Natural Pain Relief for Birds & Natural Pain Killers for Birds

Natural Pain Relief for Birds

To see your feathered buddy in pain is one of the most heartbreaking thing. As, pet birds make such an essential part of our daily lives. But unfortunately, like us, birds also fall sick, and they need proper care and medication during this period. However, different people try different methods to handle their sick pet birds. Many prefer to try antibiotics, while several pet bird owners want to use natural pain relief for birds.

Because of it, this article will serve you the best options for natural pain relievres for different bird illnesses. However, as we know that natural pain-relieving could be better for birds than antibiotics. But we cannot avoid the importance of antibiotics because severe pain in birds cannot be control with only natural pain relievers.

However, natural pain relievers help in pain-relieving and also help to make the robust immune system in a bird. And in natural pain relievers that you can use, are aloe vera gel, alfalfa, dandelion, valerian, and cayenne pepper are some of the best natural pain-relieving.

Now, let’s discuss in detail about the natural pain-relieving remedies for birds. And how we can prepare and use these natural pain-relieving remedies to birds.

So if you are also interested to know about the natural pain relief for your pet bird, then navigate this article. As this article will serve you the best natural homemade pain-relieving remedies for birds.

Natural Pain Relief for Birds:

However, before starting the argument, let’s have a look at the question that either bird feels pain or not? And the answer to that question is yes, without any doubt. As birds also feel pain and show it in different ways, which we discuss later.

At first, let’s dig into the natural pain-relieving remedies for birds. So that you can treat your pet bird at home on your own. However, if your pet bird is in pain, the best way is to consult with your avian veterinarian.

Because, all kinds of bird’s health issues cannot be solved with only natural pain relievers. As some serious health issue needs professional’s advice and treatment. But, you can use several home remedies for natural pain killers when your bird is recovering from severe injury.

For example,

Aloe Vera Gel: This herb considers as a powerful natural pain relief for birds. However, not only as a pain relief but aloe vera gel can be used to moisturize the bird’s skin, help to improve the digestive disorder in the birds, and many more.

Alfalfa: This crop is not only serves as a natural pain killer for birds, but it is also healthy for the recovery of arthritis in birds.

Moreover, according to research, alfalfa is essential to birds as it helps to improve their gastrointestinal tract. Furthermore, alfalfa is a good source of proteins and other essential minerals in birds.

Dandelion: This is another natural pain killer of birds. However, this is useful in pain-relieving and helpful in the treatment of arthritis, liver, kidneys, and digestion.

Moreover, dandelion is not only serving as a pain killer, but it also serves as a delicious meal for several birds. Furthermore, it is also known as an instant natural pain killer.

Valerian: This herb is the most potent natural pain killer among all the herbs mentioned above. That’s why it is also useable for sedative purposes.

For example, for better sleep of your bird, relieving from stress and hyperactivity, this herb serves their services the best. But try to use this herb with the consultation of an experienced herbalist.

Ginger: If you want to avoid your pet bird from traveling sickness, you can use ginger. And for that, you have to use few drops of ginger extract into the water and offer it to your pet bird before the traveling night.

Cayenne Pepper: This is also a natural pain killer for birds that you can use in the appropriate amount for your bird’s pain-relieving.

How Can We Tell If a Bird Is in Pain?

As birds cannot speak like humans, that’s why they are unable to tell about their health as well. But they can say to you with different signs, from which you can get an idea of how they are feeling.

Favoring Certain Body Parts:

If we hurt our certain body parts, then we start using them less to avoid pain or any other severe injury. And the same goes for birds. They start using their body parts less if they are injured or have pain in that certain body parts.

For example, if a bird has pain in its leg, then he starts using that legless. And if it’s one wing is not well, then he also avoids using that wing. So these signs show that the bird has a problem in that specific part.


This is a problem in which bird’s eyes do not align properly. And this condition can happen with birds even in their comfort space mean in their cage. However, this is also a sign of a bird’s sickness, and the better response is that to consult with the pet bird’s professional.


This is also a sign of a bird’s internal illness. Not only this, but lethargy also shows stress and depression in birds. As birds are active creatures, so any sign of inactiveness indicates their illness. For example, they are lying on the floor of their cage and refusing to leave their cage or nest. In this case, you have to consult with veterinary care immediately.

Irritability And Loss of Appetite:

Internal sickness can make birds moody and aggressive towards different things. For example, they can start pecking at their owners more than usual. However, irritability can also be a sign of hormonal change in birds.

Moreover, birds lose their appetite when they are in pain. And this is the sign of their illness which you don’t have to ignore. Because it leads to severe weakness in birds.

Is Paracetamol Safe for Birds?

However, for human’s paracetamol is their first choice for milder body pain and fever. But for birds, it is not an excellent choice to offer. As paracetamol can make your bird more lethargic. That’s why never offer paracetamol to birds because it does not work for birds as it does for humans.

Can You Give Aspirin to Birds?

However, like paracetamol, aspirin is also a painkiller for humans. But similar to paracetamol, you don’t have to use it as a pain killer for birds.

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A Final Thought:

If you want to provide natural pain relief to your bird, you can use aloe vera gel, alfalfa, dandelion, ginger, valerian, and cayenne pepper. However, avoid to use the medicines that we use for humans as a painkiller like paracetamol and aspirin.

However, birds show their body pain and sickness with different signs like favoring a specific body part, squinting, lethargy, irritability, and loss of appetite.