Why Is My Fried Rice Mushy? How Can You Fix Mushy Rice?


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Why Is My Fried Rice Mushy

Rice is a food that is widely eaten around the world in different forms. As there are numerous recipes available around the world in which rice uses, and fried rice is one of them. However, cooking a rice dish needs proper attention as with a bit of negligence, the rice can be overcooked or remain uncooked. Not only this, but rice can be mushy if you don’t know how to cook them. So let’s dig about why is my fried rice mushy?

However, you can get mushy fried rice due to several reasons. For example, if you don’t know how to make fried rice properly, then it is possible that you will end up with mushy fried rice. And if you didn’t use the proper pot or overfilled the pot, unfortunately, you will end up with mushy fried rice.

Not only this, but several other factors can affect your rice. And there are many other things that you have to take into account during cooking fried rice. So that’s why now let’s have a closer that why our fried rice gets mushy. And also, why is fried rice at restaurants better than fried rice at home.

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Why Is My Fried Rice Mushy?

However, rice is on the list of most edible food around the world. However, there are numerous rice recipes around the world to prepare rice for eating, and fried rice is one of them. As you can use cooked rice as well to prepare fried rice.

In which you have to take cooked rice and other ingredients like different vegetables, and then cook them together to get fried rice. Moreover, you can prepare fried rice from uncooked rice as well. But for that, you have to take some other measures so that you don’t get mushy rice.

Because you will get mushy rice if you don’t remove starch from them properly. Moreover, if you are using fresh rice for fried rice, then you will also get mushy rice at the end. However, now let’s have a closer look at why my fried rice is mushy?


If you are making fried rice from the cooked rice, then you don’t have to cook them for a long time, but instead of it, you have to steam them. And the only thing you have to cook well is all the ingredients you want in your fried rice. However, these ingredients can be different vegetables and meat.

So cook these vegetables at first and then add cooked rice, after that steam them. Because of steam, you will not get mushy fried rice.

And if you are making fried rice from uncooked rice, you have to take care of the water and rice portion. Because if you add more water to your rice, then the rice becomes mushy.

That’s why to make fried rice from uncooked rice, keep the 1:1.5 rice and water ratio rather than 1:2 ratios, which we usually use for rice cooking.

Using Fresh Rice:

Fresh rice will always give you mushy rice because new rice has a lot of moisture in them. And in this case, if you want to use less water technique, then it also doesn’t work. As it makes the inner of the rice uncooked. Moreover, steaming fresh rice to separate them will also be of no use.

That’s why make sure that you’re using old rice instead of fresh rice. Not only this, make sure that you are not stirring the rice too much as it is also the reason for mushy rice. Furthermore, use the properly insulated pot with a good lid.

Too Much Moisture In The Ingredients:

As we already discussed that too much moisture in the fresh rice will always give you mushy fried rice. Similarly, too much water in the ingredients you are using for fried rice can provide you with mushy fried rice.

However, if you use such ingredients that leave too much moisture like veggies, meat, onion, and mushrooms, they will give you mushy rice. Moreover, to avoid mushy fried rice, you cannot prevent these ingredients, but one thing you surely can do.

At first, cook properly all the ingredients you want in your fried rice and then mix rice with them. However, don’t be afraid of dry dried rice because in the end, you will add some moisture to them via soy sauce.

Small Pan Or Pot:

If you use a small pan or your pan is too much crowding with ingredients, then you will surely end up with mushy fried rice. However, many people face this problem because sometimes they want to make a big meal, but if you are doing this, it affects your dish’s taste.

Not only this, but all the ingredients might not be getting proper heat during cooking, and even at the end, when you add soy sauce, you are also unable to stir them well. Furthermore, you will become unable to dry the moisture if ingredients are properly.

That’s why avoid using a small pan or pot when you want to make fried rice. However, you can use a wok for it as they are deep and wide enough to cook a good meal.

How Do You Fix Mushy Rice?

However, cooking rice is not a tough task, but sometimes you can get results out of your taste, and it is pretty natural. Similarly, if you get mushy fried rice, we can handle them with some tricks. However, even many people suggest that we cannot save mushy rice as they become moisture-rich.

But there are several ways with which you can save your mushy fried rice. So now, let’s have a closer look at which you can keep your mushy fried rice.


To save your mushy fried rice, you can use the microwave. As microwave helps to dry out all the moisture from the rice. However, you have to spread mushy fried rice on a baking sheet and then put them into the microwave.

Moreover, set their microwave time according to the moisture available but make sure to keep your microwave on a low setting.


This is another way to save your mushy fried rice. However, refrigeration helps you to dry them, and you can refrigerate them according to your need. Moreover, microwave them whenever you have to serve them.

Rice Pudding:

However, this is a method in which you have to make mushy rice mushier. Yes, if you get mushy rice, add more water to make a rice pudding of them. But this method is proper when you have mushy white rice instead of fried rice.

Removing Starch:

It is not always true that you will get mushy rice because it adds more water during cooking or the vegetables that leave too much water. But you can get mushy rice if you didn’t remove their starch correctly before cooking.

Because starch in rice can give them a greasy and mushy texture with water during cooking. That’s why make sure that you remove starch properly from rice before cooking them. Moreover, don’t stir the rice too much as it can break the rice grains and cause mushiness.

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Ways Of Getting The Perfect Fried Rice:

Some several tips and tricks can help you of getting perfect fried rice. So now let’s have a closer look at them.

Use Of Wok:

The wok is a pot with a deep and wide bowl-shaped pan. This pan will help you get perfect fried rice as it has enough area to mix all the ingredients easily. Not only this, woks are allowed to remove the moisture quickly and adequately. Furthermore, the wide wok’s area allowed you to stir the rice properly without any issue.

Separately Cook Each Ingredient:

Cooking all the ingredients separately can make your fried rice perfect. And for that, you have to cook vegetables and meat individually and in the last mix rice with them.

However, many people used to cook all the ingredients together to make leady mushy rice as every ingredient needs a different time to cook properly. That’s why make sure to cook meat and vegetables separately and in the last mix rice.

Hazards Of Eating Overcooked Rice:

However, overcooking is terrible not only for rice but for every food. Because overcooking destroys all the essential nutrients in the rice. That’s why overcooked rice can be hazardous for our health. So now, let’s have a look at how overcooked rice can pose health issues to us.

Destruction of Amino Acids:

Amino acids are the basis of proteins that are necessary for our body’s health. But overcooking can break these amino acids and make them less available in the food. And food with a deficiency of amino acids can cause a sleeping disorder.


Moreover, overcooking makes food indigestible because overcooking destroys all those enzymes that are helpful in digestion. As each food has a specific amount of digestion enzymes and fibers that are useful for indigestion. But overcooking can destroy these enzymes and make the food hard to digest.

A Final Thought:

Hope so until now, you people will get a clear idea of why is my fried rice mushy? However, several factors can be responsible for your mushy fried rice. As the use of fresh rice can make your fried rice mushy because new rice has more moisture than old rice.

However, not removing starch from uncooked rice before cooking can lead to mushy fried rice. Moreover, if your pot is crowded with ingredients, then you will also get mushy rice.

Furthermore, continuous stirring can make mushy fried rice. That’s why avoid all these mistakes so that you can get delicious and separate fried rice.