How To Fix Soggy French Toast? Here’s 5 Simple Ways

How To Fix Soggy French Toast

Everyone wants to start a day with a fine slice of eggy or French toast, as its delicious creamy goodness makes the whole day. That’s why French toast has now become a staple breakfast. It’s a dish or simply a luscious transformation of leftover bread into something more exciting and worth eating. However, many people ending up just with a soggy pile of toast. But how to fix soggy French toast?

French toast is meant to be golden brown and crispy from the exterior and creamy or fluffy from the interior. It’s a dish that everyone can make, but not everyone can make it perfectly and appropriately. So, the questions may be why your French toast turns soggy and how can you fix it? Which mistakes do you make while preparing French toast? All this and many more come right up here. So, get your detailed answers from this guide and follow to make a deliciously crispy, creamy, and fluffy toast every time.

How To Fix Soggy French Toast?

There could be a number of reasons why your French toast turns soggy but not crispy. For instance, you may not choose the right bread or use fresh and thin slices of bread.

And maybe you’re soaking bread too long in custard or adding too much dairy in an eggy custard. Additionally, there’s may be a chance that you’re not cooking toast enough.

So, you have to fix such mistakes to get a delicious crispy masterpiece on your breakfast table. Try the following tips when you want to enjoy your beloved French toast recipe.

  • Start with good French toast bread instead of too thin or flimsy bread slices.
  • Consider the right egg to milk ratio in custard.
  • Soak the bread for about 5 to 10 minutes to get a creamier interior with a nice outer crispness.
  • Mix some butter with vegetable oil to sauté the bread.
  • Cook your toast on medium heat for uniform cooking.

So, let’s discuss them one by one so that you can get a better idea to cook French toast like a chef.

Start With a Right French Toast Bread

The first step of getting the right French toast is the proper selection of bread. Choose slightly sweet versions of bread like brioche, challah, croissants, and baguette as these all work wonderfully. However, day-old bread makes the whole recipe as it soaks the creamy goodness of eggy custard well.

Secondly, it’s the thickness of the bread that matters a lot. Don’t use too thin or flimsy bread slices as they’ll lose the characteristic toast bite full of creamy goodness. And it may also not be able to soak enough custard, and disintegrate in your hands. So, make sure you start with minimum of one-inch bread slices or two-inch to get better results.

Don’t use the white sandwich bread to make French toast as it will ruin the whole dish for its flimsy thin nature. Similarly, avoid fresh slices of bread and always choose a day-old bread to end up with a beloved dream recipe.

Many people make mistakes while choosing bread and thus get only soggy toast bites at the end. But if you’re also making such mistakes, fix them to avoid soggy French toast.

Consider The Egg to Milk Ratio in A Custard

Custard is the whole base of French toast giving it a fine crisp and tender richness that you can feel in every toast bite. And we all know that egg and milk are the main ingredients of the batter, bestowing creamy and fluffy texture to toast.

So, keep an eye on egg to milk ratio in a custard. Your French toast maybe soggy just because you add too much milk than eggs to the batter. Therefore, bread slices soak too much milk leading to a soggy pile of toast.

So, use whole milk that’s full of fatty content to fix the soggy French toast. Add ¼ cup of milk per egg to make a perfect custard. Make sure that you mix the whole mixture thoroughly as it will ensure the uniform coating on bread slices.

Avoid Over-Soaking or Under-Soaking of Bread Slices

Over-soaking and under-soaking of bread slices is another mistake that many people make while making their dream French toasts. Many people quickly dip the bread slices in custard and transfer them to the pan to avoid great hassle just because of time shortage.

Remember that each side of bread needs to soak enough creaminess of custard that enriches its interior and end up with a tasty mouthfeel. So, be patient at this stage and let your bread in custard for 5 to 10 minutes.

And at the same time, many people soak their bread too much in the custard and as a result bread becomes too wet and soggy. So, soak the bread slices until they draw enough creamy moisture and flavor.

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Don’t Cook French Toast Only in Butter

You’ll end up with soggy bread slices even after following all the above rules, check your way of cooking. Don’t cook bread slices only in butter as it has a low smoke point and begins to smoke or burn while leaving bread undercooked.

So, next time mix some butter with vegetable oil and then start your cooking. This cooking spin will ensure the proper cooking, and there’s no more soggy French toast. In short, it’s a great way to fix soggy cooking of toast.

Fix Your Soggy French Toast by Cooking It on Medium Heat

Cooking toast on high flame will caramelize sugar too quickly leading to burnt or soggy edges with an undercooked interior. Similarly, cooking on low flame makes your dream recipe too dry, and thus, you’ll lose the delicate creamy central bite.

Therefore, it’s always better to cook on medium flame to get crispy outside yet creamier soft central toast bite.

However, pre-heat the cooking pan before transferring bread slices to it. If the pan isn’t hot enough to hold the custardy coating of toast, you’ll end up with an unwanted soggy bottom foot of custard under bread slices.

Few Tips to Get the Best French Toast

Slice your bread manually instead of getting already prepared bread. This way, you can get perfectly sliced bread that’s not too thick or thin to ruin the whole dish.

Avoid using cold dairy products such as eggs or milk as they’ll give custard a grainy texture instead of the desired creaminess.

Use only egg yolks and skip egg whites in toast custard to avoid eggy taste or flavor.

Use finely grounded sugar to custard instead of granulated sugar to get smooth creamy batter. However, you can also replace sugar with liquid sweeteners such as maple syrup or honey.

Add seasonings such as cinnamon or a bit of vanilla essence or extract to make the custard flavorful.

And follow all the above instructions to get the best French toast direct into your plate with extra oomph and flavor.

So, How to Fix Soggy French Toast?

You can enjoy your dream recipe by taking a day-old bread with one- or two-inch thickness. Prepare custard and keep an eye on egg to milk ratio. Don’t add too much milk rather ¼ cup of milk is enough for one egg. Don’t oversoak or under soak the bread as it will end up either too soggy or dry at all. Use a mixture of butter and vegetable oil for cooking and cook the bread on a medium flame. Thus, if you’re doing mistake at any stage of either preparation of ingredients or cooking, fix it to avoid soggy French toast.