Qunoot E Naazilah With Urdu Translation Pdf


Qunoot e Nazilah, also known as the supplication for calamities or disasters, is a special prayer in Islam invoked during times of distress and tribulation. This article aims to explore the significance, method, and spiritual importance of Qunoot e Nazilah in the lives of Muslims.

The Significance of Qunoot e Nazilah:

1. Seeking Allah’s Mercy:

  • Qunoot e Nazilah is a powerful prayer seeking Allah’s mercy, protection, and guidance during times of calamities, natural disasters, or any other distressing situation affecting the community.

2. Turning to Allah in Times of Need:

  • This supplication reflects the Islamic principle of turning to Allah in times of need and acknowledging His ultimate control over all affairs. It is an expression of dependence on the Creator during moments of vulnerability.

3. Community Unity:

  • Qunoot e Nazilah is often performed collectively, emphasizing the unity of the Muslim community in facing challenges. It serves as a reminder that Muslims stand together in their reliance on Allah during both joyous and challenging times.

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The Method of Performing Qunoot e Nazilah:

1. Timing:

  • Qunoot e Nazilah is typically recited during the Witr prayer, which is an odd-numbered prayer performed after the Isha prayer. It can also be recited during other prayers or independently during moments of crisis.

2. Raising Hands:

  • The prayer involves raising hands while reciting the supplication. The palms should face the sky, symbolizing the act of beseeching Allah for His mercy and protection.

3. Selecting Appropriate Verses:

  • Scholars often recommend reciting specific verses from the Quran, such as Ayat ul-Kursi (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:255) and other relevant passages that emphasize seeking Allah’s refuge during calamities.

4. Humility and Sincerity:

  • Performing Qunoot e Nazilah requires humility and sincerity in imploring Allah for relief and protection. Believers are encouraged to recite it with a heart full of faith and trust in Allah’s wisdom.

Spiritual Importance:

1. Strengthening Faith:

  • Qunoot e Nazilah serves as a means of strengthening the faith of believers by reminding them of Allah’s sovereignty and the transient nature of worldly trials.

2. Supplication for All Humanity:

  • The prayer is not limited to personal concerns but encompasses supplications for the well-being of the entire Muslim community and, by extension, all of humanity.

3. Reflecting on Divine Attributes:

  • Reciting Qunoot e Nazilah provides an opportunity for believers to reflect on the attributes of Allah, such as His mercy, compassion, and control over all affairs, fostering a deeper connection with the Divine.


Qunoot e Nazilah stands as a poignant expression of faith, humility, and reliance on Allah during times of adversity. It serves as a spiritual anchor for Muslims, reminding them of the constant need to turn to their Creator in both moments of joy and trials. By seeking Allah’s mercy and protection collectively, believers find solace and strength in the unshakable foundation of their faith.