Can Birds Eat French Fries? Do They Like to Eat French Fries?

Can Birds Eat French Fries

Birds have been living with us for millennia, and due to urbanization, they adapt themselves according to it. As they know how to live with humans and also how to keep themselves safe from humans. Not only this, but birds also adapt to eat human food as well. As they can eat our leftover food as well. But what about fries? Can birds eat French fries? Are these fries healthy for them?

Let’s have a look at all these queries. As a healthy food is necessary for a bird’s life. And also, it is a matter of concern for their owners that what they have to feed and what not? So if you are also interested to know, then navigate this article.

However, birds will never hesitate to eat French fries and no doubt that they will love it. But the matter of concern is that birds shouldn’t have to eat French fries.

Because the amount of salt that French fries contain is huge for birds. As their bodies cannot process it. So we also avoid giving French fries to the birds.

Moreover, now let’s have a detailed look on the fact that why we don’t have to offer fries to birds. And why do birds have to avoid eating them? So let’s start.

Can Birds Eat French Fries?

However, the answer to this question is that birds can eat French fries. Not only this, birds may like to eat French fries if you offer them. As they don’t have any idea about the nutritional value of the French fires for them.

Unfortunately, not only French fries are dangerous to birds, but they also don’t offer any nutritional value to birds. So now let’s have a detailed look that French fries are harmful to birds.

Firstly, as French fries are the deep frying form of potatoes in oil. And deep-frying increases their fat and calories content and lowers their water content. Because of the high fat and calorie content in fries, they are harmful to birds.

Because more fat and calories rich food brings obesity in birds, which leads to heart issues in them. However, not only this, increasing weight causes difficulties in their flying ability as well.

Secondly: however, for us, fries without the proper amount of salt are not acceptable. But, for birds, salt is harmful to their health. Because, salt cause dehydration in birds. Moreover, salt cause kidney failure in birds which ultimately leads to their death.

Thirdly: because of deep frying, the water content in French fries becomes less, and oil concentration becomes higher. And if birds eat them, it causes water deficiency in birds, which leads to severe constipation in birds.

Can Birds Eat Potatoes?


After knowing that birds shouldn’t have to eat French fries, a question in mind can arise: Can birds eat potatoes. Then the answer to this question is yes. As birds can safely consume potatoes.

Not only this, potatoes can provide essential carbohydrates, vitamins like A, C, proteins, etc. Moreover, it helps to boost bird’s energy level up to a sufficient level.

However, when you offer potatoes to birds, then make sure that they are in fine pieces. Don’t offer them large chunks as it can cause choking in them. Moreover, you can offer them potatoes after meshing, boiling, and cutting into fine pieces.

What Is the Best Thing to Feed Birds?

However, if you want to feed your pet bird or the wild birds, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the food should be beneficial for them.

It means that we have to offer them such food which can provide the essential nutrients and minerals to birds.

Moreover, birds totally depend upon their food, and if their food is not providing them essential nutrients, it can cause serious health issues in them. That’s why let’s have a look at what we have to offer to birds.

However, a bird’s food should be consist of fruits, seeds, mealworms, white Proso millet, peanuts, Suet cakes, cracked corn, Nyjer seeds, etc.

Tip: However, many people used to feed only one kind of food to birds as most people think that feeding only seeds will be enough for them.

But this is not true. It’s true that seeds can fulfill their essential nutritional needs, but seeds cannot fulfill all their nutritional needs. That’s why try to mix the seeds with other fruits as well.

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Which Food Shouldn’t You Feed to Birds?

There are several foods that are fatal to birds, and we have to avoid them. For example,

Bread, however, bread is not completely bad for birds, but bread doesn’t offer any nutritional value to birds. Moreover, as bread can soak water, it can cause choking and severe constipation in birds.

Raw Meat, as raw meat, can be the carrier of many parasites that can harm birds.

Milk, however, for human’s milk is considered as a healthy diet. But for bird’s milk and dairy products are no healthier. Because birds are unable to digest milk.

Chocolate snacks are fatal for birds due to the presence of theobromine, which is a chemical that can cause a cardiac attack in birds along with hyperactivity.

Apple Seeds are fatal due to the presence of cyanide in them, which is a poison. However, eating apple seeds is not only fatal for birds but also harmful for humans.

Avocado, this fruit is harmful to birds due to the production of the persin chemical in the leaves of this fruit. However, the avocado tree produces this chemical to protect its avocado fruit, but in birds, it can cause cardiology problems.

Moreover, there are many other foods like caffeine, alcohol, onions, mushrooms, tomato leaves, etc. are also bad for birds.

A Final Thought:

I hope now you people will get a clear idea that can birds eat French fries? However, birds can eat French fries, and they even love to eat them.

But actually birds don’t have to eat French fries. Because the oil and salt amount in them is not healthy for birds.

As oil content causes obesity and heart problems in birds, while the amount of salt can cause dehydration in birds. Not only this, French fries can cause severe constipation in birds.

However, you can offer potatoes to birds as potatoes are healthy for them. Because they are the source of a good amount of nutrients in them.