What Happens If a Baby Bird Died in The Nest?

If a Baby Bird Died in The Nest

Birds are cute, but at the same time, they are fragile. As most birds are unable to bear extreme conditions. And a baby bird is weaker as compared to an adult bird. That’s why any severe condition can kill the baby birds quickly in the nest. However, it’s surprising to you that a baby bird can die in the nest under its parent’s care as well. So ever you think that what happens if a baby bird died in the nest? And parent birds handle this disaster.

If you are interested in all these questions in your mind, then you are at the right place. As in this article, I’m going to explore all of this. So that’s why go throw this article to get the answer of your questions.

However, the death of baby birds in the nest is a common act. As a baby birds can died because of several reasons. But the death of a baby bird in the nest can harm other residents of the nest.

That’s why parents have to decide wisely what nest. As a dead baby bird can attract many insects and scavengers, which is also a danger to others.

That’s why many birds push away dead baby birds from the nest. However, many birds like crows eat the dead baby bird. As there are different reactions depends upon the other species.

What Happens If a Baby Bird Died in The Nest?

If a baby bird dies in the nest, then there are several possibilities depending upon the species. However, handling this situation also depends upon the nest condition and the number of members in the nest. So let’s have to discuss how a bird will handle this situation.

However, if a baby bird dies in the nest, its parents prefer to push out it from the nest. However, for that, they have specific valid reasons. As a dead bird can attract insects in the nest which is harmful to other nestlings also.

Moreover, a dead baby bird in the nest can also attract other birds’ predators, which is also a danger to other members.

Not only this, but a dead bird in the nest can also spread several fungal diseases to other members. That’s why for the sake of others safety, parent birds prefer to push out dead baby birds from the nest.

As like bluebirds, these birds are very conscious of nest cleanliness. And if any baby bird died in the nest, they immediately push it out. Not only this, but these birds also push out eggshells and can eat them when they hatch.

However, several bird’s species prefer to eat their dead young ones, like crow. However, many birds prefer to crush their dead baby birds in the nest and feed them to other siblings.

As, birds of prey are on the list of such birds, those prefer to eat their dead baby birds rather than push them out.

Why Do Baby Birds Die in The Nest?


However, there are several reasons for that. As baby birds are fragile and unable to protect themselves from predators and the extremity of weather. And they are totally dependent on their parents. However, slight negligence of birds parents can be fatal for baby birds.

For example, when there are many nestlings to feed, it became a hectic task for parents to gather food. And they become unable to distribute food evenly among all nestlings and, in this case death of baby birds.

Secondly, healthy baby birds or those who hatch earlier start bullying weaker ones or younger than that. And this behavior also leads to the death of more fragile baby birds.

However, weather extremity is also a significant factor in the death of baby birds. Like during summer times, a baby bird can die because of dehydration. And in the winter season may starve baby birds to death as there are fewer sources of food available.

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Do Birds Mourn the Loss of a Baby?

Mourn is that act with which we cannot avoid the loss of our loved ones. As, there is nothing tough more than saying goodbye to our loved ones forever. Similarly, birds have emotions and feelings like us. And they also become sad and mourn when their loved ones died.

As mentioned above, we discuss how birds push out baby birds when they died or eat them. But this is just for the sake of others safety so that they can live without any harm.

Not only do birds mourn their babies’ death, but birds also mourn when they lose their partners. But, unfortunately, some birds fall into depression after the loss of their partner. And for many birds, this can be fatal.

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What To Do If You Find a Baby Bird?

You can found a baby bird on the floor in two cases. When they fall from their nest or when their parents abandon them and when they try to flee. Let’s discuss both possibilities one by one.


Firstly, if you find a baby bird in its nestling period, it needs more care. As they are very young and unable to protect themselves. In this case, the first thing you can do is look around for the nearest nest.

And if there will be no nest near you, then you can create your own nest but keep it comfortable. Moreover, you can get help from a wildlife rehabilitator about feeding nestlings. As proper nutritional food is the key to their growth.


Such birds are mature enough as compare to nestlings, and they now learn how to take flight. And in this try, sometimes baby birds fell from the nest.

However, in this case, you can also ask a wildlife rehabilitator for help. So that they can take proper care of them. And if a fledging bird is injured, then taking it to the vet will be a good idea to avoid any infection.

Final Thoughts:

I hope you can get a decent idea about what happens if a baby bird dies in the nest? However, different species of birds behave differently on that issue.

As some birds prefer to kick out a dead body from the nest, while some prefer to move the nest with other members to another place.

Moreover, some birds prefer to eat the bead body like crows and birds of prey. However, disposal of the dead baby bird is necessary as soon as possible because it can attract insects and scavengers. And cause trouble to other nestlings.