Do French Fries Go Bad If Left Out?

French Fries Go Bad If Left Out

French fries are the favorite of many people around the world. However, French fries are the deep fry form of potatoes baton shape. And you can fry them according to your taste and need. As, many people fry them without any coating. In contrast, many people like to use different coatings like corn flour, crumbs, etc. As all these coatings use to increase the taste and get a crispy texture of fries. But, how do we keep fries safe if we left some. Do French fries go bad if left out? How we can keep cooked and uncooked fries safe.

If you are interested in knowing about this, then navigate this article as I will explain this. Not only this but I’ll provide you some additional tips to keep your French fries healthy and safe.

Do French Fries Go Bad If Left Out?

However, the answer to this question is dependent on many factors. So let’s have a look at all these factors one by one.

Firstly, if you left your cooked French fries out for a whole night, then they surely go dab to eat. As they cooked left out, fries developed bacteria and other germs that can give you food poisoning.

Secondly, if you left your uncooked fries in refrigerator without any seal, then their taste and texture surely go bad. You have to keep fries safe and sound for about 3-5months in the refrigerator if you packed them well.

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And also, don’t let expose freeze fries into the air again and again. For that, the best thing you can do is to make small packets of fries and use one of them when needed. In this way, you can save your French fries from going bad.

Moreover, cooked French fries will be edible if you keep them in the refrigerator with the following precautions:

  • Keep them in air-tight plastic bags.
  • Freeze them well, and don’t let their temperature fluctuate so easily.

With these precautions you can store your French fries without going it bad.

How Long Can You Left French Fries Without Going Bad?

Let’s discuss it in the case of both cooked and uncooked fries. Uncooked fries can be safe at room temperature for 1-2 hours.

However, you can keep them longer but try not to. As, several bacteria and germs develop on the. And also, their moisture tends to dry if you open them to air for long time.

And cooked fries, I don’t think that you have to keep them at room temperature even for one hour. However, there are several reasons behind it. The first and most important is the development of bacteria.

And the second important reason is the taste. Because if you keep French fries at room temperature, their taste will not be the same as the initial one.

That’s why try not to keep French fries at room temperature for a long time if you want them not to go bad for the next meal.