Why Are Pistachios So Expensive? Why Are Pistachios Good for You?

Why Are Pistachios So Expensive

Pistachios are not nuts as they are the seeds of pistachios trees. But they are eaten in a number of ways due to their healthy nature and good delicious taste. As they are widely used around the world in desserts, toppings, etc. However, the one unique fact about them is that they are on the world’s 10 most expensive nuts list. But ever you think that why are pistachios so expensive? As they are healthier for us and also good in taste, then why are they expensive than the other nuts like peanuts and almonds?

So if you are also interested to know about it, then navigate this article as this article will look through all the reasons that why pistachios are so expensive. Moreover, this article will provide you with all the possible reasons that cost pistachios more. So let’s start.

However, there is no doubt that pistachios are expensive, but they are costly due to specific main reasons. For example, they can grow only under certain conditions, they take more time to become mature, an individual plant is not able to produce too many pistachios, etc.

However, not only this but there are many other reasons that add more price into the pistachios. That’s why let’s have a closer look at all such reasons.

Why Are Pistachios So Expensive?

However, as we know that they are not nuts but are the seeds of pistachios plants. But for millennia, they have been using them as a delicious snack, especially in the winters. However, there are several other ways to munching these tiny nuts.

For example, they are going very well with toppings of desserts, pasta, salads, etc. But the price of these tiny nuts can surprise you, and not only this, but it can be heart breaking as well.

However, this is due to certain reasons, and all these reasons are discussed below.

Need Special Weather Conditions:

Pistachios trees are picky when it comes to weather conditions because they need both cold and hot weather conditions for thriving. As for their proper growth, they need cool winter with hot summer. However, such climate is ideally available to them in California, but farmers have to struggle to grow a pistachios plant outside it.

As they require equal amount of hours in both winter and hot weather. For example, in winter, they need a temperature of 45F, and along with it, they require low humidity with an adequate amount of sunlight as well.

Moreover, these weather conditions are compulsory for the excellent ripening of their kernels. As such, weather conditions are challenging to achieve that’s why people rarely tend to grow them. However, after California, Iran, China, Syria, Turkey are their big producers.

Long Time to Mature:

However, you may say that this is one of the main reasons that’s why pistachios are high in price. Because they took 13-15 years to become mature, and this is the big time for a farmer. And not only this but after waiting for 15 years, there is no guarantee that they will give you the proper fruit.

However, firstly it starts producing fruits when it is 4 to 5 years old. But to reach their peak level production, they need 15-20 years. As they are a slow crop and not all farmers can bear it. That’s why this is the main reason for pistachio’s high price.

Not only this, but an individual pistachios plant is not able to produce too much fruit. And also, the male plants have less fruit as compared to the female plants. Moreover, male plants are commonly used for pollination purposes in female pistachios plants.

Need Skilled Labor:

However, this is also one of the reasons that add high price in pistachios. Moreover, during the cultivation of pistachios, there are two kinds of labor they need. For example, in the UK, all the nuts cultivation handles with machines.

And to operate such machinery experienced labor needs. That can cost a high price to a farmer. Moreover, to sort them with hands, they also need skilled labor. That is also a cause of their high price in the market.

High Demand Across the World:

As pistachios need specific weather conditions and high water drainage sources, that’s why not every country can grow pistachios. But due to their healthy nature, taste, and use in several dishes cause them more demanding nuts across the world.

And because of it, they have to import pistachios from the high producer countries, which adds more cost to them. So that’s why it is also the reason that why pistachios are so expensive.

Why Are Turkish Pistachios Are So Expensive?

Turkey is one of the countries that are on the list of high pistachios producers. As it is the third country across the world that produces more and good quality pistachios. However, Turkish pistachios are brown in color and smaller in size compared to the United States and Iran’s pistachios.

However, the high price of Turkish pistachios is because of their superior taste compared to the pistachios in the United States. As they have the sweetest and robust taste as compared to all other pistachios varieties.

Why Are Pistachios Good for You?

No doubt that pistachios are healthy for our bodies. As they are the source of carbs, proteins, calories, fats, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, Copper, manganese, etc.

However, vitamin B6 in pistachios is essential for our bodies’ proper functioning. For example, it helps to regulate blood circulation in the body.

Furthermore, they are rich in antioxidants, as according to a study, they are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, these antioxidants are essential for our eyes’ health. Not only this, pistachios cause immunity enhancement against cancer in the body.

As we know that our gut’s health is necessary because our whole body’s health depends upon our gut’s health. However, pistachios are good to promote our gut health. Because they are rich in fiber that is helpful for good digestion.

Moreover, it causes lowering the cholesterol level in the body, which is also necessary for our heart’s health. Furthermore, pistachios are useful in promoting blood vessels health by maintaining the body’s blood pressure.

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A Final Thought:

However, pistachios are healthy for us in several ways, and they are also helpful for us in a number of ways. But to grow pistachios is a real endeavor for farmers. Because they are too picky in each and everything.

For example, they need specific weather conditions to thrive, which include both winter and hot weather. And they also cannot grow with moist land that’s why they need a good water drainage system.

Rather than that, they took 15-20 years to become fully mature and to produce full fruit. Not only this, female plants can make more pistachios compared to male plants. And male plants are commonly used for pollination purposes.

Furthermore, pistachios required experienced labor to sort them. And all these facts cause their high price to that level, as they are included in the world’s most ten expensive nuts. So if you are wondering that why pistachios are so costly, then the above mentioned are some main reasons.

However, as they are expensive but they are healthy for us. And can make our immune system healthier.