Granadilla Vs Passion Fruit | Here’s How To Differentiate Them!

Granadilla Vs Passion Fruit

Can you differentiate granadilla and passion fruit? Did you confuse about them whenever you visit a grocery store? If yes, don’t think too much, it’s the common confusion every single person has on seeing granadilla and passion fruit side by side. So, here we will tell you all the differences they have. For instance, they’re different in appearance, flavor, and even used differently.

But keep in mind, both are not as much different as you may think because both are just two different species of the same family, pasifloracea. Therefore, let’s see granadilla vs passion fruit facts in depth, so you can differentiate them at a single glance.

Granadilla Vs Passion Fruit

Granadilla and passion fruit are similar in some ways but are different in various ways. These two little fruits are not much different from each other but closely related, because they are the members of the same family.

Both are berries and are edible, also having edible seeds in them. They are grown in tropical and subtropical territories but were originally native to South America.

Despite of the above similarities, both fruits are still different from each other. For example, their appearance is the prime difference, granadilla has a deep yellowish or orange skin while passion fruit has a purple or somewhat yellowish outer skin.

And the second difference is their size and shape. Granadilla is oblong-shaped fruit and slightly larger than passion fruit. Whereas, passion fruit is comparatively smaller and circular in shape.

Both varieties have edible seeds with different out feel. The seeds of passion fruit are black having soft yellowish pulp outside, but granadilla seeds are black with soft transparent pulp.

As both little fruits belong to the same family, so they are sometimes called passion fruits only. But they are not simply such closely related, as their differences can surprise you.

Now, it’s time to know all these differences in depth, so you will differentiate them by just looking at them.

Granadilla And Passion Fruit Look Differently

From blooming flowers to fruit development, both fruits look different. From the exterior, both are enclosed in a thick-colored skin having different colors. Passion fruit is a bright purple, while granadillas are yellowish fruits with a slight green tinge.

Although both varieties have edible seeds enclosed in a thick pith and soft pulp, but they look different.

Passion fruit has a white, soft but sticky pith as compared to granadilla. Because granadilla has a more gooey, soft and slight slimy pulp encasing edible seeds.

Now, it’s also best to know the difference between granadilla and ripe or unripe passion fruit, because they can look the same at some stages of fruit development.

Ripe passion fruits are bright yellow from outside, having a cream-colored soft pulp, while regular granadilla fruit has a white pith or pulp. However, unripe passion fruit is entirely green to look at.

But these are some differences that are not helpful at all, whenever you want to buy one fruit. So, keep your eye on their skin color and appearance. Look for yellow-colored round fruits if you want o buy passion fruit, and go for the purplish version of fruit to get granadilla.

Granadilla Is Sweater Than Passion Fruit


Both little fruits have different unique flavor profiles. For instance, passion fruit is more acidic, tart, and sour to taste. Moreover, you’ll notice a strong acidic fragrance immediately after cutting it into halves.

The overpowered tart flavor of passion fruit is considered to be a mixture of grapefruit and sour lime. So, people love to enjoy its natural sourness with a little pinch of sugar.

On the other hand, granadillas are only sweet and fragrant. And you’ll notice a fully flavored and sweet pulp in your mouth whenever you taste them. They are not acidic at all, like passion fruit. However, their sweet flavor is somewhat like a mix of melon and kiwi taste notes.

Both Are Used Differently

Like other flavorful fruits, these two fruits are also popular in several food dishes but used differently. As you see earlier, passion fruit is not as much sweet as other typical fruits, so its tart flavor pairs best with savory dishes.

Passion fruit goes great in savory sauces, condiments, relishes, and salads. Besides this, its refreshing and calming flavor profile is also popular in several traditional beverages.

Moreover, now it has become a flavor enhancer of sweet treats like ice creams, desserts, jellies, and instant puddings.

However, granadilla is sweeter and thus goes well in sweet food recipes. Its higher sugar content makes it a perfect choice for bread loaves, cupcakes, and curds.

This way, you can enjoy them differently either you want to cook sweets or something savory.

You can also store both fruits in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days. But if you want to store them for off-season use, you can remove their inedible rind and store their pulp in air-tight containers. Such stored fruits last for up to three months in the freezer.

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How To Buy Passion Fruit And Granadilla


Passion fruits are abundantly grown in tropical and subtropical areas of California, South America, and Hawaii. Therefore, they are largely produced and transported, thus available round the year.

It means that you can enjoy them anytime or any season round the year. No matter when you buy them, always buy the ripest passion fruits as they’re flavorful and delicious.

So, look for wrinkly or slightly soft fruits because these are the ripest ones and taste too yummy and mouth-watering. Moreover, you can also choose ripe passion fruits by their dark color.

Conversely, granadillas are not as abundant as regular passion fruit varieties but are rare. They are not extensively cultivated thus available during their peak season.

For example, you can buy the ripest granadilla fruits in months from late summer to early fall. Their dark-colored yet smooth skin is the clear sign that these are perfect to buy and enjoy.

Quick Wrap Up

After reading granadilla vs passion fruit facts, you can now differentiate them easily. Although both are closely related fruits and belong to the same family, but are quite different from each other.

For instance, they vary in appearance, flavor, availability, and culinary uses. So, you must know these differences to buy them correctly.