Can You Eat Dove Eggs? | Benefits of Eating Dove Eggs


Like pigeons, doves are also a sign of peace and prosperity, and they know because of this symbol for centuries. However, many people like to have them as pet birds, and many people around the world like to eat their meat as well. As their meat is nutritious for us and also has a certain taste. But with their meat, can you eat dove eggs?

And like their meat, are dove eggs also healthy for us? If you are interested to know about it, then navigate this article. As in this article, I’m exploring these questions. So let’s start.

However, if you are asking about eating dove eggs, then you can. Yes, you can eat dove eggs. However, dove eggs are not only edible, but they also have certain essential nutrients for us. For example, sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, proteins, etc.

Can You Eat Dove Eggs?

As dove meat is edible for humans similarly, we can eat their eggs too. As their eggs are also offered several nutrition’s for us. However, dove eggs are smaller in size as compared to chickens.

Moreover, you can consume dove eggs in all recipes in which you can use chicken eggs. For example, you can make their omelet, use them in toast making, and even you can eat boiled dove as well, just like chickens.

But one thing you have to keep in mind is that as dove eggs are smaller in size than chicken eggs, you have to use them in more quantity than the chicken’s eggs.

However, eggs of all birds are edible for humans rather than those birds which are toxic for us. And the following birds fall in the list of poisonous birds for humans,

Pitohui, Ifrita, And Rufous:

These birds are known as toxic for humans as they carry batrachotoxin in their skin and feathers. However, this toxin is considered as extremely poisonous. And it is present in certain frogs as well.

European Quail:

This European quail bird is also toxic for humans. So their eggs are also not edible to humans. As these toxic elements for their safety as well. As, many predators don’t hunt them to avoid poison.

What Do Doves Eggs Taste Like?

Dove eggs are quite nutritious, just like chicken eggs. As they contain a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, proteins, sodium, fats, and calories as well. Moreover, these eggs are lesser in calories than chickens. So you can also make them as a chicken egg alternative during your weight loss journey.

However, as the dove egg has the same nutrients as chicken eggs, they are also almost similar in taste to chicken eggs. But eating dove eggs will give you more delicate flavor than chickens.

Can You Eat a Dove?

Yes, dove’s meat is edible to humans, and around the world, people used to eat them for centuries. Not only this, but in some countries hunting a dove is legal as well. However, dove meat is notorious for humans as well.

As a dove meat is also a good source of saturated fats, proteins, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. Moreover, the dove’s meat is also a source of essential minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.

So, if you eat dove meat, then it can fulfill your body’s daily needs very well. However, people around the world used to eat dove’s meat for centuries.

What Does Dove Meat taste Like?

However, dove’s meat is leaner meat than chicken’s meat. And the reason behind it is that dove’s meat has a lower concentration of fatty oils as compared to chicken’s meat.

Not only this dove’s meat different in texture as compared to chicken’s meat due to high proteins concentration.

However, the meat has a similar look to any other bird’s meat, but its texture and taste are denser than the chicken’s meat.

Which Animals Can Eat Dove Eggs?

As dove birds have predators, similarly their eggs also have predators. And several animals can prey on the dove’s eggs. For example, cats, rats, snacks, corvids, etc., are the predators of dove eggs.

However, not only eggs but snacks and cats can eat doves as well when they get the appropriate chance to do so. Moreover, as birds are unable to carry their eggs, so they are easy and healthier meal them.

Are All Eggs Are Edible?

However, the answer is yes for those birds whose meat is also edible. So it stands that the birds whose meat is edible for humans their eggs are also edible for humans. Not only this but like birds meat gives you healthy nutrients similarly their eggs are also beneficial for us.

Moreover, eggs of domestic birds like pigeons, doves, robins, ducks, goose, quails, canaries, parrots, etc., are edible. Furthermore, eggs of birds like turkey and ostrich are also edible.

However, you have to avoid the eggs of few birds as well. As I earlier mentioned that some birds are poison to humans. Because they carry toxic elements in their feathers and skin as well. So we also have to avoid eating their eggs.

As their eggs are not edible and poisonous to humans. However, you also have to avoid eating the eggs of vultures. As these birds used to eat dead bodies of flesh, that’s why to avoid any health threat, and you don’t have to eat their eggs and meat as well.

Can You Eat Pigeons Eggs?

Yes, you can eat pigeon’s eggs as their meat and eggs both are edible to humans. However, the eggs of almost all birds are edible rather than just poisonous birds.

However, pigeon’s eggs are similar in shape to the chicken’s eggs but with a pointing shape. But their taste is not similar to chicken’s meat. As pigeon’s eggs have a rubberier taste than chickens eggs.

Moreover, the whitish part becomes almost transparent after boiling, and the yolk is a bit larger than the chicken.

However, it’s completely up to you which bird’s egg you like to eat and in which recipe you want to use.

What Is the Difference Between Pigeons and Dove?

However, both pigeons and doves belong to the same family named Columbidae. As this contains almost 300 species and pigeons and doves are one of them.

However, belonging to the same family, both these birds have significant differences in appearance. As doves are smaller in size as compare to pigeons. Because pigeons are quite big than doves. Moreover, doves don’t constantly make sounds like pigeons.

Another noticeable difference is their color, as pigeons may have white, black, and grey colors. While doves commonly have a brown color. And this is the common difference among them.

Final Thoughts:

However, until now, you people have a clear idea about that, can you eat dove eggs? As, we can eat dove eggs as eating dove’s eggs also give us necessary nutrients. However, dove meat is also edible and healthy for us at the same time.

Moreover, eating dove eggs gives you essential nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, sodium, etc. Not only this, but you can also use them in several recipes like the chicken’s eggs. However, dove eggs are smaller than chicken eggs.