How to Choose the Best Server Location for Your Website

Best Server Location for Your Website

When you want to rent a dedicated server, you might be tempted to not take the location into consideration. However, the same element has a substantial impact on the performance levels. A computer which is too far from the visitors raises the general costs and provides a negative experience. Here’s what you should keep in mind for making the best decision!

Pick the closest data center available

Nobody wants a slow loading website, but almost all the companies will have issues with speed at one point or another. To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to have a closer data center. Most web hosting companies share this information on the main page, but you will also find out if you reach their support.

The further away someone is from the server, the longer it will take for requests to be processed. You may have more options when it comes to data centers, but the price shouldn’t be changed. If you already paid for a location that isn’t optimal, consider making a migration. Check if the provider offers help with this process to save yourself time.

Configure the website when you’re moving

If your website doesn’t have compressed images or videos and a good architecture, chances are the new location is not going to solve these problems. It’s recommended to not install too many plugins. Also, make a few optimizations after selecting the new server. For instance, you should implement a caching system that saves copies of the pages and delivers them faster to visitors. All of these will drastically increase the performance.

Think about your target audience

Even the best dedicated servers can underperform when they’re not in the right location. Since the new standards for the general speed are 3 seconds or less, your website needs to adapt. Each audience online involves people in specific areas. That doesn’t mean your server will not show your content to someone located far away.

But if most customers are from a country like the Netherlands, then it makes sense to select dedicated servers in Netherlands. The same thing is true for any place on the planet. If you’re not sure where visitors are coming from, then you just need to look into analytics and there you’ll find the data. Following these steps will ensure more power in the long run!