When Is Watermelon Season in Different Countries of World?


Watermelon is an iconic summer staple and favorite to everyone around the world. It is that fruit which is enrich in nutrients and minerals as well as has several health benefits. Moreover, watermelon will be an amazing choice for your child’s lunch box in summer because it prevents dehydration in the body. So because of that many benefits, it will be necessary to know about that when is watermelon season.

As we know that most common season of watermelon is summer. But we also know that the summer season has not same period everywhere around the world. So it will be interesting to know when is watermelon season. That’s why navigate this article to know about:


Watermelon is a summer fruit with lots of health benefits, delicious, and eatable to everyone in any age group. Importantly watermelon enriches in nutrients and minerals but lowers in fats and calories.

Moreover, watermelon contains more than 95% water, provides prevention from dehydration. However, watermelon has a thick rind of color green and it may be stripped or non-stripped.

And according to the perspective of shape, watermelon commonly of round and of oval shape. But interestingly sometimes you can find a watermelon of square shape (but it’s too rare).

In addition, watermelon has its seeds inside it, of color black, brown, or white. White seeds represent less ripping of watermelon. But interestingly seedless watermelons also available in the market, which are specially hybrid.

Is Watermelon Berry?

Okay, it’s an interesting fact about watermelon that actually watermelon falls in the category of berries. Yes, let me explain it. Berries family consists of fruits that contain a single ovary and have their seeds inside it.

And yes watermelon fulfills these conditions. One thing I want to clear it that we have a common perspective about berries that they are small and soft fruits.

But watermelon falls in the special category of berries with a hard rind. Isn’t it will be interesting to know that when is watermelon season?

Interestingly favorite fruit strawberry, which is considered as a berry due to its name is not a berry at all.

Because it does not fulfill the above-mentioned conditions of a berry, means it contains not a single ovary but multiple. Moreover, it has seeds on the surface of its body.

Health Benefits of Watermelon

Now let’s have a look at the health benefits of watermelon. Watermelon is a good source of lycopene, vitamin A and C.

In spite of a good source of vitamin C, watermelon is not citrus in nature, rather than this 6g watermelon may have 100g sugar. This amount may vary depends upon the ripening period of a watermelon. Watermelon sugar consists of fructose, glucose, and sucrose.

Moreover, vitamin C and A in watermelon help to boost your immunity to aid in the anti-aging process and to heal wounds. In addition to this vitamin A is important for our eyesight’s health.

Prevent Dehydration


As a source of more than 92% water, watermelon will be a great choice to fight against dehydration in the body. If you are struggling with drinking enough water in summer, then you can choose watermelons as your first choice to prevent dehydration.

A Source of Antioxidants

The lycopene in watermelon helps to reduce blood pressure (as earlier I mentioned that watermelon is a good source of lycopene).

Not only lycopene, watermelon is a good source of other antioxidants like L-citrulline and L-arginine helps in cell repair, lowers the risk of infections, and also assists in lowering the cancer risks in the body.

Assist in Weight Loss

As a source of high water as well as lower in fats and calories, watermelon will be your favorite snack during your weight loss journey.


As watermelon is summer fruit but if you want you can store it for long-run use. Like uncut water must be store at room temperature, but if summer is at its peak then store it in the refrigerator.

Once you cut the watermelon then surely store it in the fridge. For long-run storage keep it in the freezer after cutting it into chunks and packing them into plastic bags and make sure your air tight them nicely.

Don’t store watermelon with banana’s and apples because it can off flavor along with softening of fruit.

When Is Watermelon Season in Europe?

In Europe, the watermelon supply season in the market (mean availability to people) starts in June and ends in October.

Moreover, during this period the supply of watermelon is high to people and the price is low. However, you can find watermelon in other months of the year with a very small supply with high prices.

Because, after summer you just get stored or exporting watermelons from other countries like Pakistan. AS in Pakistan, the watermelon supply season starts in April.

Watermelon Season in Chicago

Now let’s see exactly when is watermelon season in Chicago. As Chicago is one of those countries where the summer season comes for a short period.

That’s why the watermelons season of buying and eating is usually from May to September. But you can also eat watermelon before and after this period as they shipped from Mexico and Central America.

Harvesting Season of Watermelon in Pakistan


In Pakistan let me divide the watermelon season into two parts. Firstly, the sowing season for watermelon and secondly the harvesting season of watermelon in Pakistan. Usually, the sowing period for watermelon is from November to December and also from January to March.

So the harvesting period of watermelon depends upon the sowing period. Mean watermelons sowing earlier will be harvest earlier in the months of March-April and May-June respectively.

But, as in Pakistan Ramadan continuously fall in the late summer, so big growers of Pakistan experimenting to cultivate watermelon two times a year. Pakistan not only provides the supply in the country but also supplies it to other countries.

When Is Watermelon Season in India?

In India, the watermelon season sowing season starts from November-December and in the middle of January to March. And harvesting starts within the 65 or 90 days of sowing seeds. But keep in mind to check either the watermelons ready to harvest or not.

Firstly, it depends upon the sowing period and secondly check the color of the touching part to soil of the watermelon. Is it yellowish or not? If yellowish then watermelon ready to harvest.

Watermelon Season in Louisiana

When watermelon in season tastes best as well as priceless. So let’s see when watermelon peak season in Louisiana.

In Louisiana, watermelon’s sowing period is from June to August and the harvesting period is from August to October. In this period watermelon fruit ready to pick and hit the market.

Harvesting Period of Watermelon in Texas

In Texas, watermelon harvest on large in half of the country. In which watermelon is an annual crop and harvesting starts from early May in the area of South Texas.

But in the west harvesting start from June, in the east harvesting starts from June-July. Nearly all watermelon production in Texas is marketed in June, July, and August.

Watermelon Season in Mexico

In Mexico, watermelon is the most loveable fruit of daily life. And in Mexico, it is used and serve with other dishes as Mexicans passionate about watermelon.

Moreover, watermelon is available in Mexico thought the year. Mexico not only provides watermelon demand in its country but also supplies a huge amount to the U.S.

Harvesting Season of Watermelon in Florida

In Florida watermelon harvests two times a year, so it is obvious that watermelon season is long in Florida.

The first season of watermelon starts in April and goes to its peak in May and June. And the first season of watermelon ends nearly round about July.

While the second season of watermelon starts in Florida from September to October.

Watermelon Season in Georgia

In Georgia, the watermelon planting season starts in March. With the 90 days ripening period watermelons in Georgia ready to hit the market around June 20.

Georgia ranks four according to the harvesting of watermelon quantity in the list of top United States production among Texas, Florida, and California.

When Is Watermelon Season in China?

China is a country with huge production of watermelon, as the majority of watermelons produce Gansu province. As the climate of that place is most favorable for the production of watermelons.

In China watermelon available in the market usually at the end of April or at the start of May.

Watermelon Season in Turkey

Turkey is a country with huge production of watermelons. But most fruit productions happen in the district of Antalya’s Manavgat.

This district also holds a watermelon annual festival each year. In Turkey, seed planting season starts from mid-January and the harvesting period starts from late April.

Harvesting Season of Watermelon in Iran

Iran is one of the countries which produce more watermelon crop in the world. In Iran, the most watermelons are harvesting in the province of Hamadan.

Iran is one of those countries which produce the highest watermelon crop. In Iran harvesting of watermelon starts from the end of spring which are ready to harvest after 75-80 days of planting seeds. The ripening days depend upon the weather of the area.

Watermelon Season in Brazil

The watermelon’s Harvesting in Brazil starts in early August. Brazil is on the list of countries that produce the highest watermelon’s in the world.

Moreover, Brazil not only fulfills the needs of its own country but also supplies watermelons to the United States.

When Is Watermelon Season in Russia?

In Russia, watermelon is the most favorite fruit in the summer season and use everywhere in the country. However, Astrakhan is the main city of Russia that produces watermelon.

In Russia, watermelons may available in June and July but the most suitable time for them in Russia is in August.

Grow Watermelon in Your Garden

Yes, you can plant watermelon in your garden even in your lawn. Of course, watermelon will be your favorite snack during the summer afternoon. So it will not a bad deal to grow your own watermelons in your own space.


But it is obvious that you have to prepare proper soil for that and keep in mind that it will take 75-90 days for ripening.

However, for watermelons the soil needs a temperature of 21 degrees centigrade. Keep in mind that watermelon seeds can’t grow at cold temperatures, so keep in mind that 95 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature for seeds to grow.


Watering is the most important fact in each and every planting. So in the case of watermelon we need to keep the soil moist but not logged with water. As watermelon, needs 1 to 2 inches of water every week.


The harvesting period of watermelon is important because only proper ripped watermelon gives you a delicious taste and all nutrients.

Moreover, watermelon grows no more after you picked it up. For that, I have some tips for you to check either the watermelon is ripped or not.

  1. Knock on the rind of watermelon, if it seems hollow then it is fully ripe.
  2. Check the area of watermelon which is touching the ground. That area of fully ripe watermelon seems yellowish of color and whitish for unripe watermelon.