the fridge or frozen for a few days!

Preparation of whipped cream for freezing

Use a few kitchen basics to prep your whipped cream for freezing; a metal cookie sheet, a rubber bowl scraper, possibly a spatula, wax paper, or a thin plastic prep board.

Line your cookie box with the wax paper or place the plastic prep board directly on top of the cookie box. The metal cookie sheet will get colder than the plastic board, and you’ll need the chill to set your whipped cream.

Using your rubber spatula, scoop serving-sized blobs of whipped cream onto the cookie sheet using wax paper or parchment paper. Use a knife or the squeegee to form little swirls and spikes, this is what your dolls will look like after freezing. Do not place the icing directly on the cookie sheet as the whipped cream will stick or be very difficult to remove.

Shock freezing of the whipped cream

Place the entire cookie sheet in the fridge for at least thirty minutes to allow the whipped cream to get really cold and firm to the touch.

Freezing the whipped cream

Take out the whipped cream dolls one at a time and place in an airtight sealed food storage container. In fact, you should be able to easily peel the cream tarts off the wax paper. If necessary, use a spatula gently.

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How do you thaw frozen whipped cream?

Thawing frozen whipped cream is so easy. Thaw just a single teaspoon of your whipped cream or the entire container by placing the frozen whipped cream in the fridge for about thirty minutes. Every single teaspoon is ready to be carefully placed directly on the dessert of your choice.


This guide will teach you how to make your own whipped cream from scratch and store it properly. Now that you know how to freeze whipped cream, you can maximize leftover cream for later. Use your leftovers to top off your favorite desserts!