How to Reheat Ramen, Can You Reheat Ramen | 6 Ways for Reheating

how to reheat ramen

If you are eating a big bowl of ramen and unable to finish it, then don’t worry about reheating ramen. Because I am in this article going to tell you wonderful easy ways for reheating ramen. Not only these methods easy and quick but also save your noodles to become soggy.

So, navigate this article if you want to know how to reheat ramen. At first, let me assure you that you can reheat ramen but how? let’s see.

What Is Ramen:

Nowadays, ramen refer as the national food of Japan, but in the past few decades, it gains popularity worldwide. The recipe for ramen varies from person to person. As the making of ramen depends upon the person’s taste and the available ingredients.

Moreover, it is that dish in which you can add all ingredients you like. However, usually, a delicious bowl of ramen has three main ingredients, which are the following,

  • Noodles:

For ramen noodles are the main ingredient, and usually, ramen noodles are made from wheat flour.

  • Stock:

Stock in ramen can make of meat of any type you like, seafood which you want in your bowl of ramen, and vegetables if you are a vegetarian.

  • Flavoring Sauces:

There are a number of sauces available in the market which will provide the best flavor to your ramen. For example, Soy Sauce, Kimchi Juice, Mirin, and would be many others depend upon your mood.

Healthy Nature of Ramen:

The healthy nature of ramen depends upon the ingredients of ramen. For example, we can make a bowl of ramen enrich in protein with the addition of meat and eggs. Therefore, you may say that we can make our ramen healthy as much we want as well as we need.

Types of Ramen:

Cup Ramen:

how to reheat ramen
how to reheat ramen

Cupped version of ramen introduced in the market in 1971. Nissin Foods Corporation was the first company to develop these cupped instant ramen noodles.

However, instant cup ramen will simply prepare with the addition of hot water simply.

After that, you just have to cover the ramen cup for 7 to 10 minutes. Apart from this nowadays instant cup ramen available in different flavors also.

Definitely, these instant cup ramens are very convenient with respect to time saving. And also these cup noodles are very affordable.

Restaurant Ramen:

Restaurant ramen noodles are specialized ramen dishes with the addition of meat, vegetables, eggs, broth, and other several ingredients. However, restaurants that provide ramen also have sit-down services.

In which people can eat it in the restaurant and also you can bring it home after proper packaging. Moreover, restaurant ramen is rich in broth, ingredients, and spices. And also available in different flavors.

How to Reheat Ramen:

reheating ramen
reheating ramen

At first, let me clear it that instant ramen cup noodles are just for a single person and in a fewer quantity as well as in less ingredients as compared to restaurant ramen.

So I don’t think there will be any chance of reheating instant cup ramen. But if you have a full bowl of restaurant ramen either at home or at a restaurant, then there will be a huge probability that you’d unable to finish the ramen bowl.

Some people may worry about reheating ramen because improper reheating makes your noodles soggy. Eventually, this is not the thing you would like.

To keep in mind all these factors I am here with some tips for reheating ramen. So if you think that can you reheat ramen? then the answer is yes.

But how to reheat ramen? Navigate this article to know about this, let’s start.

Reheating Ramen with Microwave:

Nowadays microwave is available in the kitchen of everyone, as it is used to reheat food effectively and properly. So now we use a microwave for reheating ramen bowls.

But firstly, let me clear it, we are not going to reheat ramen with noodles and broth mix with each other. Because it may not give your ramen the initial taste and texture.

In spite of this, we are going to reheat broth and noodles separately. At first separate ramen noodles from the broth in different bowls. Then reheat ramen broth in microwave for 2 to 3 minutes.

But this time will vary according to the ingredients in ramen like either you use meat or vegetables in ramen broth.

Now turn to reheat ramen noodles, according to me there are two ways to reheat ramen noodles. Firstly, you may reheat ramen noodles in a separate bowl in the microwave for 1 to 2 minutes. And then mix it to them in already reheated ramen broth.

Secondly, in my opinion, if we already reheat ramen broth properly then you can mix ramen noodles in it without reheating them. After that cover the ramen bowl for some time. And, here we go, now you can enjoy your ramen bowel as it is like a new one.

One thing which I want to clear it is that, reheating ramen time and temperature depends on you. That how much heated ramen you want or how much noodles and broth chilled before reheating.

Reheating Ramen with Stove:

Okay, reheating ramen with a stove is one of the most favorable methods of mine as well as of many other people. But let me clear one thing that here we also going to reheat ramen broth and ramen noodles separately.

And in this method, you also can reheat noodles and broth separately and then mix them. Or just reheat ramen broth properly and mix noodles in them.

Reheating ramen on the stove may take few more minutes as compare to reheating ramen in the microwave. For this just put the ramen broth in a pot and bring a boil at low flame.

Then pour this broth on noodles, and keep it for a few time to reheat noodles with the heat of the broth. As this method does not lead to soggy noodles.

Reheating Ramen with Conventional Oven:

In the oven reheating ramen will be the same as the microwave oven. And in this method, we are going to reheat broth and ramen noodles separately.

But I have few tips for you if you are going to choose this method. Firstly, don’t put noodles for a long time in it. As you will get hard dry noodles.

Secondly, put a small cup of water in the oven separately with broth or noodles as it will prevent excessive dehydration of broth and noodles. Moreover, it will lead to an even reheating of ramen.

I want to explain that, reheating ramen doesn’t mean that you just have to reheat just broth and ramen noodles. But you can add additional toppings, ingredients like you can add cooked meat, vegetables or you can add ramen eggs more.

As ramen recipe depends on your need and taste. If you have some time then, you can add all above mention ingredients and eat it like a fresh ramen bowl.

Some Other Ways to Reheat Ramen:

Okay here are some other exciting methods for reheating ramen. If you are wonder about some other ways that can you reheat ramen? Or you looking towards that how to reheat ramen?

Then I’m here for some other exciting ways to convert your leftover ramen into another exciting dish after reheating.

Ramen Noodles as A Burger’s Patty:

can you reheat ramen
can you reheat ramen

Yes of course you can add your ramen noodles into a burger as a burger’s patty. Yes, you can use them, but the question is that how?

For that just reheat noodles in water as well in broth as you want. But here let me clear it that with broth, noodles may have their spice as it is. And with this, you will get a spicy burger patty.

After that let them cool for a while in the small round cup or any other bowl of small round shape you have. And within few minutes you will be able to get a round ramen noodles shape for burger patty.

Leftover Ramen Broth as Bisque:

Of course, you can reheat ramen broth as well as use it in another hearty bisque dish. For that, you just have to choose your favorite cream and it in ramen broth with other ingredients you would like to add.

It will be more prefer dish if you had seafood in your ramen bowl.

Ramen Noodles as Dumplings Filing:

Another delicious way to use leftover ramen noodles is that you can use them as dumplings filings.

As dumplings are the most favorite and delicious food in many countries. For that, you don’t have to reheat leftover ramen noodles, because you have to cook dumplings after filing in them.

There are two ways to cook dumplings. Firstly, you can use steam to cook them. Secondly, you can also fry them in oil. It totally depends upon your mood and need and also on time which you have to cook them.

Ramen Ingredients for Vegetarians:

This question arises in everyone’s mind as in Asian countries people like to add meat frequently in a ramen bowl. And, meat in ramen may be of any type like chicken, beef, pork meat, etc. However, in different types of meat, different people have different choices.

But let me tell you that you can get a delicious ramen noodle bowl without the addition of any meat, that is just by using vegetables. In ramen noodles, you can add different type of vegetables like,

  • Baby Spinach
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Bean Sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Watercress
  • Scallions
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Snap Peas
  • Snow Peas
  • Shredded Carrots
  • Corn

You can add any other vegetable that your heart fancies.