Can You Make Instant Mashed Potatoes Without Milk?

Instant Mashed Potatoes Without Milk

Can you make instant mashed potatoes without milk? Here’s we know the answer most people are curious about it. Yes, you can make instant mashed potatoes, adding some milk and for its creamy texture use some butter. Moreover, direct cream addition is also the best process if we don’t want to use milk.

What is a potato? A potato is, without a doubt, a vegetable. It’s nutritionally different from other types of vegetables since that’s a malty veggie, however, that doesn’t imply it is indeed bad. Potatoes are generally thought of roots since they grow in the soil and are grown in northern climes or periods across the world.

Which ways we can use for mashing potatoes? Dairy-free milk, coconut cream, almond cooking milk, water, and mayonnaise can all use to create a creamy texture without the use of dairy.

What you use is mostly determined the type of dish you’re preparing. Any of these ideas will work using dairy-free potato salad.

What Are the Best Ways We Use for Instant Mashed Potatoes?

Instant potatoes make the creamy, hearty side dish easier by eliminating the time-consuming tasks of peeling, mashing, and waiting.

Instant mashed potatoes generally just require a few ingredients, such as water, salt, and butter or margarine, to turn potato flakes into mashed potatoes in a matter of minutes. Do not even worry if the recipe says for dairy; you could have a few appropriate alternatives on hand.

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Yogurt from Greece


This ingredient adds lightness and plumpness to your potatoes. This delicious side dish fewer calories thanks to the use of Greek yogurt instead of milk. Instead of 1 1/2 cups of milk, use half a cup of Greek yogurt.

Cream of Tartar


Smooth mashed potatoes can make with this sour milk replacement. Just sure to use half a cup of cream cheese for every cup of milk called for in the recipe.

Dairy Made from Soya

To obtain the thick texture you desire with this alternative, you may have to add extra vegan butter to your soy milk. It uses who those avoid milk and other dairy products.

Buttermilk for Instant Mashed Potatoes


For your recipes, use the same proportion of buttermilk as milk. When comparing a whole buttermilk product to a low-fat alternative, you’ll notice a sharp taste connected with this component.

Remedies in Powdered Form

Whenever the guidelines ask for milk, lighter dairy-based products can substitute. With adding water, both powdered and evaporated milk that can reconstitute into genuine liquid milk.

Powdery milk, also known as dry milk, is milk that has been evaporated into a powdered state; to make milk from powdered milk, combine one part of powdered milk with three parts cold water.

Evaporated milk, often known as dehydrated milk, is similar to powdered milk but contains around 40percent. as a result, more moisture; to create evaporated milk, combine equal parts water and evaporated milk.

Fluffy and Cream

Parmesan cheese and regular cream were two heavy dairy alternatives to milk. A bacterium culture ferments sour cream; while it has a considerably stronger taste than milk, it won’t dominate the other flavors of the instant potatoes.

If using sour cream instead of milk, use a same quantity of sour cream and less margarine or butter. The Cream is the butterfat that rises to the top of the milk before it homogenizes. The Cream must be diluted with an equal amount of water because it is thicker than milk.

Impostors of Dairy for Instant mashed Potatoes

This lactose-intolerant environment has provided us with a variety of milk alternatives. Almond, rice, hemp, and cow’s milk are among the most popular, but they’re all made from the same components.

These kinds of milks keep their original flavor, but when added to meals, they complement rather than detract from the overall flavor. The consistency is one difference: these milks are generally thinner than low-fat or fat-free bowl of milks.

Choose these kinds of milk that will give the instant potatoes a bit of flavor, such as almond or rice, pour the amount indicated, then sprinkle a little extra butter or margarine for texture.

Broths That Reduce

In quick potatoes, several types of broth can be used in place of milk. Chicken, beef, and vegetable broths are the most common.

When substituting with broth, choose a taste that will complement both the potatoes and the items with which they are presented, such as chicken or vegetable broth in the potatoes to accompany grilled chicken supper. Pour an amount of milk equivalent to the total needed for the broth.

One last simple replacement is water: use the same volume of water as the others, but add a dollop of ranch dressing or extra butter or margarine additional taste and color.

Is It Possible to Make Mashed Potatoes Using Dry Almond Milk?

Yes, but using a mix of nut milk and creamy full-fat (canned) coconut milk will make your lactose roast potatoes even better – and creamier. It’s a fantastic way to achieve that extra delicious mashed potato feels without the sour cream.

You Don’t Have Any Almond or Coconut Milk On Hand?

It’s fine if you don’t have both types of milk on hand. I make them using only almond butter together all because they’re not as creamy. Use whatever you have on hand – cashew, oat, hemp – just make sure it’s simple and unsweetened.

Is It Possible to Make Instant Mashed Potatoes Without Butter?

Yes, but you’ll most likely miss out on some flavor. Vegan buttery spread or vegetarian butter are my choices. When I need to replace butter that has been applied after cooking, I use this.

Could It Be Possible to Make Instant Mashed Potatoes with Water Rather Than Milk?

I don’t suggest making mashed potatoes with water. If you’re out of milk, I recommend adding a splash of broth or just using more butter (vegan butter to make them dairy- free). Water makes the solution softer than use. So, most of the time it does not recommend.

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9 Mashed Potato Blunders

Use Only One Type of Potato.


A Balanced combination of waxy potatoes like Yukon Gold and starchy potatoes like Russet and Idaho is ideal.

The potatoes have a fluffy, fluffy texture because of the starch, which absorbs the butter and cream. Waxy potatoes have a fruity aroma, but if they’re the only potato in the mash, they might become soggy and gluey.

Washing Your Potatoes Isn’t Necessary


Although it may seem self-evident, some individuals peel their potatoes without first rinsing them. POTATOES are Unsanitary. By properly washing and cleaning your potatoes beforehand, you may avoid having dirt particles in them.

Start with A Bang

When you put cubed potatoes in a saucepan of hot water, the outside will overcook while the interior will undercook. Everything in the pot should reach the desired degree at the same time. Turn on your stove before putting your cubes in a pan and covering them with ice water.

Salting The Water Isn’t Necessary

Potatoes, like pasta, acquire both salt and water. Consider it a new chance to weather.

Bring Your Potatoes to A Boil

In a saucepan of furiously boiling water, potatoes can easily fall into pieces. Rather, simmer them to keep them intact and cook them evenly.

Make Use of Damp Potatoes

MASHED POTATOES WITH WATER Gross. After boiling, drain and dry your potatoes by either returning them to the heated pot on low heat and tossing them for a few moments, or pouring them onto a sheet pan and baking them. When the potatoes’ edges turn white, they’re done.

You’re Using the Wrong Tool

If you just buy a single specialist kitchen gadget, make it a food mill or ricer. There’s no other way to get that fluffy texture.

Make Use of Cold Milk for Instant Mashed Potatoes

Milk straight from the refrigerator will help to cool down otherwise scorching potatoes. When adding the milk to the mash, warm it in a small saucepan.

Make Use of Hot Butter for Instant Mashed Potatoes.

The milk proteins and fat separates when butter is melted just on the burner. When you add cold butter to your potatoes, it will melt as a whole, properly distributing the fat and milk solids.


There’s nothing like freshly cooked mashed potatoes. We think we should cook your potatoes in the last hour of prep time, while you’re creating your gravy.

If you need to make them ahead of time, use a counter-top crockpot. They’ll keep heated without being burned for hours. If you don’t have a crockpot, reheat them in the microwave, stirring it after every minute. Add a bit of extra milk and butter to resuscitate dried potatoes once they’re soft and creamy again.

Final words for Instant Mashed Potatoes

We can get instant mashed potatoes if we don’t want to use milk. Moreover, we can use other dairy products like buttermilk, cream, yogurt, and others. Likewise, those people who avoid dairy products can use oil, and other alternatives for instant mashed potatoes.

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