What is com.mediatek.apmonitor.apm Application


Your Android device may have various pre-installed and system apps with names that appear confusing, like “com.mediatek.apmonitor.apm.” In this article, we will unravel the mystery behind this app and provide insights into its purpose and functionality.

Understanding com.mediatek.apmonitor.apm

First, let’s dissect the app’s name:

  • com.mediatek: This portion of the name indicates that the app is associated with MediaTek, a well-known semiconductor company that provides chips and solutions for various electronic devices, including Android smartphones and tablets.
  • apmonitor: This part suggests that the app may have a monitoring or supervision function. It’s not uncommon for system apps to include the term “monitor” in their names.
  • apm: This acronym could stand for “Application Performance Monitoring” or something similar, hinting at the app’s role in overseeing app performance.

What is the Purpose of com.mediatek.apmonitor.apm?

The com.mediatek.apmonitor.apm application, like many system apps, is not intended for direct user interaction. Instead, it serves a specific function related to the device’s hardware or software. While the exact role of this app may vary depending on the device and its manufacturer, here are some common functions that system monitoring apps like com.mediatek.apmonitor.apm may perform:

  1. System Monitoring: These apps keep an eye on the device’s performance, such as CPU usage, memory consumption, battery status, and temperature. They help ensure that the device is functioning optimally and efficiently.
  2. App Management: Some system apps monitor the behavior of installed applications, tracking their resource usage and overall performance. They can identify and address issues related to app crashes or excessive resource consumption.
  3. Security: System monitoring apps may also have security-related features, such as scanning for malware or potentially harmful applications.
  4. Optimization: They can optimize the device’s performance by managing system resources and closing background apps that are no longer in use.
  5. Updates and Diagnostics: These apps may play a role in system updates and diagnostics, helping manufacturers gather information about device performance and issues.

Can You Uninstall com.mediatek.apmonitor.apm?

Typically, you cannot uninstall or disable system apps like com.mediatek.apmonitor.apm without rooting your device, which comes with risks and may void warranties. However, these apps are designed to run in the background without interfering with your daily use, and they are essential for ensuring your device functions smoothly.


While com.mediatek.apmonitor.apm may appear enigmatic, it is a system app with a specific role related to monitoring and optimizing your device’s performance. Understanding the functions of such apps can help demystify their presence on your Android device. It’s essential to leave them be, as they contribute to a smoother and more efficient user experience.