Evaporated Milk Vs Powdered Milk | Here’s 5 Differences


Both evaporated milk and powdered milk are processed in different ways and are essential for adding the goodness of milk to our routine food. Sometimes, we prefer one in our food recipes, while sometimes it’s the other version of milk, making our dishes creamy and delicious. But have you ever thought what is the difference between evaporated and powdered milk? Or simply, evaporated milk vs powdered milk.

Can you substitute one milk for the other in your favorite sweet treats? Why are there two kinds of milk, or is anyone is better than the other version? Which type of milk goes best in which kind of recipe? All the answers to these questions are coming right ahead, so know the detailed facts here.

Evaporated Milk Vs Powdered Milk

Both powdered and evaporated milk are processed differently and go great in specific food dishes. As these are processed and have a little or no moisture, their shelf life is significantly more than fresh milk.

Both are conveniently available in the markets and superstores and seem good substitutes for fresh liquid milk. However, they differ from each other in several aspects. For instance, the final processed form of evaporated milk is liquid, while powdered milk is in the form of dry powder.

In addition, they also have different flavor and mouthfeel, thus giving the respective dish all it needs. Powdered milk has a mild sweet flavor, but evaporated milk tastes sweeter and caramelized due to more lactose.

What Is Evaporated Milk?

Evaporated milk or unsweetened condensed milk is a product having about 60% removed water from the fresh, skim, or whole milk. Unlike its name, evaporated milk is a liquid but not a dry powder.

Evaporated Milk

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Firstly, the whole milk is homogenized, canned, and heated to preserve it. During its preservation and sterilization process, it loses its moisture content. The product is then sealed entirely and sold as-is.

As such kind of milk requires heat for preserving, so its lactose begins to caramelize, giving it a sweeter and more cooked flavor than powdered milk.

What Is A Powdered Milk?

Powdered milk is in a dry or a powder form having no water and moisture. It’s the fresh dairy milk that is dried to such extent and thus converted into a powder form. The moisture and water are totally evaporated by direct heat resulting in solid granules of milk.

Powdered Milk

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Powdered milk has a higher shelf life than evaporated milk because of no moisture. Moreover, it has a more concentrated flavor that may or may not be towards the sweet side.

Evaporated Milk Is More On Sweet Side

Evaporated milk has a more cooked and caramelized flavor as it involves a slow cooking method. On heating, lactose begins to caramelize slowly, giving the milk a sweeter taste.

While on the other hand, powdered milk involves direct heat and converts quickly into a powder, so its flavor isn’t as sweet as the former one.

Evaporated Milk Goes Best In Sore Recipes

Evaporated milk for its sweet flavor tone goes best in sore recipes, giving them a delicious, creamy, and sweet mouthfeel. For instance, it pairs up great in pies, fudges, and puddings.

Besides this, it also gives a creamy deliciousness to savory sauces, dressings, and other typical side dishes.

However, powdered milk is more concentrated and less sweet in taste, thus goes great in coffee, yogurt, curds, and other sweet treats.

Both Versions Of Milk Last Longer

Since both versions of fresh milk are commercially processed and preserved thus have no bacteria and excessive moisture for microbial growth. Therefore, they store very well for a long time.

They can last good for about months and even years. Usually, their best by date is 20 to 24 months for powdered milk and 10 to 12 months for evaporated milk.

However, they must be stored in cool and dry places far away from the direct sun rays. At room temperature, you can also keep them in the pantry, food cabinets, or cupboards.

You Can Get Fresh Milk From Both Kinds

Evaporated and powdered milk can turn into fresh milk, but the product won’t taste just like fresh dairy milk. However, it would be best to use it as a substitute for whole milk in certain desserts.

Take 1:3 powdered milk to water to make liquid milk. Here’s you need to stir the paste well and let it cool for a few hours.

However, mix 1:1 evaporated milk to water and get liquid milk, ready to use in your favorite desserts.

Can You Substitute Evaporated Milk For Powdered Milk?

Yes, you can use them interchangeably in your beloved sweet treats, but you have to be careful in their measurements. Since evaporated milk is a liquid and powdered milk is dry, so they work differently because of their different moisture content.

To substitute evaporated milk, use 1:1 dry milk and water. Add the dry milk to slightly warm water and mix it well. After that, allow the final paste to set a little bit and get its texture similar to evaporated milk.

Similarly, if you want to substitute powdered milk, working could be challenging for you. But keep in mind that you can not evaporate the liquid milk into a powder, so try to cut down the moisture level of the recipe by either using less water or other juicy ingredients.

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Where You Can Use Evaporated Milk Or Powdered Milk?

Both versions of milk can be used in a variety of different ways. But it’s totally up to you what you’ve already planned for and what you really want to enjoy.

So, after discussing evaporated milk vs powdered milk facts, here we are going to share a few delicious ideas to take the quick start. So, let’s see.

Get A Delicious Caramel By Heating Evaporated Milk

Since evaporated milk has a significant content of sugar, so it starts to be caramelized on heating. The more you cook, the more sugar will caramelize and develop a nice texture as well as flavor.

Try to use the sweetened version of milk as it contains more sugar to be cooked and converted into caramel. So, take a pot filled with water and put the evaporated milk can into it. After that, cover the pot and allow it to simmer on a low flame.

This procedure can last for 4 hours, but you can get amazingly delicious caramel at the end. This way, you can make your own mouth-watering caramel ready to add as a topping on your favorite desserts.

Add Evaporated Milk In Place Of Cream

You can replace cream with evaporated milk in a number of different sweet treats. And the only difference is that milk is sweeter than cream, and you cannot whip it as cream. But it goes well in coffee, curd, yogurt, and other sweet creations.

Add Dry Milk To Baked Items

Dry milk finds its applications in baked items. Since it doesn’t dilute the recipe ingredients, so it adds a creamy milk sensation without incorporating liquid milk.

Powdered milk gives a nice flavor and rise cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and bread loaves.

Mix Dry Milk Into Puddings And Creams

To enhance the flavor profile of your beloved dessert, try to mix dry milk with cream. This way, you can give your dish extra sweet oomph without using typical sugar.

Besides this, you can also add powdered milk while preparing cheesecakes, pies, and puddings. And you’ll notice the enhanced flavor and much better texture of the final product.

So, here you know some interesting evaporated milk vs powdered milk facts. You can use them interchangeably, but they are different from each other and work differently in food recipes.