When Is Star Fruit In Season? Here’s Seasonality Facts

When Is Star Fruit In Season

Star fruit is one of the refreshing tropical fruits all over the world. It is also commonly known as Carambola or five fingers, just because of its star like shape. Carambola also has culinary significance. For instance, this pretty looking fruit goes great in fruit salads, preserves, condiments, juices, and relishes. However, many people love to eat it raw. To enjoy raw, you must choose the fresh and ripest star fruit. And for this, you must know when is star fruit in season?

So, here in this article, I will tell you in what season you can buy the ripest star fruit to eat? In addition, here you will know how to tell when star fruit is ripe? So, read on and keep exploring the real facts.

When Is Star Fruit In Season?

Star fruit is a tropical fruit, so it is widely cultivated in the tropical and sub-tropical territories round the world. Trees of star fruit were native to India and tropical areas of Southeast Asia. However, star fruit is heavily cultivated in numerous countries like USA, Florida, Hawaii, India, Mexico, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Star fruits are available round the year, but the ripest and fresh ones are more flavorful. Therefore, buy fresh star fruits when they are in season. Here, I will tell you the seasonality of star fruit in different countries. So, let’s move on.

Star Fruit Season In Sri Lanka

The harvesting season for star fruits in Sri Lanka is usually late summer or early fall months. So, you may get ripe star fruits in the months from late July to mid-September. As, they usually grow two times every year so, again you can get fresh star fruits in early winter months.

Thus, the late summer months are the peak season for star fruit production. Growers expect massive production of fruits as the climate of Sri Lanka suits the star fruit trees.

Besides this, there are a variety of tropical fruits produced in Sri Lanka, such as pine apple, avocado, passion fruit, anoda, and rambutan. So, buy fresh fruits when they are in season to enjoy their refreshing tropical flavor.

Star Fruit Season In Taiwan

Generally, star fruits are available throughout the year in Taiwan. However, the peak season for their availability is autumn and early winter months. Taiwanese star fruits are exported widely because they are produced heavily in Taiwan.

Moreover, in Taiwan, two distinct varieties of star fruits are grown, sweet and tart carambolas. Sweet varieties are widely common in desserts, smoothies, relishes, and fruit salads. However, most people love to eat sweet carambola raw, as it is so refreshing and juicy.

And the tart varieties of star fruit are also pretty common in savory food recipes and regular drinks. Their tartness adds a tasty touch to your savory recipes.

Star Fruit Season In Florida


In Florida, south tropical territories produce star fruits such as Lee, Palm, Dade, Beech, and Broward. The harvesting season of star fruit begins from the summer months to early winter. While the peak season for ripest star fruits is the late summer months like early August to mid-September. And again, they are available in winter months like December to late February.

Star Fruit Season In Hawaii

The star fruit seasonality in Hawaii is quite different from other ones. Hawaiian star fruits are available from late September to April. A huge quantity of carambolas of USA is produced in Hawaii as the Hawaiian climate is perfect for the ripening of star fruits.

Thus, this heavy production meets the tropical fruit requirements in USA. By the way, you can also buy star fruits round the year from superstores or markets.

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Star Fruit Season In India

Carambolas are heavily cultivated in India, and thus they are available all year round in superstores. There are two main peak seasons for star fruits in India. During the first seasonality, they are available from early September to late October.

While during the other season, star fruits are available in the winter months from December to February. So, you can enjoy this exotic fruit in these months of year.

Star Fruit Season In Thailand

Although star fruits are abundantly available two times annually in Thailand but the main peak season is the second one. Thus, the carambola seasonality in Thailand is early fall months like October to December.

Thailand also contributes to the heavy star fruit production in USA. Therefore, importers make sure the availability of star fruits in USA markets throughout the year.

What Does Star Fruit Taste Like?


Star fruit is sweet in taste with slight tart notes. Larger carambolas are juicy, crunchy, and mild in flavor as the sugar content in them is low. As in ripe fruits, only 4% sugar content is found.

Ripe star fruits are more exotic and refreshing to eat raw. Such ripe fruits are abundant in the summer season or early winter months. You can choose the ripest one to eat by considering its texture and appearance.

The ripe star fruit is apparently bright yellow with muted green look. Moreover, the ripe fruits have slightly brown stripes on the ridges. And, their skin is waxy and shines brightly. Such fruits are perfect for enjoying the tropical taste.

However, if the star fruit has a bright green appearance with no yellow or brown hints, your fruit is unripe. Such fruits are not good to eat as they are sour to taste. By the way, such unripe star fruits are pretty common in savory food dishes where you want natural tangy punch.

The overall taste of ripe carambolas is a mix of juicy pine apple, grape fruit, kiwi, and orange. In fact, they have a unique and versatile flavor that suits everyone.

You can enjoy this exotic and fresh fruit in its peak ripening season which is usually late summer months.

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How Can You Enjoy Star Fruit?

After choosing the ripe star fruit, you can enjoy it in a number of delicious ways. Here’s I will tell you some creative ways to eat star fruit either cooked or raw.

  • The most delicious and simplest way to eat star fruit is eating as it or raw. Just lay down the fruit on the side and slice it. Its seeds are also edible however, you can discard them if you don’t like. So, eat the wonderful star-shaped slices of star fruit.
  • Blending the slices of carambola into your smoothies is another way to enjoy this exotic fruit. It goes really refreshing in your frozen drinks of every season.
  • Moreover, you can also make chips of star fruit by dehydrating them. Cut the fruit into slices and put it into the oven. And thus, crunchy snacks will be ready to enjoy.
  • In addition, eye-catching bright slices of star fruit go great in fruit salads and toppings.
  • You can also add unripe star fruits to your savory food dishes or side dishes. And, it would be a great addition to your recipes as it gives a tasty tartness to your meal.
  • Moreover, the condiments like preserves, relishes, jams, and star fruit chutneys are also pretty common round the world. And, star fruit pickle is one of the best ways to enjoy it in every season.

Final Thought

When is star fruit in season? The harvesting season of star fruit is late summer or early autumn months.

So, you can buy ripe star fruits in the months from August to mid-October. However, in various countries and states, star fruit is available round the year. So, you can enjoy this exotic fruit anytime.

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