Unlocking the Secrets: How to Answer a Samsung Phone When Locked


In our fast-paced digital world, missing an important call is not an option. But what if your Samsung phone is locked when a call comes in? Don’t worry; Samsung has you covered with several methods to answer your phone, even when it’s locked. In this article, we’ll explore different ways to ensure you never miss a call when your Samsung phone is locked.

Method 1: Swipe to Answer

  1. Incoming Call: When you receive an incoming call, your locked Samsung phone will display a phone icon along with the caller’s information.
  2. Swipe Up: To answer the call, simply swipe your finger up from the bottom of the screen to the top. This gesture will unlock the phone and connect you to the call.

Method 2: Press the Physical Buttons

If you prefer physical buttons, you can answer an incoming call on a locked Samsung phone using this method.

  1. Volume Buttons: When your phone rings, press the volume up or down button. This action will silence the incoming call and stop the ringer, but it won’t answer the call.
  2. Power Button: Press the power button (located on the side or top of your device) to silence the incoming call, just like the volume buttons.
  3. Customize Your Settings: In the “Settings” app, you can customize the power button’s function for incoming calls. By default, it’s set to silence calls, but you can change it to answer or decline calls if you prefer this option.

Method 3: Voice Commands (Bixby or Google Assistant)

Samsung phones come equipped with voice assistants, like Bixby and Google Assistant, that allow you to answer calls using voice commands, even when your phone is locked.

  1. Activate Voice Assistant: Set up and enable Bixby or Google Assistant on your Samsung device. You can typically do this through the “Settings” app.
  2. Say “Answer Call”: When a call comes in, use the voice command “Answer call” or “Accept call,” followed by the name of the caller if known.
  3. Unlock and Answer: The voice assistant will typically unlock your phone and answer the call.

Method 4: Gesture Controls (Air Gesture)

Some Samsung models support Air Gesture, a feature that allows you to answer calls with a hand wave, even when the phone is locked.

  1. Enable Air Gesture: In your device’s “Settings” app, navigate to “Advanced Features” and enable Air Gesture.
  2. Incoming Call: When you receive a call, hold your hand about 10 centimeters (4 inches) above the phone’s proximity sensor (usually located near the front-facing camera).
  3. Answer with a Wave: Gently wave your hand left to right (or vice versa) over the proximity sensor. This gesture should answer the call.


With these methods at your disposal, you can answer your Samsung phone when it’s locked without any hassle. Whether you prefer swiping, using voice commands, or even gesture controls, Samsung offers versatile options to ensure you never miss an important call. Explore these features and choose the one that suits your preferences and needs best to make the most of your Samsung smartphone.