Choosing Your Flight Path: CH Combatstick vs. Fighterstick Showdown


For aviation enthusiasts and simulation aficionados, the choice between flight sticks can be as critical as selecting the right aircraft. CH Products, a renowned name in the flight simulation hardware realm, offers two prominent contenders: the Combatstick and the Fighterstick. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the features, nuances, and considerations that can influence your decision when choosing between the CH Combatstick and Fighterstick.

I. Ergonomics and Design:

  • CH Combatstick:
    • Compact and streamlined design.
    • Ambidextrous handle suitable for both left and right-handed users.
    • Features a single 4-way hat switch.
  • Fighterstick:
    • Larger, more robust design with a prominent handgrip.
    • Designed primarily for right-handed users.
    • Includes three 4-way hat switches for enhanced control options.

II. Button Configurations:

  • CH Combatstick:
    • Equipped with 18 buttons for various functions.
    • Incorporates a trigger, two primary buttons, and a POV hat switch.
    • Suitable for users who prefer a simplified button layout.
  • Fighterstick:
    • Boasts an extensive 24 buttons for a myriad of controls.
    • Features a trigger, three primary buttons, and additional hat switches.
    • Ideal for users who crave a more intricate and customizable button setup.

III. Precision and Sensitivity:

  • CH Combatstick:
    • Offers precise control with a centering mechanism for accurate maneuvers.
    • Suited for users who prioritize simplicity without compromising accuracy.
  • Fighterstick:
    • Enhanced precision with an advanced Hall-effect sensor.
    • Adjustable handle resistance for a customizable feel.
    • Appeals to users who demand a higher level of sensitivity and responsiveness.

IV. Compatibility and Connectivity:

  • CH Combatstick:
    • USB plug-and-play connectivity for ease of use.
    • Compatible with a wide range of flight simulation software.
  • Fighterstick:
    • USB interface for straightforward connectivity.
    • Widely compatible with popular flight simulation platforms.

V. Price Considerations:

  • CH Combatstick:
    • Generally more budget-friendly, making it an excellent entry-level option.
    • Offers a cost-effective solution for users exploring flight simulation.
  • Fighterstick:
    • Slightly higher in price due to additional features and customization options.
    • Appeals to users willing to invest in a more feature-rich flight stick.


In the duel between the CH Combatstick and Fighterstick, the choice ultimately depends on your preferences, budget, and the level of detail you seek in your flight simulation experience. The Combatstick, with its straightforward design and affordability, caters to those starting their aviation adventures. On the other hand, the Fighterstick, with its extensive button configurations and enhanced precision, appeals to users who crave a more immersive and customizable flying experience.

Whether you opt for the simplicity of the Combatstick or the feature-rich Fighterstick, CH Products delivers reliable and durable flight sticks that promise an engaging journey through the virtual skies. Consider your priorities, weigh the features, and embark on your flight simulation adventure with a joystick that aligns with your aviation aspirations.