Forging the Path: The Brick Hammer Build in Elden Ring


Elden Ring, the highly anticipated action role-playing game from the collaboration between George R. R. Martin and FromSoftware, offers a world of endless possibilities for character customization and unique builds. Among the various builds that players can experiment with, the “Brick Hammer Build” has gained attention for its sheer power and distinct gameplay style. In this article, we will explore what the Brick Hammer Build in Elden Ring entails and how to construct it to become a formidable force in the game.

Understanding the Brick Hammer Build

The Brick Hammer Build is a playstyle that revolves around wielding heavy, two-handed hammers, typically the Brick Hammer. This build is known for its brute strength, high damage output, and the ability to stagger and knock down opponents with ease. If you’re a fan of dealing massive damage in a single blow and leaving your enemies in awe of your sheer power, the Brick Hammer Build might be your ideal choice.

Key Components of the Brick Hammer Build

  1. Weapon Choice: The Brick Hammer is the cornerstone of this build. It’s a massive, two-handed hammer that can crush enemies with its immense weight and damage. Enhance the Brick Hammer with the best upgrades and infusions to maximize its potential.
  2. Strength and Vitality: To wield the Brick Hammer effectively and have a substantial health pool, invest heavily in Strength and Vitality attributes. A high Strength attribute ensures you can deal massive damage, while Vitality keeps you durable in the heat of battle.
  3. Armor and Poise: Equipping heavy armor with high poise is crucial for maintaining your stability and minimizing the chances of getting staggered or interrupted by enemy attacks. This allows you to continue your onslaught without interruption.
  4. Rings and Accessories: Utilize rings and accessories that further boost your Strength, health, or resistances. Rings like the Ring of Great Strength and accessories that increase physical damage are beneficial.
  5. Abilities and Skills: Acquire abilities and skills that complement the build, such as those that improve your hammer attacks or defensive capabilities. Look for talents that enhance your stamina regeneration, as swinging the Brick Hammer consumes a significant amount of stamina.

Playing with the Brick Hammer Build

The Brick Hammer Build offers a straightforward but satisfying playstyle. The sheer damage output of the Brick Hammer allows you to dispatch enemies efficiently. Here are some tips for playing with this build:

  1. Timing: Master the timing of your hammer swings to maximize damage and stagger potential. Knowing when to strike is crucial in close combat.
  2. Spacing: Keep your distance and use your reach to your advantage. The Brick Hammer has good reach, allowing you to hit opponents while maintaining a safe distance.
  3. Stamina Management: Pay attention to your stamina bar. Swinging the Brick Hammer consumes a lot of stamina, so ensure you have enough reserves to block or dodge if necessary.
  4. Mobility: Despite the build’s heaviness, practice mobility by learning when to dodge and when to use your weight to your advantage. Knowing when to be nimble and when to stand your ground is key.


The Brick Hammer Build in Elden Ring is a powerhouse build that emphasizes raw strength and high damage output. With the Brick Hammer in hand, you can crush your foes and leave them in awe of your might. Customizing your character with the right attributes, equipment, and skills is essential to making the most of this build. Whether you’re new to Elden Ring or a seasoned player looking for a fresh and potent approach, the Brick Hammer Build is a thrilling option to explore in this highly-anticipated game.