Are Pigeons Good to Eat? | Benefits Of Eating Pigeon’s Meat

Are Pigeons Good to Eat

Pigeon’s meat is favorite to many people across the world. However, eating pigeon’s meat is not common as we used to eat chicken’s meat. So ever you think that are pigeons good to eat? And if yes, then why people prefer to eat chicken’s meat than pigeon’s meat?

If you are interested to know about all these questions, then navigate this article. As in this article, I’m going to cover all the aspects about eating pigeon’s meat.

Pigeons play an essential role in our ecosystem. And, humans can eat their eggs as well as the meat of pigeons. Pigeon’s meat is healthy for human’s health because pigeon’s meat contains several essential nutrients.

As, pigeon’s meat provide us protein, vitamins like A and C, and many other necessary minerals. Because of it, eating pigeon’s meat is famous in many countries like America, Ireland, etc.

However, pigeon’s meat no doubt is healthy for us. But still many people prefer to eat beef and chicken.

So let’s dig this idea in the detail to find the other facts about pigeon’s meat.

Are Pigeons Good To Eat?

Pigeons meat is beneficial to us in many ways. And, the reason is that pigeon’s meat contains several essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Which we will discuss later.

But one thing I want to make clear is that no doubt pigeon’s meat is good to eat but you have to take some precautions before touching a raw pigeon’s meat.

What Does Pigeons Meat Taste Like?


Pigeons meat has more like a “gammy taste”, which is similar to the taste of the chicken’s meat. However, as we know that pigeon’s meat is enriched in proteins as compared to chickens.

But at the same time, it is more enriched in proteins than lamb and beef. That’s why a “gammy flavor” is a best term to describe the pigeon’s meat taste.

Nutritional Benefits of Pigeon’s Meat:

Pigeon’s meat enriches several healthy minerals and vitamins. So let’s discuss all the beneficial nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in detail.


Pigeon’s meat is an excellent source of proteins. However, according to a study, pigeon’s meat contains 17.5g/100g proteins.

As proteins are building blocks of our body, they are also necessary for a strong immune system and proper absorption of minerals in the body.

Not only this but proteins are also essential for the production of necessary enzymes in the body. And being a good source of proteins, eating pigeon’s meat can play a beneficial role in our good health.


Moreover, minerals like zinc, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, copper, etc. are necessary for our health.

Not only this but a proper amount of essential minerals in our body help us to perform our daily tasks. As well as these minerals are necessary for our body to function correctly.

And pigeon’s meat is a good source of all these minerals. This is also a reason that’s why people love to eat pigeon’s meat.


Pigeon’s meat is also rich in several essential vitamins like vitamin A and C. These vitamins are necessary for our health. However, not only this, but pigeon’s meat is also rich in vitamin B and Vitamin E.

Moreover, pigeon’s meat is richer in all these vitamins than chicken, fish, cattle, and mutton’s meat.

However, all these vitamins are compulsory for our body, as vitamin A is necessary for good eyesight. Vitamin C is essential for our skin, blood vessels, bones, and cartilage, etc. And pigeon’s meat is a healthy source of all these vitamins.

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Benefits of Eating Pigeon’s Meat:

As we already discussed that pigeon’s meat is good to eat due to its high nutritional profile compared to other meats. So now let’s look at all the benefits that a pigeon’s meat can provide you if you eating it.

Enhances Disease Resistance:

As pigeon meat enriches in nutrients, that’s why it can serve as the best nutritional food. However, many people drink pigeon’s meat soup for better recovery of patients after any surgery.

As the pigeon’s meat, due to its high nutritional profile, helps our body in healing. Not only this, but it also strengthens our immune system against diseases.

Sharpen The Memory?

As pigeon’s meat enrich in proteins and minerals, which are helpful for sharpening our memory.

However, proteins in pigeon’s meat ensure the absorption of nutrients in our body through gut. And this makes not only our body healthy, but it also helps to keep our mind healthy.

Not only this, but if you eat pigeon’s meat then minerals in it helps for proper blood circulation in your body,and also strengthening your memory.

Beneficial For Kidney And Liver:

According to a study, pigeon’s meat is beneficial in kidneys and liver health. Not only pigeon’s meat helps in nourishing the kidney and liver health but it also strengthens them.

As, with age, our kidneys and liver functions are also effected so eating pigeon’s meat can save us from kidney and liver problems.

Why Don’t People Eat Pigeons As Compared To Chickens?

However, we all know that people do not eat pigeons as they like to eat chickens. As it is a common fact, but there are several reasons behind it.

So let’s discuss all the reasons that make pigeons meat less competitive than chickens.

Firstly, pigeons are wild animals and there are high chances that they might carry diseases. Because, feral pigeon’s food consists of dirty insects and worms.

That’s why it is a valid reason as pigeons are a host of many diseases and can carry different parasites also.

So it is highly recommended that wear gloves when you have to touch a raw pigeon. And cook it well when you are cooking a wild pigeon.

Secondly, breeding pigeons for food like chickens are costly as compared to chickens. And that’s why many people cannot afford to breed pigeon’s.

Thirdly, pigeons have less meat quantity than chickens. That’s why people prefer to breed chickens than pigeons.

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Final Thoughts:

Are pigeons good to eat? This article is all about exploring this question. However, yes, pigeon’s meat is good to eat. Moreover, pigeon meat is a source of several essential nutrients. Furthermore, pigeon’s meat contains more proteins than beef and lamb.

As many people prefer to eat chicken’s meat rather than pigeon’s meat because pigeon meat is expensive than chicken’s meat. Not only this, but wild pigeon’s meat may carry some harmful parasites, so wear gloves and cook it well when you crave pigeon’s meat.