When Is Passion Fruit In Season ? And How Can We Avoid Mistakes


Passion Fruit season is a mystery to many people. It is a tropical fruit and is available almost all year round, which is why it is a mystery to people. Most people ask the question, when is passion fruit in season, and the question is, when can you get the best juiciest fruits.

Here are some tips to help you avoid mistakes when buying Passion fruit. By following these instructions, you will know which fruits to buy and which not.

So When Is Passion Fruit In Season?

passion fruit season
passion fruit season

Passion fruit is a tropical fruit. It grows in hot and tropical climates. This fruit is exported almost all the year round. The fruit is stocked, which is why it is available all year round.

However, the actual season is from mid-summer to mid-winter. It’s been a long time coming, but there’s a reason behind it.

When it comes to varieties, there are two basic types of Passion fruit.

The first variety is purple in color, and its fruit needs 60 to 80 days to mature and harvest. This fruit becomes available in early summer.

Some of these fruits ripen early and some ripen late, which is why this fruit has a longer duration and is available all year round.

The second type of Passion Fruit is yellow in color, and is commonly found in the United States and Hawaii. This fruit takes longer to mature than the purple variety.

The fruit season begins in late summer and lasts throughout the winter. The trade routes of this fruit and its long duration play an important role in the availability of this fruit. The fruit is readily available in areas where it is abundant.

How to Tell If Passion Fruit Is Ripe

If you do not recognize passion fruit, you will not know whether passion fruit is ripe or raw. If you want to buy ripe passion fruit, you must recognize it.

Here we will tell you about the common mistakes people make when buying a passion fruit home, and how you can avoid them.

Mistake: Only Picking Nice Looking Fruits

It is generally observed that the passion fruit that comes to the stores is raw. It has also been observed that when passion fruit is unripe, its skin becomes shiny. From this point of view, it looks very nice. If we use the same standards for the selection of this fruit that we use to find common fruits, such as apples, pears, bananas, grapes, etc., we will be deceived.

When passion fruit is ripe, it becomes sweet and its outer surface becomes slightly wrinkly and dimply. Yes, if you are looking for a type of fruit that is slightly wrinkly and dimply then you have made the right choice.

Contrary to its size, it weighs more than a normal fruit. It has more juice and juicy pulp than other fruits and this is the reason for its weight gain.

You can buy totally smooth fruit, but you will need to ripen them at home.

Purple And Yellow Passion Fruit

There is a slight difference between yellow and purple passion fruit, but both have the same thread. When these two do not stay green, it means that both types of fruits are ripe.

If you notice, you will see that some have yellow, purple and some have red patches like mango.

You can also see that in some areas the fruits turn red, purple and yellow when they begin to ripen. This fruit grows faster in some areas. And when the fruits begin to ripen, wrinkles begin to form on their skin.

Mistake: Not Sniff-Testing the Fruits

A common mistake when buying fruits is not to check them. Because of this mistake, most people buy raw fruits instead of ripe ones. People can avoid this problem if they are a little more careful when buying fruits.

When buying fruit by bringing it close to the nose, you can know that the fruit is ripe or not. You don’t have to rub your nose on the fruit for this, but when you smell the fruit, you can tell if the fruit is ripe or not by the specific scent that comes out of it. It is true that when passion is ripe, its aroma becomes strong. When the fruit ripens, its fragrance spreads around.

So whenever you buy passion fruit, you must smell it a little bit, this way you will be able to get ripe fruit. Do not rub your head or nose with fruit when checking fruit, this process is not liked by other people.

Mistake: Not Ripening the Fruit for 3-5 Days

Usually when you buy fruit, it is not ripe properly. And people put it in the fridge as it. So you need to ripe the fruit first, and then store it.

Ripening passion fruit is very necessary, like bananas and avocados; this fruit is also green in the beginning. Therefore, it is important to ripen this fruit before eating.

How long a passion fruit ripens depends on the individual fruit. This fruit usually takes a few days to ripen; it does not take more than five days to ripen. Sometimes the fruit ripens overnight, especially when you’re cooking it with a banana.

  • It will be the same color.
  • The fruit will have small dimples and wrinkles on the skin.
  • If you squeeze it gently, it will not squish like avocado.

Everyone eats passion fruit to their liking. Some people eat passion fruit full ripped while some people prefer less ripe fruit. So, everyone finds passion fruit according to their choice and eats it according to their choice.

How to Tell If Passion Fruit Is off ?

tropical passion fruit
tropical passion fruit

You can also allow the fruit to ripen more, and when you notice, you will notice that the fruit will have a lot more wrinkles and the dimples will be even deeper.

In this case the fruit is quite squishy and its texture is soft. In extreme cases, the color of the fruit changes in some areas and black spots form on it.

All of these indications of dehydration and fermentation, and you should throw away the fruit instead of eating it.

Storing Passion Fruit

“When is passion fruit in season” The answer of this question has been given above in that article. Now we will tell you how you can store passion fruit for a long time in passion fruit season.

After the passion fruit is ripe, you can store it in the refrigerator for two weeks, but you should check it after the first week.

Mistake: Not Storing Ripe Fruits in the Fridge

When it comes to storing passion fruit, most people store it over the counter like common fruits like apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, pineapples etc.

Most fruit shelf-stable, but ripe passion fruit is not. Keep passion fruit with avocados and pears, which means that ripe passion fruit should be eaten in 24 hours.

So whenever the passion fruit ripens, keep it in the fridge. Not only will this prevent it from spoiling, but it will also keep it cool. As we all know, the sweet flavor gets even better when it gets cold.

You can also store passion fruit in the freezer. For this you will need ripe, juicy passion fruit and safe bag.

Keep only seeds inside the bag and remove unnecessary air as much as possible. Keep the bag flat in the freezer and try to keep it flat in the freezer. This will make it easier to freeze and de-frost.

Remember that when you de-frost it, its texture will become mushy.

This way you can keep it in the freezer for twelve months or more. We advise you to use the stored passion fruit before twelve months.

You can use stored passion fruit in ice cream, top off a Pavlova or in the morning pancakes.

Final Thoughts

Passion fruit is a really delicious fruit and eating it can be a delicious experience. Fortunately, this is the only fruit that is readily available in the store.

When is passion fruit in season, then this fruit can be easily got by everyone. The passion fruit season lasts for about half a year.

You can get this fruit even when it is not in season but it is still delicious.

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